Wedding Dress by Mary Ruby
Date: 1924
Culture: American
Location: MFA Boston

Silk satin and silver metallic wrapped on silk core thread brocade with silver-coloured metallic rhinestone diamond, and clear glass beads embroidered on silk net, silver-coloured metallic lace in honeycomb style, silk satin and silk net


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Here’s something I’ve been working on for a while, Cafewatch! Food inspired by Overwatch Characters that would be served at a cafe!
I plan to do my favorite guys and if it gets enough attention I’ll consider doing other characters. Here’s the first two!
Soldier Shake: A classic strawberry and banana shake with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles, a Tactical Shortbread Cookie, a Sugar 76, fresh fruit, whipped cream with a cherry on top and a straw. Even the spoon has the OW logo.
Reapcakes: A very rich red velvet stack of pancakes with thick chocolate sauce, a powdered sugar skull-mask, a Blackwatch punch drink and soulberries (too bad they’re gone now from the game *sob*) and whipped cream decked out with some raspberry DIE DIE DIE garnish. (the plate also has the OW logo on it) 
Next post set will be Genji, Hanzo, and Mccree. Stay tuned! C:


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Atelier Manassé, Wien. Champagne, 1920s.

Atelier Manasse was a legendary Austrian photo studio that captured the golden age of cinema and cabaret in Vienna of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The studio, active in Vienna between 1922 and 1938, was founded by husband and wife Adorján von Wlássics (1893-1946) and Olga Spolarics (1896-1969).