decolora arc

Finally got halfway through the Best Wishes saga, it’s clearly the weakest so far (can’t compare with Advanced Generation tho, since I had to skip it*) which is sad since i believe Unova/Gen 5 is the best story on the games. :/ 

I just hope the next 4 (?) arcs of Best Wishes is better than the “Collect 8 Badges Arc”… At least Roxie’s double episode battle was amazing! I love her.

I see that I still have a Junior Tournament arc (WITH HIKARI/DAWN MAKING CAMEO, YEEEEES, MY FAVORITE), then the League, N arc and a probably mostly filler called Decolora Islands arc…) I just hope they are better than the beginning of the show.

That being said, I actually don’t hate Iris and Dent/Cilan like basically the rest of the fandom.

Well, can’t wait to get to XY and then, Sun and Moon! It’s close. :)

*Had to skip Adv Generation because I only decided to watch Pokémon from the very beginning and literally every episode on it’s original voice and sub on my language (brazilian portuguese) and so far our fansub for this series is on 2/5 of the anime.