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Inuyasha is like a book to decode. 

 “Kagome taught me to smile” aka Kagome makes me comfortable and happy. 

“Kagome taught me how to have friends” aka Kagome made it possible for me to have a family. 

“Kagome was born for me and I for her” aka Kagome is my soul-mate. 

Inuyasha savagely pushes Kagome down a well to save her “I love you”

romance in the feudal era

The Line (Part 13)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Crowley

Word Count: 1410

Summary: Crowley renegotiates the terms of their deal and Dean comes to say goodbye. 

Warnings: Angst, Discussion of Character Death

A/N:  I think I’m back to updating this weekly. 

The Line Masterlist 

“Drinking alone, really?” Crowley asked, picking up a spent beer bottle off the nightstand.  “Is that a little on the nose?  Thought you’d being doing something more productive.” 

“Isn’t there a saying ‘I’d rather go to hell with a bottle of whiskey, than go to heaven a sober man?’” You asked, sitting up with a grunt.

“There isn’t,” Crowley said flatly.  “You just made that up.”

“Yeah, well,” you shrugged, “it’s a thing now.”  You squeezed your eyes closed, taking a deep breath.  When you were composed you looked up at him, nodding.  “Alright, I’m ready.”

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“Please (Y/N),” Sherlock looked at you with his puppy dog eyes.

You were standing in the detective’s drawing room staring at the said person.

You’d received a text from him, asking you to come urgently to his place. You were old pals and met now and then. The urgent tone of the text scared you and you rushed to 221B….only to find the detective sprawled on his sofa, surrounded by hundreds of books.

“You called me to… help you decode this riddle about books?!” You questioned him, staring at him like he’d lost it.

“..Correct,” he said simply, gazing at you with his glasz eyes.

“That text… I THOUGHT YOU WERE..I don’t know…POSSIBLY DYING!” you roared, throwing your bag at him.

He caught it and only smiled.
“Well I am obviously not so will it be a yes or no?”

You rolled your eyes at the detective.

“I’m really tired, you know? The library is a hard place to maintain,” you retorted, throwing yourself onto the sofa, beside Sherlock.

He turned to look at you.

“I know you’re tired and you’ve had a long day. Your boss shouted at you, and you’ve cried and I’m sorry but please?”

You gawked at him.

“How did- Never mind. And how selfish of you! You know I’ve had a rough day and all you care about is that case!” you spat at him. You then turned away from him sulkily.
His nerve.

Sherlock sighed.

“I’m sorry. Come here.”

You were surprised at his words. You turned to look at him and found that he’d moved closer to you.
Without thinking you put your head onto his chest as he put his arms around you, hesitantly.
You sighed into his chest and his arms tightened around you, his chin resting on the top of your head.

“Today sucked,” you mumbled, feeling drowsy all of a sudden.

“I know. It’ll be alright,” Sherlock muttered, pulling you closer and into a comfortable position. He then kissed the top of your head, which filled you with warm goodness.

“So will you help me?” Sherlock spoke into your hair.

Only, he didn’t get a reply because you were fast asleep in the detective’s sturdy arms.


Wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be but hope you like it :p

I like “to serve man” quite a lot except it should be LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to decode the kanamit’s book without some sort of rosetta stone because it’s not written in a language found anywhere on earth or even based on any language found on earth


Voynich Manuscript

Discovered in 1912 by a book dealer, this rare manuscript remains an incredible mystery. No cryptographer has been able to decode it, as the book is basically illegible. The pages have been dated back to the early 15th century and contains about 116 pages, though many of them are missing. The author also remains unknown. The illustrations present in the book seem to divide it up into sections: astronomical, biological, cosmological, herbal, pharmaceutical, and possibly recipes. It seems likely the book was written to keep information secret, but what information was so important that it needed such indecipherable language to keep it secret? The reason for its secrecy, most people believe, is the books connection to alchemy. In recent years, there have been efforts to prove the book as a fraud. 


I just love both the ACOTAR and TOG series and I just really want them to meet. I know they dont live in the same world, but in the same multiverse. So I decided to bring them together through a portal, that doesn’t quite do what it’s supposed to and Aelin and Feyre each find themselves in the other’s court.

