deco lights

One lamp to rule them all!

So apparently Gunmod’s Radiance lighting mod doesn’t play well with Criquette’s Better Nightlife, causing some light-up hood deco to stay dark from lot view; but the problem can apparently be solved to some degree by placing a lamp at the edge of any given lot, similar to how we need to place pool tiles for Voeille’s reflective Water to work properly. Good to know! The little lamp I placed up there on the picture made all the surrounding hood deco light up, so looks like it’s there to stay.


Speaking of street lights. I do have some progress on subject. Layer issue is solved and I’ve decided to add two maxis match light poles to the set. The metal one and more rural wood one. I want to recreate them as hood decorations. It’s actually a brand new mesh with heavily edited Maxis textures so these light posts will be relatively low poly (not so low poly as LOD model of those, and you can see).
This wood light post looks good at night so far, but I want to lit up the pole itself too. So it could visually match the night appearance of the original lot mode street light as close as possible. 

And it is funny, bu somehow the hood deco version of this street light looks a bit more detailed that original buy mode one here and there (thanks to normal map)  ^___^

Collector Henri Chwast´s French Art Deco and Modernism-collection on Sotheby´s Paris, November 2016: Siège pivotant-chair by Charlotte Perriand (1927), mahogany and alabaster floor lamp La Religieuse by Pierre Chareau (1928) and an oil painting La Fluite dans L´Escalier by Emile-François Chambon (1965).


Today I’ve added another type of light post (and improved the first one) to see if the glow effect around the lantern would look good. It does look quite good. May be a bit too bright.

I also discovered that night texture has ‘layer’ issue with other textures with blend mode enabled (you can see that dirt road goes above the spot light, which should be contrariwise). Didn’t try to solve this yet (increasing layer number in material definition for light textures didn’t work though).

Shoutout to everyone who makes CC for TS2

I mean, this game has been out for TWELVE YEARS and I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of members of our community. This year we’ve had everything from animated skies to lighted hood deco to stunning horizons and everything in between! 

Whether you create defaults, conversions, hair retextures, object meshes, recolors, clothing, Sims, lots, hood deco, miscellaneous fixes… 

Whether you’re a new creator, longtime vet, or someone who disappeared for awhile and found their way back to our community…

I appreciate the hell out of you. ♥  


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