Road Trip by Noel Kerns

Noel Kerns is a Dallas-based photographer specializing in capturing Texas’ ghost towns, decommissioned military bases, and industrial abandonments at night. Growing up in the central Texas hill country, Kerns developed his photographic skills shooting large format black & white landscapes.  The slow and deliberate nature of the large format photographic process was a perfect launching pad into the art of digitally photographing the nocturnal world.

One of the things Kerns enjoy most about photographing under a full moon are all the latent details, those things which reveal themselves only when you take the time to let the moonlight tell the story. He loves the calm and tranquility of a peaceful night scene, as well as the eerie feeling one can get when shooting an old desert ghost town under a full moon.

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all the characters in Overwatch are just so fucking extra, like, can you imagine being a standard soldier and then having Overwatch agents show up


like you’ve got a doctor wearing angel wings and a halo unironically, a literal cowboy with a SPUR on his gun, a guy who thinks he’s captain america, idek who that sonic chick is but she won’t stop giggling, a small engineer whose prosthetic arm is a giant mechanical claw, an actual gorilla as their lead scientist,

did the UN look at this lineup and go “sorry guys but I think decommissioning you is the only solution”

Uncle Popeye Fucks Up Hunting So Bad Legislation Happens

(Gun use, alcohol mention, amazingly- no animal death)

So you may remember Uncle Popeye from A Holiday Story, when he and grandpa tried to shoot a pheasant and fucked it up real bad.  I called the Ohio Relatives.  They have no idea how the family knew Popeye either, but that his given name was Richard, but got tired of being called “Dick” and after losing an eye in WW2, went by Popeye.

Look man, Ohio DOES things to people.

Popeye fancied himself the Great Outdoors-man, despite a long list of evidence to the contrary- besides the shooting incident, there was the time he got lost in the woods behind his house for a week despite being less than a mile from his house and six major roads, the time he almost poisoned the whole family after mushrooming in the hills only to be stopped by GG, and the time he got in a fight with a Woodcock and Lost.

The worst though, was Snowflake.

Near where my Ohio relatives lived, and continue to live, there is a Military Armory. (You know that joke about “If all your relatives all live in the same postcode, you might be a redneck?”  Yeah, check that.  Mom was the first to leave the state, and keeps urging the others that they are free to leave, they can’t keep you there. But I digress).  The armory is actually kind of a large campus, several hundred acres in size, where they take lots of old munitions and aircraft and whatnot, and figure out how to take apart and dispose of them without blowing everything up to fuck. The whole area is fenced off to keep the locals from helping themselves to the munitions (A serious issue in redneck country), which trapped the deer in the forest inside.  

The deer, no longer having to worry about hunters, but cut off from the outside population, basically went full Deliverance, and the resulting mutants are… rather pretty.  

The mutation is Luecistism, not albinism, but it makes for pretty, pretty very stupid deer.  Like, even dumber than white-tail already are, and whitetail are DUMB.  But the deer on the armory could afford to be easy to spot and have no natural fear of anything, because there were no predators or hunters, and the soldiers stationed there had better things to do

The prettiest of them all was Snowflake, the large white buck named Snowflake, because soldiers are great at naming things.  He was, by all accounts, a truly splendid creature- snow-white and shapely, with a well-developed rack.  Not unlike a porn star, apparently.  And many a man Lusted after snowflake, desperate for his head.

Or other things.  Ohio’s a pretty fucked up place.

But unlike other men, who would only stare wistfully from afar, Popeye was absolutely determined to have Snowflake.  The issue was, the military, having a few moments of sense, had decreed that having people wandering around a munitions decommissioning plant with firearms was likely to result in fire and death, declared that there was to be no hunting on their grounds.  The only way Popeye could feasibly shoot Snowflake would be if he were somehow able to get him on the other side of the fence.  But he couldn’t just cut a hole in the fence- it was fairly regularly checked, and he’d be caught.  Nope.  Somehow, Popeye had to get Snowflake on the other side of the fence without damaging it or the Military noticing.

