Eco time / Small space: this one maybe wins the “Small Space” category. Ultra-ergonomic and full of resource -and energy-saving facilities. Designed by  Minim Micro Homes.


Do your Sims crave adventure, but not the lack of comfort of sleeping in a tent? Do they love photography, but lack the means or drive  to travel to such far away lands? Well, fear no more! From the unforgivingly hot dunes of Al Simhara, to the lush and quiet countryside of Champs Les Sims, the famous photographer Henri Bissau brings stunning images that are sure to scratch your wanderlustful itch.

This is a gift to all the wonderful people who’ve appreciated my creations :)
I’m proud to present a series of photographs with a personal touch, from the three locations in WA: Champs Les Sims, Shang Simla, and Al Simhara.


  • 10 images per location, all are screenshots taken by me.
  • The mesh is from UNI, but you don’t need the EP. You can also use them alongside that painting, as they don’t conflict.
  • Two versions: a cheap one ($50), and an expensive one ($200). Choose only one version of each package (e.g. you can have the cheap Al Simhara one and the expensive versions of the other two, but not the cheap and expensive versions of Al Simhara at the same time).
  • Can be found in Bedroom/Living/Dining/Study -> Wall Deco, and in Decor -> Wall Deco. They have an environment score of 5.


Cheap version ($50) | Expensive version ($200)

Archives feature both separate and merged versions, with previews.
Credits: brntwaffles (probably the Cloud 9 lighting mod), Texture Tweaker