DIY Hallowen Flayed Flesh Tablecloth Tutorial from Instructables’ User Tye Rannosaurus.

This is a very detailed tutorial on how to make a DIY flayed flesh tablecloth. The author also wrote that he’s used this technique on aprons, corsets and book covers. As with all Instructables’ posts, read the comment section for even more information. About this DIY flesh tablecloth from Tye Rannosuarus:

It started out as a special commission for a feature horror film called “A House is not a Home” and I had such a fun time doing it and was so happy with the results, I had to make one for myself…and now I’m sharing it with you too.

You could combine the DIY flayed flesh table cloth with these DIY inspiration skin cakes by Gillian Bell. At the link I write about how I’d go about making these cakes.