It was during an afternoon of boozing and watching western documentaries, Popeye hit upon a solution.  He was watching a tourism promotion for all the great outdoor activities in Colorado, when he saw the solution to his problem.

He could FISH for deer.

Specifically, he fly-fish.  In his mind, he could clearly see how it would play out.  he’d simply find a heavy-duty line, cast it over the fence, tangling it in Snowflake’s antlers, and then reel him over the fence, where it would be perfectly legal to shoot him and then he’d be the envy of all the men down at the elks lodge.  Hah!  Genius!

So that spring, Popeye began tossing corn over the fence to lure deer to that particular secluded corner, and was immensely pleased when Snowflake started turning up regularly.  He’d get his trophy AND some fat venison!  All summer and into fall, he continued this, with the deer getting entirely too casual about his presence.  he also got his hands on some deep-sea fishing line and practiced ensnaring the antlers of his dummy deer in the backyard.  Just to make sure he had the leverage to haul Snowflake in, he got the harness that attaches the pole to your hip.  All was going according to plan.

So the first day of hunting season, Popeye goes to his corner where he’s been feeding the deer, and Snowflake is there, waiting for breakfast.  Great.  Popeye backs his pickup truck up to the fence, and stands on the bed so he can cast over the fence.  The deer, being imbeciles, fail to notice anything amiss.  He casts, and miracle of miracles, he gets the loop over Snowflake’s antlers on the first try!  Popeye whips the line around some more, making sure Snowflake is good and tangled, before reeling him in.

Apparently snowflake just stood there for this part, presumably looking confused.  Then the line began to pull on him.

As Popeye would later recount from the hospital:  “That’s when I realized.  Deer ain’t Mackinaw.”

Popeye had, in all his planning,  not taken into consideration that a 200-pound buck at the height of his testosterone-riddled rut might be somewhat disinclined to be pulled over a fence.  Furthermore, Popeye had failed to account that at 5′5″, he was of similar size to the deer, and in nowhere near as good of shape.

He recalled ALMOST flying over the fence as Snowlfake turned and ran for the safety of the base.  He did not quite make it, and cracked both knees as they slammed into the fence, jeans and harness shredding on the barbed wire.  it was not enough to separate him from the harness, only enough to slide it down his legs and tangle around his ankles, so that once he hit the ground, Popeye was dragged for half a goddamn mile by his feet as Snowflake frantically tried to get away.

Once at the base, and all manner of bruised, cut up and abused, Popeye was relieved when they finally came to a halt.  he regretted it half a second later when he realized that Snowflake had only turned around, and was now bearing down on his sorry ass full-tilt.  Several puncture and kick wounds later, Popeye managed to kick off the harness, freeing himself from Snowflake, and had to run back to where he thought he’d left the truck.  In the middle of the night, in the woods, with cracked patellas and without pants.

It took him all night to find the fence and truck, but managed to get back over the fence and to the hospital without being spotted. In a fit of paranoia that almost pased for good sense, he drove to three counties away to be treated, so the police wouldn’t find him, bleeding all the way.  He neglected beforehand, to tell any of his friends or family where he was going, except that he was deer-hunting.

He was very disappointed when he turned up a week later and found out nobody had gone looking for him.

 Snowflake was found tangled up in a tree, and was cut loose by the soldiers, apparently upset but unharmed.  Concerned that the poachers were getting too creative for their own good, the base petitioned the state legislature to maybe make a law that you aren’t allowed to fish for deer, Christ, we only found the poor man’s pants.

The state legislature, in a fit of rabid libertarianism, declared that such a law would be too restrictive upon the freedom of Ohioans, so the Army tried the country.  The county, which had to actually deal with this kind of bullshit on a semi-regular basis, agreed, and it is now illegal to Hunt any bird, fish or quadruped with devices and equipment not intended for such purpose.

