decoe and bocoe

Sonic X AU Idea.

A Sonic X AU where instead of Sonic being the one that falls into Chris’ pool and gets saved by Chris as a result, it’s Eggman. Meanwhile, Sonic lands in Helen’s backyard instead of Chris’ pool.

Eggman, after Chris gets him out of the pool, pretends to be an honest inventor/businessman in order to get access to the Thorndyke resources and to get the public on his side. When acting out his robot attacks plans to steal the Chaos Emeralds in public, he puts on a disguise so the public will believe that the man behind the robots and Eggman are separate people.

As a result, Chris and Eggman has a Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver dynamic where Eggman at first sees Chris as a pawn but then gradually develops a soft spot for him. Chris, in return, sees Eggman as a surrogate dad and bonds with Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun as well (and is later shocked and heartbroken when he learns that Eggman is a villain). Chris only meets Sonic and his friends a few times on and off but doesn’t know where they live.

Meanwhile, Sonic ends up living at Helen’s house. Helen bonds with Sonic and his friends and Sonic and friends helps her and her family. Sonic and his friends have to stay in hiding at Helen’s house and be more careful going out in public since Eggman has the public on his side as well as G.U.N hunting them down. Helen is one of the few people on Earth that knows that Eggman is a villain. Helen is worried for Chris and his household so she tries to keep an eye on Chris as much as she can.

G.U.N is suspicious of both Eggman and Sonic at first. After the truth about Eggman gets out, G.U.N becomes sorta allies to Sonic (but not completely).

At the end of the AU!Season 1, Chris finally learns of Eggman’s true nature and takes a Chaos Emerald (the Purple Emerald that’s on Lindsey’s ring) while Eggman is out looking for the last Emerald and gives it to Sonic.

After the public knows that Eggman is a villain, Chris visits Helen as much as he can and gets to know Sonic and his friends better.

(Offtopic note: I’m one of the few people that likes Chris, so please don’t be too harsh on him in the comments, please)


Sonic F - 012 - Eggman’s All-Out Season Finale!

Created by Cyberlink & GameBuddy
Written by Cyberlink, Faulerro, GameBuddy, & RockTheJake
Edited by GameBuddy & Cyberlink


GameBuddy as Eggman, Chris, Advisor, Sonic, Cream, Jesus
Faulerro as Decoe, Knuckles, Agent Flipsy
Cyberlink as Bocoe, Chuck, Pizza Guy
Mystic Pyro Freak as Scarlet, Frances, Amy
RockTheJake as Jerome, Commander Buttbrain
Kage-Ichihashi as Tails, Rouge
River Kanoff as Stewart
HenshinJoe as President, Ella
Nowacking as Topaz
RGX as Danny
Antfish as Morgan Freeman

Live & Learn cover performed by SMYNYouko and RockTheJake

Sonic 1 Credits Theme performed by Dr. Mack Foxx and EspioKaos
From the fan-album: Sonic the Hedgehog- Piano Redux

Intro animation by X3Dave

Additional animation by CyberLink & GameBuddy

Sonic F is a non-profit, fan-based parody. All copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners.