[INTERVIEW] Pier Mahieu | Illusions of Reality

Pier Mahieu’s inspiration stems from his childhood. Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 8, his logic was different; he wasn’t intrigued by the same things as his classmates. Despite the troubles brought about by cognitive learning difficulties, Pier succeeded in earning a diploma from an art school and today works a freelance artistic director and multi-talented artist. Through his work, Pier looks to liberate the doubts he had as a child by confronting the immensity of the universe and human relationships. In “La Théorie de l’Oeuf” (The Theory of the Egg), a collection that recounts the journey of a traveling fool, Pier tries to answer the big questions about life with humor and philosophy. In “Illusions of Reality”, Pier says that his works are a visual experimentation, echoing his childhood fascination with colors and textures. An attestation to his energy, perseverance, and above all the diverse techniques acquired during his professional career, this series offers uplifting, bright, and flowing works to the art collector in search of a unique visual experience. Inspired by many things, Paris based artist Pier Mahieu could very well surprise with another creative series in the near future.

1. Your series « Théorie de l’oeuf» (The Egg Theory) is another one of your great collections. The works are black and white with a minimalist style of fine lines. Your new collection experiments with bright colors and is highly abstract. How do you transition from one style to the next?

In fact, these two series are quite different aesthetically. I’m not looking to make a transition from one to the other. “La Théorie de l’Oeuf” (The Theory of the Egg) is a slow and exigent work; I spend more thinking than creating. In this series I look to satisfy my hunter’s instinct for colors, to submerge myself in the subject matter, to experiment. And when I see a moment of magic appear I try to preserve it.

“Ice Melt” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

2. When did you begin creating digital works? What were your first sources of inspiration?

I began creating digital art as soon as I finished art school. Digital technology is an indispensible tool of our generation; we learned to think with it, it’s one of our paintbrushes. In this collection I reflect like a painter, I draw classically by hand, and I finalize the works digitally. My artistic influences are rather classic and historic. I appreciate in particular the great painters, the impressionists, the colors from fauvism, the subject matters of Lucian Freud, the work of Bacon, the touch of Van Gogh, and so many others that would be too many to list here.

“Sea Bed (detail 2)” | Exclusive Edition Acrylic Glass Print

3. What are some upcoming projects (or one project) that you’re excited about?

I have lots of projects in mind, the main being “LaThéorie de l’Oeuf” (The Theory of the Egg), that I’ve been working on for a long time and that have many ideas for. Some are a little crazy: to make small video games, design tableware, and create animation films. I also want to continue this series [Illusions of Reality] and dive even deeper into the heart of the subject matter in order to offer images that are even richer.

“Color the World” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

4. You live in Paris, the city of lights, love, and art. Have your surroundings influenced your artistic expression?

Yes, obviously. Paris is a sketchbook in open-air, at each street corner we discover the depths of different artistic eras. Paris is a historic city turned towards the future, a city of trends, innovations, creative emulation.

“Color in Fusion” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

5. We’d like to know more about your creative process. What tools and techniques did you use to creation this collection?

The creative process of this collection is inspired from an old paper printing technique called “dominoterie”. I then use photography to set the material.

“Vitrified Light” | Exclusive Edition Acrylic Glass Print

6. When you sit down to work on your creations, is there something that you always have to have? Ie coffee, chocolate, Mozart?

Mainly coffee, a little music, and sometimes a beam of sunshine for good humor. While I create a artworks, I’m completely overtaken by them - that takes a lot of energy.

“Under the Sea Column” | Exclusive Edition Aluminum Print

7. What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

To be an artist is to understand that no matter what you do, you cannot be stopped from expressing yourself with art. Next, you have to work with yourself and your technique to become a good artisan. The only thing left is to not succumb to doubts while creating and just try to find enjoyment in it.

“Under the Sea” | Exclusive Edition Acrylic Glass Print