I have to say, I really enjoyed coming up and writing this idea. So I hope you guys enjoy it too!

All the characters are Copyright of Sarah J. Maas


Word Count: 3133

Part I

It was close to midnight but Amren couldn’t sleep. She was so close. By now she had almost decoded the whole Book of Breathings and just last week she had finally found the spell that should be able to open a portal and allow her to go home. Finally. She hated goodbyes and knew that everyone would be sad and cry and she didn’t know if she would be able to deal with that. So she had decided to leave secretly in the night, without telling anyone

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Amren and The King of Hybern

I had some thoughts. Here are my theories that role into one.

The King of Hybern is described to have a young male but a forty year old man’s face and black eyes. He is ever, not once, described to be a High Fae. 

Amren has silver eyes. 

These two eye colors are strange, even in Fae standard. No other Fae has black or silver eyes. (We already know Amren isn’t Fae. I doubt The King is Fae either)

It is said that Amren was ripped from her world, thrown into Prythian, trapped and imprisoned and eventually let go. (Or something like that) (this also sounds a lot like the Valg and the Goddesses from ToG, but hold onto this thought, it’s not time yet)

I think the King and Amren are part of the same mega species (meaning a species like the Fae, but with different classes. Like a hierarchy) 

Somewhere near the end of ACOMAF (anyone who knows these page numbers, added them pls) Amren says “The King of Hybern is old - very old. Don’t linger” (or something like that). Doesn’t she sound like she knows him? Kind of sounds formal to me. And this is KIND of stating the obvious. I think we kind of figured he was old. So why would Amren point this out and why is this relevant?

Let’s move on to how I think they’re connected, in more ways than just they’re the same species. 

Amren is the only one that can read the Book. (And that one mural thingy in the Spring Court). If Amren can only read the Book and decode it, doesn’t it make since she knows the language? And since I’m guessing this language isn’t exactly French and you can’t learn it in high school, I think Amren’s species made the Book and that would mean they made the Cauldron. 

The Book was made by beings that existed then vanished. Now who does that sound like? Our girl Amren. So only two people in all of Pyrthian (unless some old Gandalf like dude is hiding out in a cave) can read the book. Amren and the King. 

This lead me to another train of thought. What normally turns people so bad, there’s no going back? What drives them and pushes them so hard off the edge, there’s no hope of surviving?

Love. A lover lost. A lover taken. A lover dying. Etc. Some of this sounds a BIT like what happened to Amren. Amren was ripped from her world. Now I don’t think Amren was a lone wolf. I think she may have had friends, family, enemies, and…a lover. 

I think the King was Amren’s lover. I think they loved each other very much and had a star-crossed love affair. You know, the good drama filled stuff. And going back to Amren’s (and the King) kind making the Cauldron and the Book, I think Amren volunteered as tribute. I think she volunteered to make both. 

And Amren is an independent woman who don’t need her man to coddle her and she went on her own. Obviously something went wrong and something happened to our girl Amren and she was ripped away from her home. (Bringing it up again, sounds like the Goddesses and even the Valg) Then our girl was held prisoner and well, we all have a vague sense of the rest.

This entire time, Amren was GODS KNEW WHERE and the King (who needs a name) probably drove himself made with guilt and shame and a sense of uselessness. I think he drove him so mad, he fell off that edge and he’s been falling ever since. 

He went so mad that he had lost his mate (oh yeah, baby, mate) that he pulled mountains out of the earth and sucked stars out of the skies to get to wherever Amren had disappeared to. And I think he found his way to Hybern. And maybe he killed his way to the throne to be useful. So he could help her, finally, the way he had first failed to due. 

But the way Amren talks about him, like it’s personal but she tries to keep her feelings at bay, I think Amren thinks that this man is not the man she loves. Not anymore. He’s changed. 

I believe that’s why Amren was the one to stay in Velaris. “To protect the city” . Let’s face it, anyone could have done that. Mor, Cassian, Azriel, even Rhys (though we know he wasn’t staying with Feyre going). So he’s out. But why didn’t Amren go? It makes the most sense, even more than Feyre, that she would go. (If I’m forgetting why it was so important Feyre went, maybe because of her special magic, just remind me please). Amren could read the Book, because I think she wrote it. And if she made the Cauldron, I think she’d know how to destroy it. 

