Aye, it’s been a weird ass day. Like you don’t even know. So i’m gonna be off for a while. I just need some time to like decompress and shit. Also Teen Wolf is on tonight so i’ll probably be on after that.


Finally edited up the panel from last year’s Thought Bubble where almost all the creators in the afterparty issues all gathered together to talk about the process. 

You can download the podcast from over here, which includes the shownotes and slides and similar.

How to Stay Peaceful Around Stressed People

When we’re around people who are stressed and negative it can upset our own sense of inner peace and calm. Here are some suggestions to help you with this:

1. Imagine there’s an invisible shield that separates you from them. See their attitudes, reactions and high expectations as being their choice and decision- they’re not a part of you. You are two separate people – don’t let them influence you.

2. Disconnect from the source of negativity. End the call, close your email, or get up and walk away. When we feel stressed and angry we’re more likely to react – so maintain your control by taking steps to decompress.

3. Avoid toxic people if you possibly can. Avoid people who guilt trip you, or are constantly complaining, or who like to sit in wallow in their misery. They’ll quickly drain your energy and drive you to despair.

4. Be a positive person. Go on the offensive and reach out to people who need some encouragement, a smile or a kind word. That will keep you feeling peaceful and positive.

5. Spend time with people with whom you can connect, and who inspire and motivate you to be a better person. Look out for people who improve your self-esteem, who are positive role models and live life to the full. They’ll broaden your capacity to give and grow as well. (So let them be your focus – and not the stressed out people!)

Forgiveness does not make us more profound or conscious than our oppressors. This beast that was invited into Black space and murdered these gracious host does not deserve forgiveness. Forgiveness is not justice. Forgiveness — especially since we have not yet had room to decompress or process — is at best, an impediment and at worst, a distraction.
  • Me after a long day:oh man I need to decompose
  • Friend:you mean decompress
  • Me:no I mean decompose
  • Me:I want to dissolve into nothing
Please read <3

Hi guys! 
This is difficult for me to write, as I’ve gotten so many positive responses towards the advice I’m giving. 

The only problem is, I feel like I don’t have time to reblog anything phan related or even to go do other things off of tumblr. 

I’ve dedicated my past three days (edit: it’s gotten less intense) to giving advice, and as much as I love it, I do need a bit of a break. 

I’ll still answer some asks and if you need someone to talk to urgently, and I’m always available. 

But please, if you could wait on asking for help or know of maybe an ask blog to go to, it’d mean a lot to me <3

I still enjoy getting personal questions about me, or how my day was, it’s just the “denser” asks that are becoming a little difficult for me.

I feel really guilty for saying this as I’ve sort of become a place for you guys to receive help, but I’ve just became a little overwhelmed as every time I refresh my inbox there are 1-3 new problems. And I really want to answer your questions, but I feel like I can’t do anything until they’re answered because many of you are talking about suicide and depression, and I don’t want anything to happen while I’m away. 

I’ll answer the rest of the questions I have, but I might put off the rest of them for a day or two and focus my blog back on phan for awhile, just to decompress. 

I hope you guys understand, and I’ll let you know when I feel ready to take in more mass amounts of asks. 

Thank you <3

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I don’t reblog my podcast, Decompressed, much over here. Don’t know why, y'know?

I’ve started it up again and done ones on costume design (with Kris Anka, Ming Doyle and Jamie McKelvie), Grindhouse #1 (with Alex De Campi) and Mighty Avengers #1 (with Al Ewing). But the latest one strikes me as something you guys will particularly like.

It’s a recording of the COMICS ARE FOR EVERYONE panel at DICE. Basically, the Diversity panel. Jordie BellaireBecky CloonanPaul Cornell,Emma Vieceli, yours truly and (hosting) Declan Shavley talk about everything in exciting rush across an hour. Clearly too many topics, but there’s an energy to it that I think is really worthwhile.

I’m tagging it Young Avengers, partially as there’s a considerable bit about YA in there, and partially as I just think you guys would get a kick out of it.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here. Or you could use this handy little embed.

Pssst, please don’t confuse my aesthetic blogging for apathy. I use my blog as a safe/happy place to decompress, because I like looking over the archive and having it be calming. I’ve been yelling at racists all day on FB. >_<

(Of course I might just be losing followers because of all the SU blogging? Yeah, I am probably not a good blog to follow if you don’t like SU, sorry.)

anonymous asked:

Returning to your inbox :) could you write a fic where Kate finds out she's pregnant and suprises Castle? Thanks again you're the sweetest !

“Are you sure you’re okay, Kate?”

She blinks and redirects her gaze from the television to her husband. They’d decided on a quiet movie night together to decompress after the case and so far, she had been horrible company. Zoning out during their dinner of Chinese takeout, watching the film with him without seeing a second of it.

He knows her mind is wandering, he’s known since this morning when he awoke to find her staring into the mirror without perceiving, a makeup brush balancing in her fingers while she daydreamed about a little boy with his eyes and maybe her smile running around the loft.

A dream that’s becoming reality.

“Yeah,” she assures him, unfurling from her spot in the corner of the sofa and inching closer to his warmth.

“We don’t have to stay up, you know,” Castle murmurs, slipping an arm around her shoulders and combing a hand through her hair. His fingers feel so lovely grazing her scalp; they’re almost effective enough to quiet the riot of thoughts that have consumed her mind for the entirety of the day. “It’s been a long day, we could-”

“No, Castle, it’s not…” She sighs and drops her head to his shoulder. She had wanted to do something elaborate to reveal the news, something simple but surprising, knowing how much he enjoys those sorts of things, but it’s hardly been twelve hours since she learned the news herself and she doesn’t think she can keep this to herself much longer. “I have something to tell you.”

