💣 There’s a nudist colony just outside Gotham.

That’s compelling in of itself, but the batfamily actually has a source of intel there.
His name is Dave.

Dave believes that clothes are functionally a social construct and oppressive to the identity. He constantly tries to convince the batfam members to embrace the nudist ways.

Red Hood always offers to strip down during conversation, but the helmet stays. “Trade-off,” if you get what I mean.

So far, Dave hasn’t insisted.
So far, Jason has gotten to keep on his pants.

Bonus: Dave has invited them all to go bowling with the nudist colony. They politely declined.

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“I can be everything you need if you’ll just give me a chance.” for mccree please~ (maybe happy ending too?)

McCree never bothered to hide his flirtatious side from you, telling you everyday how gorgeous you looked and jokingly begging you to go on a date with him. Thinking that was just in his nature you always played it off and playfully punched his arm in return. You were a waiter at a small restaurant that he frequented only when you worked. If you were serving others customers he would patiently wait for you to be free even if it took hours as he declined other staff. You always teased him about this but he explained seeing you was the highlight of his day. You roll your eyes and get his usual order. 

Today was a particularly hard day as your s/o hadn’t responded to your texts or calls in several weeks and if you didn’t know better you would have assumed they disappeared altogether. Not to mention the incredibly rude customers. One or two a week was to be expected but almost everyone made you want to risk your job and put them in their place. It soured your mood and you didn’t even want to see the cowboy regular so he wouldn’t have to see you like this.

When he arrived you immediately went on your break and stepped outside in the back of the restaurant to get a breath of fresh air. Nothing was going your way and your chest felt heavy from everything you had to hold in. Your own s/o didn’t even give you the time of day. You let out a frustrated sigh and crouched down onto the ground with your arms wrapped around your knees. 

“Well, there you are sweet pea,” A familiar voice chuckles, “And here I didn’t think you’d actually be hiding from me.”

You mumble an apology, not looking up at him. He frowns at this and sits beside you. The two of you share a few minutes of silence before you eventually speak up, “It’s not a good day for me, Jesse.”

The man gives a warm smile and wraps his arm around you, pulling you in close, “I know darlin.’ What’s eatin’ ya?”

You begin to explain to him all the rude customers lately and how your s/o wasn’t even talking to you anymore. His face tightens as you mention your s/o but he says nothing until you finish, “Well, sounds like life’s being a real bitch,” You burst out laughing at his blunt observation and he grins at this, “But ya don’t have to worry about that for too long.”

“How do you know?” You frown a bit, your pessimistic side getting to you. 

“’Cause ya got me by your side, don’tcha?” You cheeks redden a bit at his words. Now that you thought about it he was always there even if you never exchanged any words the days he came into the restaurant. Even when you were having a terrible day just him coming in to see his favorite waiter made you feel a little better, just like now. Your eyes drift at the ground briefly before returning his gaze. He glances at your lips for a second before back into your eyes. He licks his lips nervously, “I can be everything you need if you’ll just give me a chance.”

Your entire face turns bright red and you slowly nod as a small smile forms on your lips, “I’d like that. A lot.”


Palm House by Tony
Via Flickr:
The Palm house was built in 1896, built with money from Liverpool’s millionaire Henry Yates Thompson (the great nephew of the founder of Princes Park). During the Liverpool Blitz of May 1941 a bomb fell nearby and shattered the glass. It was reglazed in 1950, A period of decline and deterioration culminated in its closure in the 1980s on grounds of safety. The Palm House was partially repaired and reopened in 1993. The Palm house was reopened in September 2001. It is now both a popular visitor attraction offering free and paid-for public entertainment and is venue for hire.

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Sleeping with someone who is in a relationship, falling for him. Not knowing us if he's falling for you too.

I respectfully decline. This is really intense, but on top of that, I just can’t bring myself to write about this. I detest cheating. It’s one thing to be cheated on. I can write about that pain. It’s another to be the one doing it, or being part of it. I don’t know the situation in detail, but I advise you run away from this guy, fast. If he can do this while in a relationship with whoever he’s with, what about while he’s with you if it comes to that? Run. Please.

Hancock: Richard Henry Lee, will you serve on the declaration committee?

Lee: Sorry Johnny👎🙅gotta respectfulLEE decline😜😂👌About to go home to refresh the missus👀😉😏💍💦Virginia born Virginia bound💪🌞🌾 certified FFV💯✊ HERE👀A👀LEE👀THERE👀A👀LEE👀 Too hot here in Philly for me🔥😓😫

Adams: Someone stop him

Franklin: No keep going 👏👀💯

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Never trust gift cards!