I don’t think Amren wanted to see the King of Hybern. I don’t think she could look at his face, and see the love of her life. But then look into those black eyes, and see nothing. I don’t think she could have handled it. And if she broke down, everyone would know (Feyre, Mor, Cassian, Azriel, and eventually Rhys. And I’m just saying, I don’t think they would have trusted her if they knew about her past with the King trying to destroy them all)

And if mates aren’t enough for you, how about husband and wife? Maybe the reason Amren didn’t indulge in those FINE Illyrian males that became apart of her new life, was because she was secretly loyal to the hope of someone. Yes, mates will probably always hold up, but also the symbol being husband and wife holds, may have kept Amren strong. Thinking about that ring that used to be on her finger and who gave it to her, kept her from ending her sufferings or from ever moving on. (Or maybe Amren just don’t need no man). She’s holding hope for the one she lost. 

There’s also this theory, that one of the Inner Circle members betrayed the Inner Circle. I think it’s Amren. Not because she isn’t loyal, but because she’s loyal to more than just the Inner Circle.

Amren KNEW that the three most powerful Illyrians in history, the girl reborn as a Fae with the powers of all the High Lords, and Mor (sorry I just don’t know a lot about her powers, but I love Mor so much) would be able to kill her husband/mate. I think she feared it so much, she betrayed them. 

She is loyal to them, yes. They offered her a family after she had lost hers. But she couldn’t sit in Velaris and let them fly to her mate and have the power to kill him. So she gave the King a heads up (their first contact since Amren was dumped into another universe)

She would have given the King all the information he needed. Who was coming, when, when to attack, how to attack, who to attack, where Rhys was waiting, what Feyre was doing, EVERYTHING. Is it really such a coincidence the King was just carrying around some poison arrows and just HAPPENED to know where our children would be and just SURPRISINGLY only shot Azriel because he COINCIDENTALLY only needed one of these said poison arrows?

If Amren made the Book, why did she tell Feyre not to put it back together? Yes, it unleashes very very VERY BAD THINGS but what else? I think the Book and the Cauldron are the ACOTAR versions of the Lock from TOG. I think the Book and the Cauldron may open a two way door.

These very bad things are coming from somewhere. But if a door opens, can one not enter and leave from the same door? I think maybe Amren and the King could get back home. But Amren wouldn’t risk letting all those bad things out, even if it meant going back home with her husband and being happy again. 

“Get her back. Get her back” Remember when Amren screamed this? I don’t think she wanted any of them to get hurt, not beyond repair (Feyre getting taken to the Spring Court (for a second she thought her husband had destroy Feysand’s mating bond), Cassian’s wings, Feyre’s sisters) she never wanted any of that. And she feels so responsible, that she can’t look at all the damage she has just caused by trying to save her mate. 

The next question is, why is the King of Hybern so hell-bent on destroying Prythian? Well what does he have in common with the continent? What made him so mad as to want him to burn it and watch its ashes sink into the ocean?


I think the King is just trying to destroy the continent because of what if did to Amren. This was where she was taken after being ripped away from him. He wants to destroy everything that has hurt her and just get her back. Everyone else are just tiny pawns on a chess board and he is determined to get his taken Queen back. 

Next. The King of Hybern sent Amarantha to Prythian right? Why? Well it says to develop communication but I think Amarantha was just supposed to be a scout. To look for Amren. The King sent her there to find his wife, wherever she was.

But Amarantha got cocky and she decided to make herself Queen of Prythian Courts. This is why the King never sent aid to help her take over Prythian or anything else. He did not know where Amren was and anything could hurt her.

All this time the King was acting on his love for his lost mate, wife, and lover. Amren. A love that rattled the stars, a love that was powerful enough for them to find each other (mega universes away) but still just be this ‘’ close from being together. 

I heard some rumors ACOTAR3 is loosely based on Snow White? Some people think it’s Rhys, or Feyre who are Snow White, but what about Amren!

