decoden tutorial


Pastel Deco-Den Box Tutorial

♥Box (I used a plain wooden box from Michael’s. You can use any box you like.)
♥Paint (optional. I used Craftsmart acrylic paint in the color Robin’s Egg Blue.)
♥Sponge-brush (optional)
♥Icing/decorating bag (optional, you can use a ziploc bag instead)
♥Icing tip (I used a Wilton size #32 star tip)
♥Coupler (optional, used to attatch your icing tip to your decorating bag. You can use tape instead)
♥Scissors (to cut the tip of your icing bag off)
♥Notecard/paper to practice on (optional)
♥Gloves (I used nitrile exam gloves from CVS Pharmacy)
♥Cabochons (Handmade or bought off of Etsy, Storenvy, etc.)
♥Pearl beads/flat-back pearls, glitter, rhinestones, micro-marbles, etc. (optional)


Learn how to decoden your own cellphone case.


 KAWAII TUTORIAL  Frainy made this cute Decoden tutorial with our sweet cabochons! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