Popeye never went deer-hunting after that, and Snowflake went on to sire many many more pretty inbred deer.

Some less often asked questions

1: Would you prefer a large home or a small home?

2: If you could convert a decommissioned missile silo / underground bunker into a home, would you?

3: If you had the money to buy a private island and build a custom castle on it, would you?

4: Have you ever attempted to start a micronation?

5: Would you ever wanna start a micronation?

6: Do you like to dress fancy?

7: Have you ever considered running for office? Either on a national or subnational level.

8: Do you have any famous family members? What are they famous for?

9: Favourite James Bond film?

10: Where’s the most “exotic” place you’ve been to?

11: Have you ever voted in a national election? What about local?

12: What do you identify as, politically speaking?

13: Would you move to another country if you fell in love with someone from that country? What about state (or other national subdivision)?

14: Do you wear hats often?

15: Would you ever enlist in your nation’s armed forces?

16: Would you ever consider mercenary work?

17: When you go to a sandwich shop (such as Subway), what do you normally get on your sandwich?

18: What would perfect date be for you?

19: What do you like in your coffee?

20: Have you ever been to a formal party, other than prom, a wedding, or homecoming?

21: Of the many obscure languages of the world, which would you most like to learn?

22: How many children do you wish to have?

23: Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

24: What is a show you love that not many people would know you love?

25: Have you ever jumped out of a window?

26: Do you like to dress fancily?

27: If you could bring back any style of fashion from history, what would you bring back?

28: Do you like to dance?

29: What is your favourite style of architecture?

30: Do you have a favourite flag?

31: What is something you like to eat that others might find odd or gross?

32: Have you ever fired a gun? If not, would you like to?

33: Do you like to cook?

34: Do you keep a journal?

35: Linux, Mac, or Windows?

36: What does your ideal house look like?

37: Do you prefer playing on a computer or a console?

38: If someone offered you a secluded cabin in the woods, with all modern conveniences (such as internet and running water), with no strings, would you accept the offer?

39: Have you ever accidentally left the house without an article of clothing?

40: Do you enjoy documentaries?

41: Do you have a favourite letter (of any alphabet)?

42: Where is a place you’d like to visit that people don’t generally think of as a big vacation destination?

43: Prefer you the City, Suburbs, or Country?

44: Do you collect anything?

45: What is the worst injury you have ever received?

46: Do you have a favourite coat of arms?

47: If you could have your own coat of arms, or flag, what would it look like?

48: What is one food that everyone loves, but you hate?

49: What sort of car do you drive?

50: Who is your favourite historical figure?

something that’s really interesting about “That Will Be All” is the room of bubbled Rose Quartzes. We know that they were almost definitely bubbled by Pink Diamond, since we know from “The Trial” that Rose Quartzes were decommissioned after Rose rebelled but before the shattering of Pink Diamond

This is interesting to me for several reasons, one of which being that I had just assumed Homeworld could not bubble Gems at all, since if they could they would’ve bubbled the Gems in “Jail Break” as it would’ve prevented escape. But they clearly can, it’s just extremely difficult or rare for them to do so, at least at present, because of what is required to be able to bubble. It’s shown that Gem powers are heavily emotionally-based, particularly with Steven but we’ve also seen it suggested with full Gems as well (Rose’s tears).

Bubbling as a power seems to require compassion, which is why the Crystal Gems can do it easily but Homeworld can’t/doesn’t. Each time we’ve seen someone first bubble a Gem (excluding Garnet and Pearl), it’s been in a moment of deep compassion - Steven bubbling Centipeetle, Peridot bubbling the Roadrunner Gem, Amethyst bubbling Jasper (wasn’t the first time she’s bubbled, since there are purple bubbles in the lava room, but is the first time we’ve seen her do so on-screen)

Interesting then that Rose rebels and her gem cut is decommissioned as a result, but aren’t shattered or otherwise detained, but bubbled, which inherently requires a feeling of compassion to do

Supergirl fantasy episode:

Open on Kara’s apartment: Kara tells Alex all about Mon-El and how he kissed her and now is being a superhero for her. Alex sighs, rubs her forehead. She is so over boys and their shit, especially wanting to be superheroes and falling for her sister.