The Evil Queen could be someone who betrayed Amren in the first place, casting her away. Or maybe the Evil Queen is just the circumstance that ended up with Amren in The Prison. 

And if Amren is Snow White, sleeping and imprisoned in Prythian, then Prince Charming would be the King (get yourself a name), just trying to get to his wife to see her, kiss her, and free her from her curse. 

That’s all he wanted. This is what this whole ‘game’ was about. To draw Amren to Hybern and to set her free. (Bonus : Rhys, Feyre, Mor, Azriel, Cassian, Tamlin, and Lucien could be the Seven Drawfs. (or switch out Tamlin and Lucien for Nesta and Elain - or the Seven High Lords)

(Extra Bonus : What if Amren is a Goddess and the King is a Valg demon. Better yet, one of the three Valg Kings (we only know of Erawan, right? If so, it’s possible all there Valg Kings were all separated (the King may have left whatever Hell he ruled for Amren) What if Amren pulled him over to the “good side” and he let go of his strongest demons ways to be with her **STAR CROSSED LOVERS** but when he lost her, the King went back to his old and twisted ways just to find her. This may be why his eyes are black!! and why Amren just cant see him)

This is all I have. Please feel free to add your own thoughts and theories and be respectful of everyone’s theories. Thanks for reading! 

Ok, so several issues have come to light in the wake of last night’s episode. I can’t tackle them all, but I’m going to try and go for what I see as one of the most pressing:

Sam’s role in Charlie’s death (or lack thereof)

Ok, let’s start off by making this very, explicitly clear. SAM IS NOT TO BLAME FOR CHARLIE’S DEATH. Ok, now we’ve established this point, let’s look at why that is so. 

First and most importantly, the book could NOT have been destroyed either way, even if Sam had attempted to do so. Therefore the Steins would still have come after Charlie, in the hopes that she had the book, regardless of Sam’s decision. 

Second, the Steins came after Charlie, purely because they thought she had the book, NOT because they knew she was working on decoding it, the Steins had NO idea what Sam, Charlie and Rowena were working on. Sam asking Charlie to help decode the book is NOT what made her a target.

Third, since the Steins were looking for Charlie, her being in a secure, hidden location with an angel on hand (also an extremely powerful witch, but I’m not so sure how helpful Rowena would be in a possible attack - though she certain has plenty of self preservation) was probably actually a damn sight safer place for her to be than just about anywhere else. 

Forth, Charlie is an adult women capable of making her own decisions when presented with the facts of a case. Sam gave Charlie, more than enough information when he met with her to allow her to make an informed decision of her own. Was there an emotional component to her decision involved? Absolutely! Was this emotional component the result of manipulation by Sam, absolutely not! Charlie made her decision based on the facts in front of her and her own love for and desire to help Dean. 

Fifth, Charlie later made another series of decisions, these were once again decisions that were made entirely of her own free will and were, in fact, counter to Sam’s advice. Charlie chose to leave the location in which they were decoding the codex and to book into a hotel room, prior to this, the Steins had no fix in her location, Charlie relocating to the motel is what clued the Steins into her whereabouts. Sam had explicitly stated that he thought it was dangerous for Charlie to leave on her own and had advised against her doing so. Charlie also chose to keep working on backing up her decoding and to then destroy the files, despite both Sam and Dean, pleading with her to just hand them over. Now, I am pretty doubtful whether simply handing over the laptop could have saved Charlie, I think it highly likely that she would have been killed regardless, because as the Steins said “they don’t have witnesses”, never the less it was a brave thing to do, not knowing. Charlie made one rather rash and one incredibly brave decision, neither of which makes her responsible for her own death, let alone SAM who had NO part in either decision and who actively argued against both, the only person directly responsible for Charlie’s death was the man who killed her. Charlie’s blood is NOT on Sam’s hands, there was nothing Sam did that resulting in Charlie’s death and there is very little, short of, perhaps, arriving at the motel room those few minutes faster (for which Dean could hold equal responsibility), that Sam could have done to prevent it.

