deco sofa

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for people who want to learn how to build better?

Oooh yeah I might have some tips that always help me! The most important one really is to look up references. When I first started building, I had absolutely no idea what to build. Most of it came out as a simple box and it was all meh n yeah not good. So, what I started doing was looking online for inspiration. 

You know those sites that have tons of house plans on them? It’s originally meant for people who want to build their own house and they can order blue prints of houses and have those build in real life. These house plans always come with sketches from how it’s supposed to look on the outside and also a blueprint! So what I started doing was taking inspiration from those. You can just look up one you like and try and recreate it and from there you can really do anything. 

Now I usually don’t use house plans anymore but I do keep in mind things I have build in the past from those plans and mix all those little features together into one brand new sparkling house. 

And another good way is just go to your favourite site - tumblr, pinterest u name it - and look for houses or interiors there. Sometimes I’m like ye I want a modern apartment but with some old features and I go look on those sites and see if I can find inspiration! Also!! I love picking out one really in your face object - this can be a weird deco item or a sofa, or maybe just a pattern! - and try and think of what words pop into your head when you look at this item. Try and build this kind of inspiration web around this object and decorate from there!

It also really helps to think of a colour palette. Like for the house I’m building now, I picked one main colour - mint -, and did some accent colours to go along with it and really stick to those. I really love messy all over the place looks too, where you can put in every colour you want and just combine really weird stuff that normally doesn’t go together, but when you stick to a colour palette it all comes together really well too! 

So. Long story. Hope it helps! And if you have other questions, you can always send me another message!