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Just a Rack set

Just a Rack (two swatches, 816 poly) and Just a Hanger (115 poly), new meshes.
Plus 18 pieces of in game clothing made deco (already on the hangers), each with at least two swatches: Activist Tee (997 poly), Bikini Top (480 poly), Bomber Jacket (1012 poly), Bows Top (1265 poly), Casual Jacket (798 poly), Cross Straps Top (482 poly), Denim Jacket  (1594 poly), Dinner Blazer (1615 poly), Evening Dress (849 poly), Floral Dress (726 poly), Halter Top (630 poly), Heart Sweatshirt (1565 poly), Hoodie Jacket (1171 poly), Long Sleeve T-Shirt (985 poly), Shirt (1622), Silk Jacket (1336 poly), Sweatshirt (794 poly), T-Shirt (981 poly).

To place clothes on the rack please activate bb.moveobjects on. Height is already adjusted. The rack is in misc deco and the rest is in clutter, but it’s easier to just search for “flop”.

Credit to @peacemaker-ic for his wood texture I used on the hangers.

after unzipping please delete the ds_store file (it’s just a mac system thingy)


N99 Street Cute Project - Part 3

Sims4 - Sims2 DECO (most from City Life Expansion)

Festival Lights (4 styles) - cloned from Country Lights (Lighting/Wall)
Poles - cloned from Big Apple Sculpture (Deco/Sculpture)
Parking Meter - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
City Street Map -cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Column - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Round Street Planter - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Apartment Mailbox - cloned from painting (Deco/Wall)
Poster Sign Electric Box - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Fire Hydrant - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Street Advertising Sign - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Depricated Mailbox - cloned from Big Apple (Deco/Sculpture)
Ranger Station - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)
Camping Site Restroom - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)
Modern Republic Restroom - cloned from rug (Deco/Misc)


Hopefully this fixes the blue on 1 side of the Festival Lights. Please let me know if it doesn’t!

DOWLOAD SFS - Festival Light Meshes UPDATE



And finally, here is a new children’s bedroom, for your little darlings sims.
modern kids Morita.
1 single bed. 1 furniture , find in misc surface. and dresser with deco. use it like a dresser. 1 seat but furniture too. find in gategory , living chair. when the audio is arranged through the sims can not sit. 2 ladder deco, find in category misc deco.the sims, may be lightly touching, ladder, by sleeping. but not necessary.
rug. puff. toy deco. audio kids. 1 ceiling structure specialy for furntiure misc surface morita.
Light sweetness set.
Happy simming!
i use my set with little, in game sims 4.
i creat my set with TSR workshop last update.


Created By ShinoKCR

Art Deco Home Bar

Created for: The Sims 4
Part of the Art Deco Series
- Bar (4 Coloroptions)
- Barstool (6 Coloroptions)
- Barstool Recolors (6 Coloroptions)
- Mirror (4 Coloroptions)
- Wall Shelf (3 Coloroptions)
- Wall Sconce (3 Coloroptions)
- Radio (3 Coloroptions) - it goes on Surfaces, you may need bb.moveobjects and ALT to move it on the Wallbracket
- Cocktail Table (3 Coloroptions)
- Livingchair switched (4 Coloroptions)
- Wall Bracket (3 Coloroptions)
- Icebucket Glass and Silver
- Icebucket small Chrome (2 Coloroptions)
- Jug (2 Coloroptions)
- Glass
- Glass with Spoons (3 Coloroptions)
- Decanter (2 Coloroptions)
- Bartools (3 Coloroptions)
- Shaker (2 Coloroptions)

100 followers gift part II - Various TS4 plants and landmarks

First of all, thank you so much for following me! It really means a lot to me :3
This set includes a lot of Oasis Springs debug items: garden plots, desert plants, 5 shell houses and plenty of shell landmark buildings like a casino or a dinner. Hope you enjoy it!
Some of the objects have less “crisp” textures than the others, because they either have a smaller texture file originally or because i couldn’t get rid of weird artifacts on .dds files so i had to convert them to .png to get rid of them. If anyone has a better solution to this problem i’d love to hear it!

PLEASE REDOWNLOAD IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS GIFT BEFORE 16/07/2016. (Deco\Misc and General\Misc version)
Visitor’s Centre and Billboard IV now have updated GUIDs, so they don’t conflict with other objects.

Download(NH deco version by sigmund sims)


N99 Stocking Stuffer 2016

New Sims4 - Sims2 conversions in this lot
1. Bookends/Book Displays Zip:
School Binders and Books with Bunny Bookend (2 recolors) - Deco/Sculpture $180
Never Forget Books and Bookend (2 recolors) - Deco/Sculpture $120
Book Displays: Large (12 recolors $45), Thin (7 recolors $40)  - Deco/Sculpture

2. Bookcase Zip:
Borded Text Bookcase (8 recolors) $240
Lost in Transit Bookcase: separated the Hi and Low (can be mixmatched - 9 recolors), and HiLo (the 2 together - 9 recolors) *not repositoried* - Bookcase Hi($540) Lo($500) HiLo($1040)

3. Branch Sculpture - Sculpture $400

4. Wall Deco Zip:
Book Store Sign (7 recolors) - Deco/Misc $305
Framed Book (2 recolors) -  Deco/Wall Hangings $220
Raising a Reader Poster -  Deco/Wall Hangings $55

Other Content Zips
1. Bookstore DL - all other objects used in the lot (other Sims4-Sims2 conversions already on my Tumbler and a a couple of meshes I haven’t shared yet)
2. Bookstore_LOTONLY - contains the lot file only. You will need to first put the files from the Bookstore DL and the new Sims4-Sims conversions folder in your Downloads folder if you want the lot to appear as pictured.
3. “Books” Collection File and Icon

All files are compressed using the Compressorizer by JFade

Hope you get some use of it!



Created By Severinka

Hall interior N932

Created for: The Sims 4
A set of furniture and decor in classic style interior decoration of the hall, hallway, living room.
The set includes 23 objects:
- A long console table made of old wood
- Old chest
- Original candles in the candelabra with glass cap
- Branches in glass jar
- Umbrella-cane
- Old book (2 variants)
- Chess
- Sports balls (2 variants)
- Figurines of horses (2 variants)
- Wooden plaque on the wall (2 variants)
- Wooden letter ‘N’
- Carved wooden panels
- Picture with a retro black and white photos (7 options)

anonymous asked:

I've stalked through all your posts, and your game is soooo pretty!! *_* a quick ask -- how does the skyomg mesh work?

Yay! Thanks! Nice to hear you like my game ♥

You can find sky mesh in deco – > misc section

All that you need is just placing the object on the lot outside. (I usually hide it behind the trash can :D)

And that’s all. Now you have a nice sky :)


@dunne-ias​ said that she would love some decorative railings and I started talking about how it must be possible to extract the ingame railings. And then I just ran with the idea and used my new found knowledge of Simpe to Frankensim these little guys. Every railing is slaved/repositoried to their respective ingame stairs, and has 3 options: both sides, only left side, and only right side. Stare Stepper and the Upwardly Mobile also have smaller versions for foundations.

The last railings (Smart Deco) somehow can’t show any recolors of the Smart Deco stairs, and I simply couldn’t figure out why. But they are still pretty.

You can find them in the Deco - Misc category, prized at §100.

Download at SFS.

I’ve also made a new tag, “my own cc” to make it easier to find my CC :).