To recap: 

a) Sam did not make Charlie a target for the Steins, Charlie was already a target. 

b) Sam did not lie to or misinform Charlie with regards to what he was doing or what he wanted her to do, nor did he emotionally manipulate her; Charlie was in possession of the full facts and made an informed decision based upon both them and her personal feelings for Dean (and I would like to think also for Sam). 

c) Charlie made decisions which led upto her death, which were not only dependent from but directly contrary to Sam. 

d) the person responsible for Charlie’s death is the man who killed her.

Everything is supposed to be fun. Watching a television show is supposed to be fun. Decoding the books and blogs is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, please take a break. Unkind people will attack you all the live-long day if you stick your neck out there and expose your opinions online. Trust me, I know. You have to remain logical when approaching BBC Sherlock or you won’t last the constant barrage of criticism and doubt. If you cannot do that, block the users you have to or spend less time online. Watch the show next week and allow the writers to pull the rug. Do the dance. Play the game. This is supposed to be fun. Make sure you’re always having fun.  


09x09 “Holy Terror”
10x21 “Dark Dynasty”
In Memoriam

Two beloved people. Who fought alongside the Winchesters. Through the good, the bad, the bloody. Two people, geniouses in their own way. One a nerd, one in advanced placement. Both first hestitant to join the fight. Not happy about the fact that the supernatural invaded their lives, but made the best out of it, came to apreciate it, because even though they had not much else, at least they had one thing in Sam and Dean: a surrogate family. They were pulled into a war unwillingly, but gave their all to save their friends, to save the world. Deciphering a tablet, decoding a book - something like the “human tablet” -  to join the Winchesters’ battle against evil in which the lines between good and bad, human and monster, right and wrong kept blurring together ever more. Or like Rowena put it, “the line between good and evil” became quite flexible, opening up the question if maybe the humans are the worst “monsters” of all. 

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Ask me paramore album questions

All We Know Is Falling

All We Know: Tell us a fact we don’t know about you
Pressure: How do you deal with stress?
Emergency: Have you ever injured yourself badly?
Brighter: What makes you smile?
Here We Go Again: If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be?
Never Let This Go: Do you find it hard to talk about your feelings with your friend or family member?
Whoa: What is your favorite concert moment?
Conspiracy: Do you often feel suspicious?
Franklin: What does home mean to you?
My Heart: Who does your heart beat for?


For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic: Tell us 3 things you like about yourself
That’s What You Get: Which one you follow more: your head or your heart?
Hallelujah: are you religious?
Misery Business: What is your wildest dream?
When It Rains: What makes you happy today?
Let The Flames Begin: Your biggest strengths?
Miracle: Do you believe in miracles?
crushcrushcrush: Ideal date night?
We Are Broken: Who can you trust the most?
Fences: Would you like to become famous?
Born For This: What do you want to do for living?

Brand New Eyes

Careful: What are you looking forward to?
Ignorance: Who is your best friend?
Playing God: What do you believe in?
Brick By Boring Brick: When you were a child, what was your favorite fairy tale?
Turn It Off: Do you have any goals in your life?
The Only Exception: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or true love?
Feeling Sorry: What is the best lie you’ve ever told?
Looking Up: Biggest role models?
Where The Lines Overlap: Where do you want to travel?
Misguided Ghosts: Do you learn from you mistakes easily or do you have to make the same mistake a couple of times before learning something from it?
All I Wanted: What do you want the most right now?
Decode: Favorite book? Favorite movie?


Fast In My Car: What do you do for fun?
Now: If you had a crystal ball, what would you use it for?
Grow Up: 3 things/skills you’re learnt this year?
Daydreaming: What was your last dream about?
Moving On: Is it easy for you to move on after failing in something?
Ain’t It Fun: Do you think you live inside a bubble?
Part II: Do you prefer to solve problems on your own or do you ask help from others?
Last Hope: What keeps you going?
Still Into You: What is your favorite song?
Anklebiters: What advice would you give to youth?
Holiday: Dream holiday?
Proof: Do you have any fears?
Hate To See Your Heart Break: Have you ever been heartbroken?
(One Of Those) Crazy Girls: What drives you crazy?
I’m Not Angry Anymore: How are you right now?
Be Alone: Which member of Paramore would you spend a day with? Pick only one and tell us what you would do together?
Future: Where do you see yourself 12 months from now? 
Escape Route: If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?
Native Tongue: Can you speak more than one language?
Tell Me It’s Okay: What makes you happy?