So when I get to work today my coworker and fellow NA informs me of a guest that checked in with a gift card. Now the gift card declined at check-in but was still checked in. I don’t know why, as my coworker is much more experienced than I am, but we don’t get gift cards that often. The guest was informed of the problem a little after the night audit.

I ended up seeing the guest when I got there and told girls we would need a different form of payment. He comes back down, gives me a card and runs outside to go to Walmart. Ooookaaayy then. I call the card multiple times, it’s invalid. My manager tells me to lock him out by swiping a new key in his door. I go up and look in the room to make sure his stuff is there and WHOA his wife is in the room. I had been under the impression she was in the hospital due to pregnancy issues..

So I go downstairs and tell my manager of this development. He comes back eventually and says he talked to the people and the card would be ready in 20-30 minutes. Weird but whatever. I wait until 12 to call again about the card and to remind them of checkout time. Twice. No answer either time. Alright, maybe they are pushing for an even later checkout.

I call the cell phone, and he answers!

His card still isn’t working so he tells me he’s at Starbucks and that he’ll be there in 20 minutes. I don’t believe him but whatever.

30 minutes go by and I go check his room. No surprise, the room is empty and everything is gone.

Manager calls and tells him that if we don’t have payment by a certain time then the police will get involved for theft (it was a bluff I guess). He got all ignant saying he isn’t the riff Raff we get. She continued to repeat herself about theft and non payment… . . As I was writing this he actually called back with a card that only covered a part of the balance -.- Ffs. I guess scaring them with police worked. I wouldn’t know as this was the first time I’ve dealt with this. Maybe he will call back to cover the rest! Will update if it happens.

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And of the five daily prayers, Fajr, the early morning prayer is undoubtedly the most valuable.
“Establish the Prayer after the declining of the sun to the dusk of night, and the recitation of Fajr. Indeed, the recitation of Fajr is witnessed.” — Surah al-Isra (Noble Quran, 17:78)
As-Suyuti, in Tafsir al-Jalalayn, explaining the meaning of “witnessed” in the verse above, states that “both the angels of the previous night and the angels of the new morning intently listen to the Fajr prayer being recited aloud because of its great status and virtue.”

Purple Flowers (Mike Dodds x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 8 – Mike Dodds

Summary: You run into Mike at your new job. It instantly clicks and you go on your first date!

A/N: Okay, I really missed writing for my favorite Dodds.

Word count: 1,411

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: just a lot of fluff


* * *

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I’m really glad I’ve been keeping a log on Solomon’s condition. It used to be a daily med time record, but turned into a log of important events, med and food changed, anything unusual. He had a really amazing 2 months after the blood vomit incident, though he seems to be declining (or at least some old symptoms are popping up, mildly) over the past 2 weeks. 

Looking back through the log I remembered that we increased his steroid dosing for 2 weeks (vet called it pulse therapy) after the bleed, now I am hopeful that maybe if we do that again it will help and we can avoid a real downward spiral. I’m going to email her tomorrow and see what she thinks… The specialist most familiar with his case is usually very busy and not always available, I’ve called for advice before only to have someone else skim his huge file and I always feel like they don’t really know enough about his complex situation. Our regular vet is at a different office and is much easier to see, closer, and cheaper, but also doesn’t know the situation as well. Plus the woman we saw the most left a few months ago. 

Willful Blindness - Sara Lance

Title: Willful Blindness
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance, Mick Rory, mentions Sara Lance/Leonard Snart
Summary: Sara kept her distance from Mick because spending time with him reminded her too much of losing Leonard, so she stayed away. Hard to notice a person’s mental decline if you’re avoiding them and the painful thoughts they arouse.
Timeline: post episode 2.15 (The Fellowship of the Spear)
Word Count: 661
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.
Betas: Thank you to shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.

After the team split up, Sara went to her quarters with a six pack of beer. It felt appropriate, given Mick’s betrayal of the team and seeing Leonard alive. (She couldn’t even think about that right now.)

But was it really a betrayal?

Mick and Ray were right. They hadn’t trusted him. Not like they had before Leonard died. If they ever really had.

Sara knew the team put Mick down and she’d done nothing to stop it. Neither had Rip.

She could admit to herself that she was guilty of doing it, too, since becoming captain.

She’d told herself that she had distanced herself from the tentative friendship she’d had with Mick when Leonard was alive because she was Captain now. She needed to keep her distance from all of her teammates if she was to lead them with a clear head.

She couldn’t let herself get attached. Not again.

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TalesFromRetail: I don't need your phone number, buddy.

Customer service specialist at an electronics store here.

Last night I was closing the front lanes, and had this exchange occur during one of my first credit card transactions. Fellow wasn’t a rewards member, so I had already asked him if he was and he had declined my offer to look him up using his phone number. This is mildly important, as that is the only point in the transaction where a phone number would have been necessary and we were well past that.

I’ll be M, the customer will be C.

M: Does your card have a chip?

C: No.

M: Go ahead and swipe.

C: swipe

M: waits for him to enter his PIN

C: Credit?

M: Hit ‘Cancel,’ please.

For some reason, our keypad screen just says WAIT FOR CASHIER and not, IDK, “please present card to cashier” or something else that would indicate I need the last four digits of the card number for security reasons. So I have to verbalize what I need at this point. There’s enough of a delay that most customers have their card stashed in their wallet by the time the POS screen prompts me for this information.

M: May I have the last four digits of your card number, please?

C: 1234.

M: … I’m sorry, that didn’t work. May I see the last four digits of your card number, please?

It’s worth mentioning that he has not taken his card back out of his wallet.

C: It’s 1234.

M: … it’s still not working. Are you sure you’re giving me the last four digits of the card you swiped?

C: Oh. takes out his card, still doesn’t show or hand it to me It’s 4321.

M: Thank you.

C: You asked for my phone number.

M: I … okay.

IDK what planet he lives on that the last four digits of a telephone number would be necessary during a credit card transaction, but my brain-to-mouth filter caught what I would have said if I weren’t wearing my name tag, so, you know. Go me.

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@rosemoonweaver said: dude!!! yes!!! we need to keep dhj forever and ever. and ketch is just sooo…. i don’t have words. i haven’t felt this strongly about a villain on spn since… well idk. he’s so compelling

Right? Definitely!

And yes, it’s been a long time since one of the villians sparked my interest like this. Compelling for sure! What draws me in is the fact that we don’t know so much about him. The whole mystery vibe combined with a lot of arrogance, class, and I’m sold. Just like that. 

And, honestly, I’m a bit on the edge about labelling him as a villain. I mean, I know he kills when he’s told to (and I’ll always be bitter about Magda), BUT seeing what ways they have to deal with rogue hunters (which he would probably be considered as if he were to decline killing), it doesn’t surprise me he followed that order. Seriously. 

Also, he reminds me quite a bit of the way boys were acting at the very beginning. Shoot first, ask later. Every monster’s a monster, and that’s it.

Okay, I’m gonna stop now, ‘cause I’ll never end. Too many ideas! (And it’s partly @justanothersaltandburn‘s fault I have so many thoughts about Ketch, just saying!)

Person A was curled up in their bedroom crying and thinking about the events that had previously gone down that day.

They had finally gathered up the courage to go up to Person B at school ask them to go out on a date.

B had the saddest look on their face at the question and polity declined, explaining that earlier that day they had asked out Person C and they accepted.

A hid behind a smile and told B that its okay and hopes that B and C are happy together.

As soon as A walked away they found the nearest bathroom and locked themselves in the stall, silently crying.

EXTRA: When A had gotten home, they realized that their parents had gotten into another fight and so they ran strait to their room, crying again. The day getting worse and worse.


I don’t know why I’m writing this honestly.
But I’m so so sorry.
I really don’t know why I’m apologizing. Maybe, on behalf of all those people pressuring our muses – particularly mine – to act like the norm for their roles in each others lives. Maybe, on behalf of myself for being all over the place mentally. All I know is that I seem to be declining and whether I bring you down with me or not I’m still sorry for complaining to you so often.
Please, please, if you’re not already, be patient with me.
Thanks for existing.


Still Another Death in the Family

I have grim news. My paternal grandmother, after going through a serious decline in health, has died. Please offer prayers and wishes for my family.

The disturbingly surreal part is that this is the second time in barely over a year that a family member died on the same day that I took a trip to a movie theater. My brother died after I went on my own to see Zootopia. Now my grandmother has died after I went along with a social club to see the new Power Rangers. In between those times my grandfather also passed away also.

The point is that these are rough times for me, my parents, my sister-in-law, and others around us. I can only hope that I can be good to all of them. Please offer us your good will.