Guardian Building, Detroit, Michigan
Photo by Caleb Racicot

When my friend Caleb went to Detroit earlier this year, he asked me what buildings he should visit and the first one I named was this one. And I demanded photographs, as I still have never seen it in person.  He was very impressed with it and with the Pure Detroit shop, which I also recommended to him. 


So here it is! My first ever Italian food restaurant! Somehow my game refused to screenshot it, but there is a shitload of light bulbs hanging from the green patch over the two main tables. Oh, well… Anyways, I’ll call it Mazzarino’s - a tribute to that amazing place that supplied me with wine over my holiday this year. :D

The exterior is a build by the amazing @jools-simming! I still suck at exteriors. 


Riverview Center, Menands, New York
Photo by Caleb Racicot 

Massive former Montgomery Ward store in a suburb of Albany.

From Wikipedia entry on Menands:

Riverview Center- former Montgomery Ward store and distribution center, today this Art Deco office building houses video game developers Vicarious Visions and state workers, and has 1,000,000 sq ft (93,000 m2) of space.


Jumbo Apple Slime!