This was originally a crazy commission I did awhile back for a fellow Berserk fan. I love the intensity of the story that was carried through the beautiful line work of Kentaro Miura’s art. I also studied art by Gustave Dore for further inspiration on old school pen techniques.

The whole middle composition is done by a rapidograph pen..( aka..took forever).

I hope I did it justice. You can NOT do a Berserk tribute and go half assed.


I got these great policeman arts from Steve and Maria in the mail the other day!! Steve- the colors and lines are really crisp and bright!! I appriciate having more of that face of his on my wall ;^ ) Maria- Gosh!! It took me for a spin, but it’s very cool! The way you did the hands and nails remind me of another character that I really love; I really like it!

Thank you both again very much for drawing him, awesome work!!


Official Throwback Thursday Contribution post!

My last post included characters from different stories I’ve worked on so I thought I’d share two of early ones. 

"PARALLEL" was a mini comic done for a pre-college cartooning class back in 2005. The story involved a world where fictional characters actually exist before they are created by writers/artists/etc into reality.  They are entered into a school to prepare for their “graduation” into reality to take on roles in literature stories/movies/comics/video games. The main protagonist is an elf named Kael who doesn’t quite fit the image of a ‘graceful’ elf and goes through the internal conflict of being pressured to follow in his famous father’s foot steps. Although he is unhappy with the way things are, he finds no one who shares his concern… until he meets the mysterious ‘cool’ Rrlias, who seems to know more about the darker side of the school. 

As a comic writer I always felt that stories seemed to write themselves. There are numerous times as I develop a story, seemingly unrelated facts piece themselves together in ways that I could hardly think was my own ability to do so.  I still feel more like a medium telling a story, which inspired this notion and premise of the story that somewhere out there these characters and stories already exist and we as storytellers are just their means of communication. 

Of course as a high schooler, I also included themes addressing stereotypes and being forced to play certain roles because of other people’s expectation as opposed to being yourself.  And this would have been the running theme throughout the story if I ever got to continue it.  The storytelling is still simplistic here but I still find it an interesting idea to play with. … even if I’ll never get to revisit it.  *sigh* 

"Subliminal Mirrors" was a collaboration work with my sister decolanlan done for a Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga contest. (This was sometime before Parallel so I’m guessing 2003 or 2004… I have to double check) We both wrote up the story and characters, I did the pencil drawings, and she did the inking (hence why you can probably tell the drawing doesn’t look completely my style)

The short story is about a Dream Thief named Rowen … well not so much as stealing dreams but having the peculiar ability to be able to enter dreams and manifesting things into reality.. which he usually used to steal items and such. But the Institute of Dream Research has deemed him a threat and captured him.  Upon his release, he is forced to complete community service with Nadori, a strict stern agent, and together they go about solving cases involving dreams.  The minicomic is about their first case trying to find the reason behind a girl’s mysterious coma.

I also wished we were able to develop this idea more.  |D *sssiiiiigh* all the awesome ideas that will never get developed. This was also supposed to be a long story.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Sorry about the bad image quality. This was when we had bad scanning quality from the printed out books.