decomposition fantasy


Hongzheng Wang - Life No. 1 [2014] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
“Although I am obsessive over my painting techniques, I did not choose the realistic theme as my creative direction. My work is not a simple reproduction of reality, but instead is based on reality devoted to illusory atmosphere giving an objective detailed description of visual space, organisation and decomposition in non realistic fantasy. I ask the viewer to go beyond reality of beauty and hope. I can promote art in life beyond the “real” world. This is my pursuit of “beyond reality” into the “spiritual reality” of the art realm. Art contains the spirit and is also the position of the painter’s own spiritual world and life. So in my opinion, fine are is the pursuit of the soul and spirit which underlines the value of art. Searching for the spiritual path of self, tracing the track of mind, exploring the language of spiritual and practical communication, is the purpose of my art creation.”

[Art Renewal Centre - Oil on linen, 180 x 130 cm]