punchdrunkprincess  asked:

one of my friends (a white girl) was asking on her FB if she should cosplay as Yue or Toph from ATLA. right underneath was a suggestion from a friend to use tanning spray. i agreed she should be the same character and in passing mentioned how changing her skin color would be offensive to some (i used the term racist, oops). i was attacked, called ignorant (ignorant of all things) and told my grammar was bad. they claimed i started a 'battle'. im white too tho. should i feel silly/ignore them?

Deedee: You shouldn’t feel silly at all because you did the right thing telling your friend that that was wrong. That happens a lot when people are told to not be racist. 

I would though reevaluate your friendship with those people. Not saying drop your friend but once you “see” then you won’t be able to unsee the offensive things that they do and it will be hard to be friends with them if they keep it up.