I’m beginning to warm up to the idea that a home is ever changing and it’s a feeling you create. Home is where the people you love are. I travel to meet my loved ones in foreign countries, I am home. I see someone I haven’t seen in years in a store, we catch up, I am home. A home is not complete if the place you are in is not filled with love.

concept: dan and phil go to target to get decorations for their new house. phil keeps putting the weirdest decorations in their cart and dan gives him an annoyed but fond look that says “what the fuck phil, are you kidding me?” phil giggles and walks off to find more weird decor

New Plates are coming to my Etsy (Link in my bio ) Feb 24th at 9AM PST! I will have a total of 13 new plates with all new designs on them! I know some of you were bummed you couldn’t get one for the Valentine’s release so I made more just for you These sold out pretty quickly last time so if you’ve got your eye on these babies then remember to set an alarm