This was originally a crazy commission I did awhile back for a fellow Berserk fan. I love the intensity of the story that was carried through the beautiful line work of Kentaro Miura’s art. I also studied art by Gustave Dore for further inspiration on old school pen techniques.

The whole middle composition is done by a rapidograph pen..( aka..took forever).

I hope I did it justice. You can NOT do a Berserk tribute and go half assed.

My sister decolanlan’s birthday was earlier this month, and since I had no money this year, I did a commission for her instead: Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia drawn in Araki’s Jojo style! I’m SUPER HAPPY how it came out! God drawing Jojo style anything is hard work but a lot of fun! And I really did try to study and mimic both drawing and coloring. So I think this was pretty successful. ^_^


I got these great policeman arts from Steve and Maria in the mail the other day!! Steve- the colors and lines are really crisp and bright!! I appriciate having more of that face of his on my wall ;^ ) Maria- Gosh!! It took me for a spin, but it’s very cool! The way you did the hands and nails remind me of another character that I really love; I really like it!

Thank you both again very much for drawing him, awesome work!!