#Supernatural TippiTV recap: 10-21 “Dark Dynasty”

Previously on Supernatural

Sam had a lot of terrible ideas to fix Dean. Everyone told him they were terrible ideas. Like, even dead people told him. Probably random strangers at the grocery store told him and we just didn’t see it.

Currently on Supernatural:

Nighttime in Omaha, Nebraska. A young woman with Freddie Lounds hair meets with a doctor in his office. She thinks she’s there to participate in some kind of research study about eyesight, but starts to think that something’s weird when the doctor tries to kiss her.

Her suspicions are confirmed when he then slits her throat and uses a melon baller to scoop out her eyes. OMG that is not what a melon baller is for! It’s right there in the name! A janitor, hearing the noise, rushes into the office just in time to see the doctor jump out of the window with the pilfered eyeballs.

By the way, this is what the “doctor” was looking at on his computer before the murder:

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Since I’m still seeing people say “But Charlie’s death served x purpose” and “I don’t understand why people are so upset about a character death on Supernatural”, I’m going to explain real quick why I and others are so upset.

See, I could have handled Charlie dying, if she had died the right way. If she had been clever, brave, heroic, if she had gone down swinging. Or if she had made the choice to sacrifice herself to save Dean, as that would have served the narrative in the same function. It’s how they killed her that has me seeing red, because the circumstances of her death were predicated upon her being incredibly stupid and being too ‘stressed’ after bickering with Rowena (insert sexist joke about fiery redheads here). Then she ran and hid in the bathroom and held a knife, and that was all we saw.

Just this season it had been established that Charlie fought and won a war in Oz, that she had a ‘Dark Charlie’ in her, that she could fight and kill the Stynes on her own (even Stynes with both arms), that she was tough enough to give herself dental floss stitches, and also that she’s a genius. But not only does she act like an idiot, she is not allowed to fight this time. She’s so dumb that she doesn’t even try to go out the bathroom window, not to mention that apparently the only weapon she had on her was a tiny knife. Don’t you dare tell me that Charlie isn’t smart and tough enough to have taken down a one-armed Styne. She’s a genius and she’s a hunter.

To further prove my point: we keep talking about how her death parallels Kevin’s, but no, it’s different. Kevin was an academic, a musician, a prophet. He had never fought before, and his attack came camouflaged, without any warning, and it made sense. Kevin was a threat to Metatron, Metatron wanted to test Gadreel’s loyalty, Gadreel wanted to redeem his standing in heaven. The burning out of his eyes was gruesome, but not bloody, and humane compared to Charlie’s death.

Charlie’s death didn’t make any sense. The Styne who killed her only escaped because Sam and Dean only chained him up by one arm, only found her because they didn’t confiscate his phone, and he went after her despite the fact that he should be bleeding to death. She shouldn’t have run off to a hotel by herself without telling anyone where she was going, and she should have known the Stynes were hunting her. Instead of praying to Cas or calling 911, she runs and cowers in the bathroom and calls the boys and uses her last moments to email the key to decoding the Book, instead of ducking out the window or, hell, standing in the middle of the room with a shotgun ready to blow the Styne to kingdom come.

There was no dignity in the image of her broken and bloody corpse dumped in a dirty motel bathtub. At least Kevin died in the bunker, and quickly. Who knows how long it took Charlie to bleed out or what that shitstain did to her before she died alone. And if you don’t know how offensive it is for a Nazi to murder a lesbian then you need to learn more about the Holocaust. 

A series of stupid decisions had to be orchestrated for her death to happen. If anyone had acted with half a brain it wouldn’t have happened. She was treated like a helpless idiot, and then she was treated like garbage. Charlie deserved to die with honor. With meaning. Having used her wits and her strength to their fullest extent. She deserved some fucking dignity, but they didn’t even let her have that. And that’s why, no matter what, I can’t forgive this show for this.

