good stuff,good stuff.

i was initially mad at the game because i killed toriel,not realizing how i was supposed to spare her, i am replaying the game just after finishing it (something unprecedented for me) and now i feel much better about it now that i understand that replaying it is actually a key part of the game, if you dont replay it i dare say you are not getting the real “undertale experience”.

but yes, the fact that i actually went through the whole game and now im going through it again and enjoying it means that this game did something really right. i feel undertale achieved what every other indie, quaint, pixel art RPG was triying to achieve, to deconstrct game mechanics with metatextuality. except this actually has good writing and good gameplay AND GOOD MUSIC HOLY SHIT THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD.

try to guess my three favourite songs, i dare you.

final note, frisk is so much fun to draw you guys, the expresion is perfect, there are a lot of characters who are mute and we can infer a whole personality out of that but frisk’s expression takes it to a whole new level.

i love this game 10/10