Hi guys!! New episode of Luna P Reviews! Today I’m gonna review some cute stuff from our partner shop ProfPanda Shoppe ! It’s a store that sells handmade stuff like decoden cases, tiny boxes, resin necklaces, bubble stars and hearts necklaces and more things! 

1. External Packaging and Shipping: 

Lupe, the owner of ProfPanda, sent me the packaging on June 24th from USA and arrived to Spain yesterday (July 3th), but the postman was a fucking lazy and decided not up to my floor and leave me a notification in the mailbox because the package was too big… So, I’ve get my package today in the post office and the external envelope was a little bit damaged… But clearly is because the postman forced it to enter in the mailbox!! AGH!!. Sometimes I hate postmen .__. 


2. Internal Packaging:

The items were very well wrapped on soft paper and inside of a cute plastic baggies!! The decoden items in a large bag and the necklaces and mobile charm in another one. And both of them were wrapped on bubbles, so it won’t be damaged even have been suffering with the postman! Poor little babies…!! I like the use of paper in order to separate and protect the items, because it saves them of blending and scratching and IT’S BIODEGRADABLE!! Handcrafters of the world, think about the lot of trash that too many bubble wraps could generate! And the zipper bags are always a professional touch and reusable ^^


3. The items:

a) Puppy Resin Necklace: So cutee! It’s a lot more bigger than I thought, but that’s better because the interior is really cool! I mean, it’s not a HUGE pendant, but it’s enough in order to give the perfect touch to a boring shirt ;)  It comes with a blue chain, I love this detail! 

b) Bubble Heart Necklace: It makes sounds!! It’s a transparent purple heart shaped piece and inside has a lot of beads, so when you moves it makes a really funny sound! It has a purple bow and a purple chain, again the detail of the colored chain!! <3

c) Crescent moon Mobile Charm: It’s a simple piece, but it has the charm enough to make your phone look fairy kei x1000 !! The crescent moon is a hanmade resin piece and has a lot of glitter shapes inside. Yes, at this point, you’ll make sense that I love glitter <3

d) Decoden Tiny Box: One of the things that decoden has is that you can decorate WHATEVER. So Lupe makes a cute tiny plastic boxes decorated with whipped cream, pearls, cabochons, etc… I’ve seen in her etsy a lot of styles, somes are more gyaru, others pastel goth, or in this case I think it’s like magical girl inspired with the cute magic wand and the huge ribbon <3 I just love it. They’re so cute and useful, in order to save jewelry, money, beads… 

e) Decoden Phone Case: Lupe was so nice because my phone is a Huawei and there’s no so much merchandise for my model. Sometimes you only see Iphone or Samsung Galaxy decoden cases, but you can search for a kind seller who looks for your case model and make it for you, like Lupe :D I’ve nothing more to say about the decoden talents of Lupe, I love the case, the whipped cream is placed homogeneusly and nicely and the cabochons she use are really cute! I think she makes some sweet of clay too. :)


FINAL SCORE!! 9,8/10

Finally, I only tell you that ProfPanda Shoppe is a 100% quality and confident shop, so if you’re thinking about get something from it, don’t have any doubt. Lupe’s items are really cute and well handmade, at very affordable prices and she’s a super nice seller!  

Remember to use the code CHINAPASTEL to get 10% off in your order :)



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