decolonization is an act of love


True Decolonization Is A Constant State Of Rebellion Against Systemic Oppression of Tribal People.
Above all, decolonization: in its purest form(s) is an act of true love for the people.

It is NOT a slogan, meme, trend, jingoism or new academic dogma.

REAL revolution starts in the heart and always appeals to the mind in order to serve collective needs of the people. Those seeking publicity, fame or personal gain via public political
& media posturing often only serve themselves and this often creates false leaders.

Welcome to the non-stereotypical, cliche free, all power to the people, real time visionary, non-anthropology driven photography by Douglas Miles for Apaches and Angels. Not to be used without permission of artist.

anonymous asked:

How do I know if I'm stilll punk?

There is a myth in punk culture that you can only be punk if you are dressing, smelling, and acting in a certain way.  But once you are truly a punk, it is in your heart.  It is beyond the appearance and living in a house with a million 40s on the porch.  It is about a deep commitment to critical thinking and decolonizing your mind/heart/body.  If you go all the way with punk, your politics will expand to the point that it doesn’t even make sense to be a punk anymore.  Early punk development is about rejecting things, saying “I don’t fucking need you or your shitty system,” but later punk development is about embracing that you do have needs.  It is about the radical act of loving, defying, creating, and surviving in a system that is terrible and finding something beautiful despite the terribleness of a white supremacist patriarchal capitalist landscape.  And it comes out in your actions everyday of your life. So, is it still in your heart?  Or are you watching your politics slowly plateau and fade away as you justify the exploitation of others?  Only you can answer this question.  - Mae Winters, ex-punk/still a punk


RISING NATIVE YOUTH Community Forum at Shiprock Drop-In Center Saturday: 1-11-14 9:00-4:30pm
A safe space for Native Youth to engage in conversations on issues affecting indigenous communities and individuals. Led by Native Youth for Native Youth.
Decolonize Four Corners. Native Youth Keep Rising

It’s all “decolonize” and “indigenous sovereignty” until you realize that it means letting our established governance systems be input.

It’s listening to people who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to what is actually culturally appropriate.

How you think tribal people should act vs how nations self-govern are often separate.