Deconstructed EP Track-by-Track Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Ke$ha. If you have, in fact, taken residence inside a slab of granite, Ke$ha is a pop singer well known for her autotuned vocals and hard-drinking party girl image. What many people don’t realize is that Ke$ha is an extremely talented parody artist, and her Deconstructed EP is essentially a middle finger to the detractors who claim otherwise.

The Deconstructed EP takes four of her most popular songs (and one cover) and strips them down to the bare basics. Guitars and pianos replace synths and basses as beautiful, haunting songs are formed from the remnants of the originals.

A track-by-track review can be found below the cut.

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Ke$ha - Supernatural (Deconstructed EP)


Ke$ha - Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You 

With a word, or a touch, I could have rekindled that fire.

Christina’s End of Year Music Playlist

#4 Deconstructed ep - Kesha

So, here’s a little story about me. I used to be a music snob. I stuck my nose up to pop music. My roommates in college called my music gothic crap, but I don’t really think they knew what real gothic crap sounded like. If that’s even a genre. They just knew my tastes didn’t line up with top 40 radio.

I’ve grown since then and honestly think that the only bad music is music with harmful lyrics. But still there is a side of me that calls back to how I used to be. I form opinions on musicians based on what I read and not on what my ears hear.

So, 2014 was the year that I let go of my opinion of Kesha based on nothing, but hearsay. It started as me listening to her music for exercising (that’s how all my interest in pop musicians starts), which grew to me searching out more and more of her discography. This led to me discovering her Deconstructed ep, which I ended up playing over and over. I loved it. I also found out that Kesha recorded music with The Flaming Lips, but due to Dr. Luke being an ass, she couldn’t release it. Her voice is beautiful and I’m so very sorry that I ever thought she wasn’t worth my time before.