Behold- the most gorgeous cars of the Art Deco era and we want all of them

The Art Deco movement influenced design and marketing in many different industries in the 1930s, and the motor industry was no exception.

During the 1930s, when most folks couldn’t even afford to put food on the table, upscale car makers turned out luxury vehicles with incredible features. Some of these features, like front-wheel drive and electric wipers, were ahead of their time.

Most of all, a huge leap forward in style. Aerodynamics, Streamlining, and Art Deco all collided into beautiful sheetmetal shapes. War was looming, but Europe was having an influence on our designers as well, with rolling sculptures from Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Talbot, and Delahaye making headlines and turning heads around the world.

After 1929, the American automobile industry, suffered a hard blow because of the economical depression which started with the crash on Wall Street in October 1929. The years 1931 and 1932 were very hard for the American automobile industry.

There were not so many 1930s cars sales as during the 1920s, because of the depression, but the face lift, styling and design of a car was a very important invention to attract new buyers. The gloomy (chromed) and streamline styled cars were very typical for the end of the 1930s.

1939 ZIS-101 Sport coupe. source 

1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia. This breathtaking work of art was conceptualized by Andre Dubonnet, heir to the Dubonnet aperitif business, successful race . source

1939 Duesenburg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost…words would just be an understatement. source

925 Rolls Royce Phantom. source

1932 Auburn – V12 Boattail Speedster. source


The 181st Street Station on the A Line.



Right, so some testing shots for today. I’ve got myself a windows laptop for a couple of weeks. Just borrowed it from a friend of mine. And, yeah, I was able to lay my hands on a new version of Thyme, with some heavy in game terrain editing. This is a random set up, just to see how this road slope piece works. It definitely needs a ‘uneven road’ sign, with all these lowpoly bumps, lol

Embassy Court, Brighton by Wells Coates.

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Continuing the delve into back numbers of Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, the German periodical of art and decoration. Volume 11 covers the period from October 1902 to March 1903, and is almost solely devoted to the many design exhibits from the Prima Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna, a major exposition held in Turin in the summer of 1902. As with the Secession work in the previous edition, many of the featured pieces here are familiar from books about the art and design of the period but DK&D shows them in greater detail. Peter Behrens’ vestibule (above) is one of these, a very advanced design which looks ahead to the stylisations of Art Deco. 

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