When Shawn Carter was a kid, his mother’s friend gave him a green notebook. It was unlined, so the words he wrote were crooked. He had tiny handwriting, so nobody could read what he wrote. But even then, he wrote constantly. Sadly, Shawn lost the notebook. But he remembered one rhyme, which he revealed in Rolling Stone magazine in the November 2007 issue: “I’m the king of hip-hop/Renewed like Reeboks/Key in the lock/Rhymes so provocative/As long as I live.”

10.19 - The Werther Project

Ok so throughout this episode there was an awesome parallel between Sam and Dean. While Dean is talking to Benny and starting believe everything he’s saying about how it would be better to kill himself, Sam is talking with Rowena about opening the box and saying that he’s willing to kill himself if it means he can get the decoder to read the Book of the Damned. Both brothers are considering suicide but their separate reactions say a lot about them. Sam is willing to kill himself if it means saving others (in this case: Dean). This is one of Sam’s defining traits, and we see him do this over and over again. In fact, we all know the scene during the season 8 finale..

This parallel is ever the more obvious because we see Dean wrapping a bandana around Sam’s hand in both situations.

Plus, we have this piece of gold…

The point is, it is an established fact that Sam is willing to sacrifice himself to help others. 

While Sam is willing to sacrifice himself, Dean is more rational. The way he sees it, it’s not worth it to loose someone close to you, no matter the circumstance. In both of the situations above, Dean is trying to be the voice of reason to Sam. This explains why, when confronted with the prospect of suicide, Sam is ok with it if it leads to an overall benefit but Dean says that (in his own words, no less) “That would never happen. Ever.” 

I am seriously concerned when it comes to Dean and Benny though… even though Dean didn’t fall into Benny’s trap and kill himself, Benny did speak some truths. Often, the most deceptive lies are believed because they are mixed with bits of the truth. For example, it is absolutely true that Cas and Sam would never recover from the psychological damage of having to kill Dean, which was pointed out by Benny. I’m worried that the ideas planted by Benny will grow in Dean’s mind until he actually considers suicide to be a solution. 

Another great thing that happened was the mixing of Sam and Dean’s blood in the bowl. This points out the bond between the brothers, which has been the point of Supernatural since the freaking pilot. 

I am worried about something else too… Back when Cain was alive, he told Dean he would kill Crowley, then Cas, and finally Sam. Now, we know that Sam made that Deal with Rowena that he would kill Crowely… Did Cain have a talk with the wrong brother? Is it Sam, not Dean, that will become something unrecognizable? I don’t know… but I dearly hope not. 

As i’ve said since the season premiere: One thing is certain. We’re screwed when it comes to the finale. 

there is no way Rachel is gunna tell anyone wth that book really says
  • Scott: So you finished decoding?! What does the book say???
History of the Winchesters

The Winchesters are two brothers whose life is filled with death and it’s ♪♫ beautiful ♫♪.

In the first scene of the pilot, their father might have been there. In the rest of the episode, he was gone, so the Winchesters started hunting on their own. Then they got their father’s journal, there were leads for cases, they went on the cases, and now they ganked a lot of ♫ monsters ♫ because their father’s journal said so.

So the Winchesters are hunting; they’re basically sort of hanging out across the United States driving the Impala and using the latest technology. Like handmade EMF meters, and rock salt bullets.

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It was after my friend responded with all the pig emoticons that I realized this could have been a conversation between Dipper and Mabel. (And yes I know I’m late to the party with decoding the book but I haven’t had a chance to read it until recently so… shut up.)

Jay-Z and Dr. Cornel West during the ‘In Conversation with Cornel West and Paul Holdengräber’ talk focusing on Hov’s book Decoded, held at the New York Public Library in 2010.

During the conversation Dr. West was reminded of something Jay-Z said during a seminar hosted by him at Princeton University in 2010:

“I have been playing Plato to Biggie’s Socrates.”

In 399 BC Socrates defended himself against charges of “corrupting the young; and by not believing in the godsin whom the city believes, but in other daimonia that are novel.” He was found guilty and put to death by hemlock.
In his dialogues after the death of his mentor, Plato had decided on a deep sense of loss and mourning. Many interpret this as him endeavoring to make the memory of Socrates safer so that people would disregard the reason for his death and remember the name of Socrates forever.