Quirky Candles For Your Inner Bibliophile & Geeky Heart

Major film buffs and bookworms at heart friends Oliver and Alex from Old Glow Candles create natural soy candles, which pay homage to your inner geek. As a way to seek escape from ordinary life, they draw inspiration from classic literature and film, including Withering Heights and Game of Thrones in the mix.

The natural, environmentally friendly soy wax used in each candle is blended to remind you of. From scents titled “old bookshop,” which smells of leather-bound books, antique wood with a hint of fresh coffee to the chopped pinewood, cedarwood, roaring log fire, which you will find in the desolate land of Winterfell, each original piece is designed to transport you to another world. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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