let’s start us off right

Back to the gym today

Its been so long I can’t remember how long. Only got psych this morning and then off I go.
Am I scared? Yes actually. I’m deconditioned, suffering social anxiety right now and aware that my extended absence may cause me to stand out and be forced into conversation.
I’m still doing this. I still have a plan and all I can really do now is let go of fear and ego and get back at it.

Random note

I noticed many of the patients in the PACKRAT were actually in gay/non-heterosexual relationships. Which is totally cool! It’s great to see that our national exams are using real people in real scenarios (and not just using their sexuality to “key you into a disease” like HIV). Hopefully it will help decondition the biases that some may have when seeing patients who don’t live there same lifestyle.

Part of what psychedelics do is they decondition you from cultural values. This is what makes it such a political hot potato. Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start questioning the rules of the game. -Terrence McKenna

my dad is such a mental case …. everytime i see him i realise how much he has been indoctrinated to think that “as a MAN i have to be masculine and i have to dominate others” this fragile masculinity is the most annoying bullshit that just derives from a telltale of one compounded ignorant person to another and if a person doesn’t decondition themselves from that dumbass mindset or have someone teach them that what you’ve been taught societally to think is not the absolute truth they grow up screaming at women calling them stupid and beating up their sons bc he is a crybaby and he won’t toughen up with their sense of entitlement. like yo….this family unit a mess….are u not tired sitting in ur high horse of male patriarchy cos i see nuthin u just lame…lame..too tired to get mad anymore lol……..imma die
Sweat Rates During Continuous and Interval Aerobic Exercise: Implications for NASA Multipurpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) Missions

Abstract: Aerobic deconditioning is one of the effects spaceflight. Impaired crewmember performance due to loss of aerobic conditioning is one of the risks identified for mitigation by the NASA Human Research Program. Missions longer than 8 days will involve exercise countermeasures including those aimed at preventing the loss of aerobic capacity. The NASA Multipurpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) will be NASA’s centerpiece architecture for human space exploration beyond low Earth orbit. Aerobic exercise within…
from New NASA STI

Workout Myths that Should DIE!

New Year, Chinese New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, whatever it is, this tend to be the moment where people tend to make a decision about making a change, for some, its about their body. Here are some Myths that you should completely disregard when you embark on your new journey of transformation:

1. You gotta workout everyday or at least 6 days a week to get the best result.

Well unless you have been hitting the gym for a while and ramped up your recovery rate, this will cause accumulated muscle and joint tear that will cause you to get hurt real bad in a few months max! For most people I’ve trained i.e. deconditioned office drones, you should start with 2x a week for the first 2 months before slowly increase your frequency. If you have a good program, then you can still see result in 3 months and. What’s important is making sure your body already had adequate recovery

2. Chicks shouldn’t lift weights or they will get too masculine.

Really? Have you seen the women’s 56 kg class in Olympic weightlifting? coz some of them look pretty hot actually. As long as you control your diet and not use “Vitamin S”, then you will be fine. And if your bf is such a pussy that he would feel insecure over your improved posture, then that means its time you get a better, stronger bf. 

Not to mention that doing weights have been proven to be more effective at reducing your body fat than low cardio burn. Isn’t this what you want ladies? eat but not get fat?

3. Crunches and Sit-ups are your ticket for flat or 6-pack abs

Not only are they bad for your spine disk if you have low back pain, you can’t loose body fat only in 1 specific area. I.e. you are better off with some metcon and squats.

4. The longer you exercise the better

Sorry, but no. Unless you are training for marathon, this is pretty worthless. In fact, a lot of people much better educated than me have shown this “metabolic syndrome” that shows steady state low intensity endurance exercise to be quite bad at reducing body fat further once you reached a certain level. So endurance exercise has its benefits but only up to a certain level for most people.

5. Don’t eat anything before workout

Euhm… No. Actually my past clients get better results when they eat a banana or have a cup of coffee WITH sugar before their sessions. Accomplished bodybuilders (natty and “enhanced”) even deliberately drink pre-workout drinks to get some pump, making sure that the body will not digest protein from their own muscle while working out.

6. Don’t eat carbs after workout, it will cancel all the things you just accomplished

Now this is something that endurance and strength athletes have in common. They eat after their workout session. After you finished working out, your muscle glycogen is depleted and any carbs absorbed will go to the muscle first. Not to mention that in the long run, a diet will not work if you can’t have small cheats along the way. So go ahead and eat that snickers after you finished your 5 mile run or leg day at the weight room.

on the current weather in boston.
  • The Emperor:Isn't it nice to not be freezing though?
  • Leonessa:i prepared for winter
  • Leonessa:mentally, sartorially, emotionally
  • Leonessa:so it sort of feels like having trained for a marathon that got canceled
  • Leonessa:(or, more realistically, that was postponed for six weeks and then you will be forced to start running it with no warning, all of a sudden, after your body is thoroughly deconditioned)
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