This cozy Scandinavian-style apartment is located on Åsögatan, in Södermalm, a district and island in central Stockholm, Sweden. Its interior, covering a total area of 180 square meters, was completely renovated in 2014, and the result is absolutely stunning. The frontal part of the apartment has an open plan, which allows for a general appreciation of the entire space at first entry. And what a space – clear white inclined..

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Any tips for adding personal touches to your home when you love all things kawaii but your partner doesn't? Decorating is always so hard because me and my boyfriend have such different tastes.

Compromise is important in any part of a relationship but especially when it comes to living together and creating a space that you’re both happy to be in. Find a way to work in pieces of both of your personalities in a way that works together. For example, maybe he likes dark colors but you like pastels. Well, pastel colors can make great accents on a darker base (or vise versa). You could choose dark colored furniture which makes a good neutral base and then add cute pastel throw pillows, or have a dark wall color and then add kawaii artwork on top of that. You could even put together a gallery wall featuring art relating to the various interests of both of you but frame everything similarly to create a cohesive look. You could also create a very cute yet elegant look with a light colored base and darker accents.

(Not necessarily just like either of those, but it shows you how good the color combinations can look.)
You can also add tiny touches like character figures here and there to bring some of your kawaii style in. Of course it’s also a good idea to go shopping together so you both have a say in what goes into the space, and you should both be able to put some personal touches around. Also think about things you can both have that aren’t necessarily part of the decor like throw blankets that get stored in a box at the end of the day, mugs that hide in the cabinet when not in use, even storage bins that live in the closet. Things like that are great ways for you both to have pieces you love without clashing decor. 
You could also consider each taking a room to decorate on your own if that’s an option. If my boyfriend and I get the house we’re looking at renting I’m going to have an office that’s going to be my personal kawaii space and he’s going to have his personal space in the basement so we both have somewhere for our things that don’t quite go together. If you don’t have the option of completely separate rooms you could also each take a room that nobody spends a ton of time in. You probably spend the most time in the living room and bedroom so those would be neutral ground while one could take the bathroom and the other takes the kitchen or something like that. And who knows, the more you work on it together the more you might find that you both like. Like if he’s into any fandoms maybe you could find some kawaii fanart from it and really bring your worlds together.
Not having all of the same interests doesn’t have to be a calamity, you might just have to get a little creative. Have fun with it!

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I'm trying to do a makeover of my room pretty cheap. My roommate is incredibly childish and petty so me and my bf intend on spending all of our time in our room and I need to make it my own personal relaxation place away from them. I want to do a black, white and grey theme. Any tips on cheap bedroom makeovers? -comforters -sheets and pillowcases -how to make storage space and space in general in a teeny tiny room -how to find smaller dressers

1. Because you have a small room, look into purchasing wall shelves. These are perfect for storing books, accessories, cute cacti, etc.

2. Buy ceiling hooks and start hanging vining plants from your ceiling. 

3. In terms of comforters and sheets, use Amazon. Based on your color scheme, I would look for a black comforter and white or striped sheet combo. Please note that cum stains show up easily on black fabric! Just something to keep in mind.

4. Keep your walls as minimal as possible. Hopefully they are painted white! If you have to hang things, buy them black frames. If you feel like you absolutely cannot live without posters, but map or travel themed posters. 

5. Get yourself a new-agey lamp. Like this or this

6. If you have a closet in your room and are feeling down for some DIY, take the door off its hinges and install a beaded curtain instead. Beaded curtains help small spaces appear larger than they are. I just linked to a random one I liked, find one that you like.

7. Get a dry erase board to hang on your door for important notes and inspirational messages.

8. If you have a desk area, or even space on top of your dresser, utilize it! Keep these areas neat and simplistic, and of course add some more plants. Buy your plants cute little white or black pots to continue your color scheme.

9. If you don’t have a desk, invest in a cozy space for you to sit that is not your bed. This could be a white bean bag, an upholstered black leather chair, etc. Do not spend all your time chilling on your bed.

10. Use shoe organizers that hang on the back of your door to store odds and ends. Pencils, bracelets, gummies, etc.

And send me pictures if you do any of these things!


Oct. 17th 🍂🍁☕
I met my new doctor today and had a general checkup. There’s a long list of blood work and other bits I have to get done but, as usual, I put it off until a later date. Anyway, isn’t this new setup so lovely!?
(Allow me to introduce my cat, Dorian. I had to include this shot of him sleeping on the bed for obvious reasons)