Castle lowers the arm from around her shoulders and turns on the couch, orientating his body towards her, so willing and ready to listen, and if it hadn’t felt like the right time to tell him before, it definitely does now.

“Go ahead,” he says, giving her an encouraging smile with a hint of worry curling at the edges that she reaches out to brush away with the stroke of her thumb.

It works, his mouth quirking with a crooked grin that he’s always reserved for her.

“I - I was late. This month,” she explains, lowering her hand and waiting for his confusion to disappear, for understanding to take over.

“Okay, so you were - oh. Oh.

Kate chuckles and pats the hand still resting on her knee.

“Yeah, so I took a pregnancy test this morning.”

That has his eyes flaring wide, tentative hope rippling in the ocean of his irises, and she can already feel the smile tearing at the corners of her lips.

She doesn’t even have to say it.

“You’re pregnant,” he whispers, a look of beautiful, absolute awe claiming his face when she nods in confirmation, and then he’s on her, his long arms banding around her, his vibrant smile pressing against hers, nearly knocking her over.

“Castle,” she laughs, tugging him back by the ears, but her cheeks are already aching from the smile overtaking her face.

“Sorry, sorry, I just - I didn’t expect-”

“Believe me, I didn’t either,” she chuckles. “I know we hadn’t talked much about it, but I really want this, Rick.”

“I want it too,” he responds instantly, the hands at her back clutching with excitement. “Kate, I want - I’ve always wanted - I want everything with you.”

They’ve been married for two years, intertwined and in love for far longer, but it still makes her heart stumble and flutter when he says things like that.

“Good,” she murmurs, low to keep the threatening rasp in her voice at bay as she leans in to press her smile to his. “Because this is just the start.”
"Comics are for Everyone" panel discussion podcast - Decompressed

Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers, Iron Man) hosts Decompressed, which is “a sporadic podcast about comics craft”. It usually features discussions with other comics creators about their work, process, and other related topics.

This episode from October is a recording from a panel at the Dublin International Comics Expo which talks about representing diversity in comics.

The topic is enormous. We race to include as much as we can, and fail badly. Ideas come rushing out. People put positions forward that by the chat after the panel they’ve changed their minds about. It’s fluid, but fluid like lava. As I was on this panel, I moved between from red hot anger to complete and utter love for everyone who’s ever lived.

The discussion isn’t exhaustive (they have a time limit) but it covers a broad range of the issues involved. They raise issues of responsibility and possible approaches to address problems of diversity, and even problems related to the trend of panels such as these. But it goes a lot further by outlining some of the difficulties specific to the medium of comics.

Some great quotes:

“so if I’m introducing women characters or people of colour or anything, I’m about to walk into the other problem with the trope … and occasionally you’re like ‘I’m going to do something utterly horrific to this character’ … that’s more likely when I’m going to create a white male character, essentially, to avoid opening up another set of issues.”

On Young Avengers: “If you get one gay character in the cast you can’t do a story about their love life because there’s no one to sleep with. … My group is two women five men and of course people talk about the diversity issue there - why is there not more women on the team? Well it’s because I wanted to do a story about men sleeping with men.”

“… so you can see how we as women find it kind of strange that you can’t empathise with a female lead because we spent our entire lives empathising with male leads.”

Other featured speakers include Jordie Bellaire, Becky Cloonan, Paul Cornell, Emma Vieceli and Declan Shavley.

Highly recommend checking this out, and also the archive of previous episodes.

Direct link to this episode: Decompressed023.mp3

Podcast feed URL:

It’s probably also available on iTunes or whatever, if that’s your thing.

Decompressed 017: Sam Humphries on Uncanny X-Force #1 and Sacrifice #4

Another one of my occasional podcasts where I talk craft stuff with comics creatives.

This time it’s Sam Humphries, talking about the two books he has out this week - Uncanny X-force #1 and Sacrifice #4. There’s lots of good stuff in here, coming from two completely different sides of the industry. Sacrifice is his entirely self-published book, for example.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

And here’s the embed. 


You can buy the comics at your local shop, or via a digital one. Here’s  X-Force’s comixology page and here’s Sam’s page to point at all the places you can buy Sacrifice, online and off.

And there’s a shitload of study aids to look at over at my main workblog.


Neberu - Decompressed

For fans of Walking With Strangers! Check this shit!


neberu | decompressed


This time I’m joined by Antony Johnston. Antony previously appeared in Decompressed 15, talking about THE COLDEST CITY. But that was in front of an audience at Game City, so we were on our best behaviour. This time we’re mumbling on Skype, as is a comic creators preferred form of communication. Except passive-aggression, obv. Anyway! Antony’s career as a writer is divided between his work in Games and Comic. In comics, until recently his signature work was the post-apocalyptic series WASTELAND. That may be changing, as he’s recently launched two new series via Image. The first, UMBRAL is an excellent Dark Fantasy book. The second, and the subject of today’s discussion is, THE FUSE, his book with Justin Greenwood, Shari Chankamma and Ed Brisson.

The Fuse is available to buy in your local comic shop, as well as digitally through comixology and direct from Image.

You can download the podcast from here. Its webpage RSS page is here. And you can find it on Itunes here.

Or you could use this handy little embed.

Rest of the show notes here.