Cut to: Alex at the bar, watching Mon-El pouring drinks and flirting with girls. Her mouth twists into that smirk as her eyes narrow. Maggie catches her gaze and gives her a look, but says nothing. She hasn’t seen that side of Alex yet.

Alex makes a few discrete calls. Lucy has just the place, a decommissioned base, and Vasquez reluctantly agrees to help. Who doesn’t have a crush on Alex, or for that matter, Kara?

They grab Mon-El one night as he’s leaving yet another woman’s apartment, stash him at the base. It’s harder to get Winn’s cooperation, so they don’t tell him what it’s for. They just convince him how awesome it will be to get Mon-El’s pod back in working order.

Maggie gets suspicious about Alex’s motorcycle trips to the desert and follows her. She discovers Mon-El locked away and waits to confront her girlfriend. Alex tells her it’s for Kara, and Maggie says, you kidnapped someone for your sister? Alex points out how happy Kara has been for the last week. Maggie agrees to help but is a little worried about how turned on she is by this side of her girlfriend.

In the meantime, Kara makes a few half-hearted attempts to find Mon-El out of a sense of obligation, but gives up easily, especially when M'gann points out all the women he’s been flirting with or going home with lately. She’s privately relieved to have him gone.

Alex, meanwhile, has been subtly (she thinks) asking J'onn about planets and interspace travel. He reads her mind, but doesn’t say anything. Later, he finds her calculations on the computer and fixes the coordinates. She’s a bioengineer, after all, not an astrophysicist.

Finally, it’s time. Lucy, Vasquez, and Maggie bundle Mon-El into the pod while Alex sets the coordinates and starts the ignition. J'onn keeps Kara occupied with minor emergencies while keeping an eye on the desert. Finally, he sees a streak of light heading toward the sky, and he smiles. Kara joins him just as the light in the sky fades. What was that, she asks. Lucky star, he tells her. Lucky star.

tips for writing void and water navies

So, since I actually work around boats all day and also have a thing for blathering about the voidfaring life, here’s a few things I wanted to share that maybe other people might find helpful for adding some realism and believability to their own fictions involving the same things. 

Naming Conventions: 
Ships are often referred to incorrectly in fiction. A ship’s name does not have “the” in front of it, unless that is actually part of the name of the vessel. Example sentence: 

Correct: Vengeful Spirit was an exceptional vessel, the only Scylla variant-build ever constructed of the ancient and intimidating Gloriana pattern. 

Incorrect: The Vengeful Spirit awaited them, a hulking monstrosity cruising slowly just above atmos as she waited in low orbit.

Now, this is not a hard and fast rule. There is a time that you can call a ship “the -name-,” and that is if the ship has been destroyed/sunk/decommissioned, is a piece of history thought to be destroyed, etc. Examples of this: The Black Pearl, the Edmund Fitzgerald. Just be aware that, generally, if your ship in question is still in service and has not become a legend yet, she probably doesn’t have “the” in front of her name. However, you /can/ name a vessel The Fickle Female, or something like that,in which case “the” is part of the name and is fine. Also, pirate ships and privately-run vessels may have “the” in front of their names, though this can make them sound a bit hokey and corny. Another semi-exception is when using the vessel’s full name/title, example “the U.S.S. Enterprise” or “the H.M.S. Titanic” (although Titanic could also call under the “historical indicator from “the.” Passengers who are not familiar with shipfaring may also think of the vessel as “the Glorious Name,” but your crew, and most likely your omniscient narrator, would not. 

Long story short? If your vessel left for her maiden voyage ten or a hundred years ago and hasn’t yet left service… no need for “the”– especially if it’s a crewman doing the talking.

