decolonizing anthropology

In spite of varying attempts at revision and reform, anthropology remains overwhelmingly a Western intellectual– and ideological– project that is embedded in relations of power which favor class sections and historical blocs belonging to or with allegiances to the world’s White minority. While these global relations no longer adhere to classical colonial principles or forms, they retain, nonetheless, the basic substance of colonial control…

…Can an authentic anthropology emerge from the critical intellectual traditions and counter-hegemonic struggles of Third World peoples? Can a genuine study of humankind arise from dialogues, debates, and reconciliations amongst various non-Western and Western intellectuals– both those with formal credentials and those with other socially meaningful and appreciated qualifications? Is genuine dialogue and reconciliation possible, and, if so, under what conditions? … Questions such as these should be taken to heart by anthropologists preparing themselves for the global challenges and crises of the 21st century.

“Anthropology As An Agent of Transformation: Introductory comments and queries” by Faye V. Harrison.

From “Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further Toward an Anthropology for Liberation”, published 1997 in affiliation with the Association of Black Anthropologists and the American Anthropological Association.

Still fucking relavent today.

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