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Hi! My room, it’s kinda tiny, but I’m putting in my full sized bed and a bedside table, maybe a desk. The closet is split into two doors but connects on the inside of the closet, it’s an old house with weird quirks like that. But I was thinking, there’s one window and a white ceiling fan, its all white and has thin brown wood molding, the carpet is blue. Ideas on how to decorate it or where to place things? The window also has a little ledge where I was thinking of putting plants?! Pant/color?

Oh for sure. So many plants. 

Color scheme wise, I think you’re looking at a blue, yellow, and white color scheme. I’m suggesting yellow because blue and white on their own can be a little yawn. If you’re not a fan of yellow, I suggest gold or silver. Just substitute those in below whenever I mention yellow.

1. I like this closet. Very cool. The extra door space means that you can store lots of small things on the back of these doors. I recommend getting an organizer like this one, a full length mirror, or even something like this. That’s a rather excessive example, but you get my drift.

2. If you’re comfortable with some DIY, I recommend painting those doors yellow to really help them stand out against the wall.

3. Small space = hanging plants. Get some ceiling hooks. One window means that you probably won’t get much sunlight. Here’s a list of hard to kill indoor plants:

4. Speaking of this window, I recommend keeping it as uncovered as possible because it’s your only source of natural light in the room. Instead of curtains, get light filtering blinds. That way, even when the window’s covered, you’re still getting some light in. You may also need to invest in this.

5. Because you’re low on space, I’d recommend skipping the bedside table and just getting a desk. In terms of the color of the desk, it may be worthwhile to just paint it yourself. If that’s too time-consuming, getting something white with large metal knobs and lots of drawers.

6. Normally I’d recommend the de-cluttered look for your desk surface, but in your case I’d go for a “controlled chaos” sort of look. Lots of potted plants, books with colorful bindings, any sort of austere looking statues/glass containers/incense holders. Organize them so that they look appealing from all angles of the room.

7. Find some cool plant-related posters and hang them in between the two closet doors. Get them black frames. If you can’t find any plant posters, I’d recommend posters that are diagrams of something. Maps, illustrations of different animals or foods, or something architectural. 

8. Get yourself some floating wall shelves to go above your bed area. These can sub in for the bedside table as storage. 

9. I’d recommend a cool LED lamp like this one for your desk area. This is purely for aesthetic reasons. Use your overhead lights as your main light source.

10. Keep your closet space as clean and tidy as possible. Buy lots of clothing hangers and use them! Plastic are the best ones! Keep this space clear so that someone could walk in one door and out the other without being blocked by random boxes. Store extra seating for guests in there. 

Also please send me pictures if you make any of these changes! No one has sent me any decor pictures yet. Ya’ll. Let’s get it on!


Oct 23rd
New flowers and a new tv series. I enjoyed a classic Nicaraguan breakfast with Dorian at my feet. How To Get Away With Murder is pretty good, so is Wes’s face. His expression is like my mood towards the semester now - halfway through and I’m over it.