Cement Garden Stones

Full Tutorial:

1-) Pick up some cement (10lb box in the image),
2-) Measure 2.5lb with a food scale or similar,
3-) Add one cup water. Just enough to moisten all of the cement. No more,
4-) Stir until no cement is left dry,
5-) Prepare your mold. If you are using something inflexible like these mini loaf pans, coat them with oil or Pam. If you are using a flexible plastic mold or milk carton or such, you shouldn’t need to do so,
6-) Add cement to pans and smooth top. Tap mold on hard surface to level and release trapped air, if possible,
7-) If you are going to add tiles to your stone, now is the time to do so,
8-) If you are just going to do the stamped “engraved” letters, set a timer for 30 minutes (you can Google “Stepping Stone Stamps” to find alternatives),
9-) Take a peek at your cement. If water is accumulating on top, dab it dry with a paper towel,
10-) At about 30 minutes, scratch the surface with a toothpick, if it makes a “dry” mark, you are ready. If not, wait about 10-15 more minutes,
11-) Stamp your letters. You can make small lines to use as guides, to stamp on a straight line or to find your center (If you mess up, you should be able to smooth out the surface and restamp),
12-) Let it dry undisturbed for 24 hours.