Ships have their own words for everything. Here’s a quick rundown: 

Berth/Berthing: places where crew or possibly passengers sleep.
Quarters: Same as above, but generally insinuating more luxurious accommodations.
Bow: The front/nose of the ship, as a noun
Stern: The rear/ass end of the ship, as a noun.
Prow: The very front of the bow, the “nose” of a ship.
Transom: The flat “ass” of a ship. 
Engines: Whatever makes your ship go. Boats may have motors, but ships have engines. 
Bulkhead: An interior wall of a ship. 
Gunwale: Pronounced “gunnel.” The outside “wall” of the ship as created by the hull.
Hatch: A door or doorway. You can close a hatch or walk through a hatch.
Hatchway: Doorway. You cannot “close” a hatchway, but only walk through it. 
Porthole: a window
Ahead: To engage the engines in a way that the ship moves forward, as in “full steam ahead.”
Astern: To engage the engines in such a way that the ship moves backward/in reverse.
Deck: Any “floor” in or on the ship. Stuff you walk on.
Topside/abovedecks: the “outside area” of a boat. Where you can stand and feel the air on your face.
Belowdecks: “inside” the ship’s hull. “below” is a shortening of this. 
Bilge: A pump that removes water (or whatever) from inside the vessel.
Scuttle: to trash something or throw it out.
Scuttlebutt: Rumors and gossip, trashtalking.
Galley: The kitchen.
Head: bathrooms
Bridge: The part of the ship where it is controlled.
Helm: Phrase for describing the person actually controlling the ship’s movements. The person “at the helm” is the person making the decisions, not the person with the wheel in their hands. If your captain tells his first mate, “Six degrees to starboard, steady on”, the captain is at the helm. If the first mate is making that decision himself because the captain can’t, he’s “at the helm.” 
Moorings: attachment to a dock. “moored” meaning attached in this way.
Flotsam: Stuff floating in the water, or in space.
Masts: Big posts that sails fly from.
Boom: Big post going across the mast that sails attach to.
Make fast: tie shit down
Eye: a round thing to tie to or pass a rope through. 
Cleat: a thing for tying shit to.
Lines: Ropes.
Hold: Any large space inside of a ship to put shit, or “stow” it.

There’s lots more, and lots if you want to get into sailing vessels involving the names for the different sails and masts and such, but this is enough to get you started.

Directions and time: 

Ships have their own way of designating the “directions” on  the ship. Aft and stern are not synonyms: aft is a direction, the stern is the actual physical part of the ship. Same with forward and bow. 

Forward: The “front” direction, anything from the middle of the ship to the very tip of the prow.

Aft: The ass end direction. Anything from the middle to the very farthest back part of the ship.

Port: If you are standing on the ship and looking forward, this is going to be on your left. It’s easy to remember because “left” and “port” both have four letters.

Starboard: Pronounced “starberd.” The “right” side of the ship, if you are standing on the ship, looking forward. Two R’s in starboard– “right.”

This is helpful in writing because you can use these words to describe how your characters move about their surroundings, IE, “She looked up, lost, heading what she assumed was aftward.”

Ships generally have their own clock and specific time. Even today in real life, submarines will have their own times and clocks, often with each crewmember on his own clock.

Summary: Idk people, talk about the cool shit in your spaceships more! Hope this helped.      

anonymous asked:

ok but could you tell us more about the au cause I love the idea of coran as terry


