No but like real talk I’ve ways loved Kesha and her music, even the unreleased tracks, I’ve watched and read most of her interviews, her documentary show, I’ve followed her as a fan since 2009 when Tik Tok first appeared on the scene.

And fuckin yeah, I supported her when she was known as the drunk party girl, and I supported her when she chose to change her genre through her unreleased works, her deconstructed EP, or the few songs on her last album. I supported her through her admittance to having an eating disorder, and through the time she took to grow and love herself again

And I know a lot of you supported her through that too

Right now, people aren’t talking about the shit she’s going through, and it’s not because her support system disagrees with her, it’s because now that she’s not on the fame radar as much, news sites and entertainment shows and blogs don’t feel a need to cover her or listen to her.

So whatever articles there are on the legal battle between Kesha and her rapist (dr. Luke, her producer), spread that shit. Put her on that fucking radar again. Give her back the voice that is slowly being smothered by the guy who sexually assaulted her and made her hate herself for 10 fucking years.

We played her summer pop anthems at parties and shared her slow acoustics during chill sessions and right now we need to spread #FreedomforKesha the same way.