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Today’s Look: “Young, Sick, and Pissed Off. Just Don’t Ask.” – I’m always self-conscious of needing my cane, so I covered it entirely in rainbow stickers and a friendly message to any intrusive inquiries regarding it. 😎

💖🌈Backpack, bug rosette pin, boots, rainbow cane deco w/ pompom message charm, rainbow button romper, and rainbow triangle sweater are all by me!💖🌈

Title: Blade Runner: Neon Lights

Rating: T for violence related to guns

A/N: For Day Four: Modern AU, hosted by @bodhirookweek. A Bodhi Rook Alternate Universe Story: In a dying world there is only one truth about mankind: what rules your heart versus what rules your head. As a Blade Runner Bodhi Rook is caught in the tangled in-between.

Okay, so I might have taken some liberties with the concept for this day. I mean it IS modern, just sci-fi future modern. *cough*

London, December 2019:

No remorse. No mercy. That was what he had been trained in; it was what he kept repeating as the red bead lined up on the back of the fleeing woman. To everyone else she was completely ordinary, pretty blue eyes and a pile of dark auburn hair accented by a streak of red lipstick dressed in the high fashion of the era. It was all shoulder pads now and fitted suits and fur coats with high collars. She was no exception to that rule. He could see the soft pile ruffling in the slight breeze permeated by rain; it hid her neck up to her hairline and ears despite the moisture matting it down slightly. All around the neon lights of the city glowed dimly and figures rushed by, trying to not be involved in anything other than surviving each moment.

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