  • the vld characters don’t represent the b99 characters (except lance because lance is literally jake peralta i mean cmon)
  • so lance and keith are each other’s main detective partners 
    • they like to place bets on one another
    • (like in the show’s first ep) keith and lance are having a competition on who can make the most arrests
      • if keith wins - lance has to wash his bike for the next 3 months
      • and if lance wins - keith has to go on the ‘’worst’’ date possible with lance
      • mutually pining and the precinct is dying bc they wont get together yet
      • hunk is their no. 1 fan
  • hunk and pidge are also detectives but pidge prefers working on computers than field work
  • originally hunk and lance were assigned as partners for field work but when keith got hired lance got assigned to work with keith 
  • hunk is great at interrogating 
    • on slow work days manages to keep the precinct alive and well by bringing everyone muffins
  • pidge originally got caught for hacking the precinct’s system (basically savant’s story) 
    • eventually during a case they needed to be able to hack something but there was no one who could fit the expectation 
    • shiro had suggested to alfor to hire pidge
      • she got accepted
  • the only one who can break through pidge’s security systems is hunk and he holds it over her head all the time but he’d never tell anyone else in the precinct
  • shiro is the sargeant (srry anon but shiro is def terry)
    • actual father trying to control a precinct full of kids
      • just wants to go home and nap 
    • was decommissioned from field work due to an incident regarding his arm
      • eventually he can return to do field work but he doesn’t do it as often as before
  • allura is new captain of the precinct
  • alfor was the previous captain until he announced he was retiring
    • “i will leave you all under the care of my daughter - allura”
    • lots of people in the precinct doubted her but boi did they realize not to underestimate her
      • she rules with an iron fist and will not take ur bullshit
      • pidge loves her and enjoys every second of allura calling out people’s shit when they fuck up in the precinct
  • allura’s assistant is coran 
    • lance always tries to pry out info from him so he can dish out embarrassing parts of allura’s life and her number
      • he fails all the time
    • but lance is definitely coran’s fave out of all the detectives
    • been around since alfor became captain years ago
    • used to be alfor’s partner during field work until alfor got assigned as captain and decided to become his assistant

thegreysman  asked:

More spoilers of the novelization alíen covenant??. Pleaseeeee


(Spoilers, obviously)

Oh well, what more can I say? I think I’ve spoiled all the good bits already. Let’s see.

-Walters tends a garden while the colonists sleep, and he whistles to the plants while he gardens. Apparently he whistles *badly* because Mother teases him about it.

-Everyone knows that Walter grows pot and gives some to Daniels, but in the book she also is officially ordered to take two or three days off “to go cry” -literally what Captain Dumbshit told her- so Walter convinces her to sneak out with him and go check on the terraforming equipment against the captains orders.

-When the crew give their goodbyes to captain Branson, at first it’s just Walter and Daniels, and apparently Daniels asked him to be with her. She tells him it’s because he knows what it’s like to be alone, and this explanation seems to make him a bit awkward: he is happy when other crew members interrupt to show up for the memorial, but it’s TOTES JUST CAUSE HE’S HAPPY THERE’S MORE PEOPLE SO DANIELS ISN’T ALONE, GUYS.

-in fact the entire book he is having odd reactions regarding Daniels and coming up with unsatisfactory explanations for it.

-Walter and Daniels are often mentioned to be walking together. In one instance the book thinks it’s important to specifically mention that Daniels gets up to go check something and Walter goes off with her without being asked or ordered.

-I mentioned that at one point Daniels touches Walter’s face, and he recognizes that she means it in an affectionate way (which makes him embarrassed). Right before she touches his face though, he tells her that it was his duty to save her life, and she jokes that she’s heard worse pickup lines.

-David is even more hilarious and salty in the book. He also talks a helluva lot more, but I think that’s just the style of this writer: I’ve noticed he makes everyone more wordy in all of his movie novelizations.

-Daniels tells Walter (well it’s David but she thinks it’s Walter) that she wouldn’t mind coexisting with a society made of synthetics, and before she goes into hypersleep she tells him she’ll make sure he has a future on the new colony, no matter what regulations say (and I think this seems to suggest that Walter is supposed to be decommissioned with the rest of the spaceship once the colony lands, which I find very sad)

-David (pretending to be Walter) is obviously impressed with her views on synthetics, and gives the odd comment that it’s a shame she couldn’t have spent more time with David, because she might have changed him.

I dunno. I think that’s all I got. I think the rest of the book has been thoroughly spoiled.