James Potter and Lily Evans

Just some thoughts about the progression of the relationship between Lily Evans and James Potter…

  • Seeing her on the train during first year and thinking he’d never seen anyone with such beautiful eyes
  • Searching for that red hair while they were going on to the boats and being excited when she was on his
  • Eagerly introducing himself and dismissing Snape
  • Not because he didn’t like him(yet), but because he was too focused on Lily
  • Lily being slightly upset that this boy was ignoring her friend and writing James off as an asshole
  • James being hurt and deciding he needed to give off a better impression
  • Not knowing how though
  • Smiling when Lily joined Gryffindor
  • Continuously trying to talk to her, even though she pretended she couldn’t hear him
  • Sirius, Remus and Peter exchanging a look when they realized their new friend couldn’t seem to shut up about The Beautiful Lily Evans™️
  • James spending hours trying to think up a new way to get her attention
  • It started off fairly innocently
  • He purposefully failed tests to get her help
  • That backfired when she referred him to someone else
  • Then he brought her a Lily
  • Unfortunately Snape gave her one at the same time so his was left in the dust
  • He moved on to more elaborate schemes after a while
  • Wildly professing his love for her in the Great Hall
  • His cheek was sore for a few days after that one
  • Not as sore as his heart
  • For five years, the other three Marauders had to listen to James mourn his lack of love
  • He tried to date someone else for a little bit
  • She broke it off after she got tired of every single time James said “Lily” rather then her own name
  • Lily wondered why she was so mad at this short lived relationship
  • After James saved Snape’s life, he was shocked that Lily didn’t lash out at him as much as before
  • He realized that maybe he should change the way he acted about things
  • That it was the fact that he tried so hard that turned her away
  • He became a much kinder person
  • Instead of making grand declerations of love
  • He’d leave small notes for her
  • In books he’d heard she’d needed
  • On her plate when she wasn’t looking
  • Lily Evans finally agreed to date James once she saw him with his head on Remus’ bed, sleeping after the long night of the full moon
  • It was then she finally saw the real James Potter
  • Their first date was really awkward
  • James was quite skittish and excited 
  • But he tried his best and Lily appreciated it
  • In the end
  • Lily grew to love him
  • And he truly loved her
  • And they ended up with a small baby boy
  • A baby boy that they loved together
  • In the end
  • When Lily said “Momma loves you”
  • She wasn’t just talking to Harry
  • She was also talking to James
  • Just the smallest bit
  • And when she said “Dadda loves you”
  • She was telling herself that as well
  • Because she knew James Potter loved her
  • Had died for her and their son
  • And her last thought
  • She’d like to say it was of Harry
  • But it was of James
  • Knowing she’d see him again soon

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IN HONOR OF BAKUGOU'S BIRTHDAY- AKA 4/20- may we see a scenario with his s/o wishing him a happy birthday as class 1-A memes on him. Like they could bring him cake and someone in the class is like "blAZE IT 4/20!!" 😂 Katsuki very confused the whole time. Btw I love your blog, by far funniest headcanons! 💕💕 keep up the work!

I swear to god this started out more seriously but it just devolved into crack and I love you for saying such sweet things. I’m much better at funny than romance.

“Here comes the birthday boy, here comes the birthday boy!” 

“A good and special friend on his special day!”

“Happy birthday to youuuuu!”

Between Kirishima’s strange baby tone, Kaminari’s odd declerations of affection and Mina’s opera rendition of happy birthday he was ready to go back to bed and call the day off. He knew they must have planned something.

“Will you lot just be fucking quiet. It’s my day and you shitheads aren’t ruining it.”

He sighed as he saw his collective group of friends all put on their sad puppy dog faces… He wasn’t going to be soft. Nope, not this time. If they wanted him to play along they could go straight to hell… ‘I suppose I could let them have a little fun with this’.

“Fiiine. But I swear to God you all better not do this outside the dorms.”

After this his morning was incident free, a few members of the class wished him a happy birthday and some even gave him cards and small gifts, but nothing extravagant. 

He didn’t like it. It was quiet. It was suspicious. He didn’t know what was going to happen but he was bracing himself for inevitable embarrassment. 

Class dragged on and he began feeling a little more safe. Now all he had to do was sneak back to dorms and enjoy the cake him mom had sent in. He could almost taste freedom when the entire room went dark. 

He looked around, trying to get his bearings; he could hear light footsteps… definitely coming towards him. They got closer and closer and he began focusing on where to aim his blast. A loud shout got his attention and-



He blasted the enemy in front of him…. only to find it was Kirishima holding an obnoxiously large, now destroyed and a little on fire cake… that had splattered onto the crowd of people behind his friend. 

Everything was silent. He’d never fucked up so badly in his life and he wasn’t sure if he should apologise or laugh.

“420 BLAZE IT!!!”

Finally the noise and the laughter came, people began apologising to him for surprising him like that, others were wiping frosting off their face and for some reason that phrase was being echoed around the room. What the hell did they mean? Was this because his cake caught fire?

“I blazed it real good???”

Tamara de Lempicka (16 May 1898 – 18 March 1980), born Maria Górska in Warsaw, Poland, was a Polish Art Deco painter and “the first woman artist to be a glamour star”.

Born into a wealthy and prominent family, her father was Boris Gurwik-Górski, a Polish lawyer, and her mother, the former Malvina Decler, a Polish socialite. Maria was the middle child with two siblings.

During the Roaring 20s Paris, Tamara de Lempicka was part of the bohemian life: she knew Pablo Picasso. Jean Cocteau, and Andre Gide. Famous for her libido, she was bisexual, and her affairs with both men and women were carried out in ways that were scandalous at the time

In the 1920s she became closely associated with lesbian and bisexual women in writing and artistic circles, such as Violet Trefusis, Vita Sackville-West, Natalie Barney, and Collete. She also became involved with Suzy Solidor, a night club singer at Boite de Nuit, whom she later painted.

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could you do a companions react to ss kissing them after they thought they were both going to die on a mission? love your blog so much

Cait - She is blinking and frowning, but their hand, which is holding onto her own for their dear life, is warmer than the blood on it, that is starting to dry by now and she realises that it is a wonder they both are still able to walk and slowly reciprocates the kiss. Doesn’t mention it later, though, she catches herself gazing at them in deeper thoughts she had imagined she was able to create.

Curie - For once, she is left rather speechless, not sure if that was a sign of affection, or relief, or combined, yet just the fact they both were alive and mostly well made her run her own hands down their arms in relief and a strange sort of happiness. When they parted, she offered the gaps in their skin medical attention, her voice quiet and soft and they gladdly acdepted.

Danse - Danse was used to celebrating after won battles, even normal fights. Hugging, cheering, later drinking and singing, when the night did approach. Yet, kiss, that was not what he was used to and his own eyes were wide in a shock. When they pulled away, he couldn’t really find his words, nor his voice and after a painful amount of silence between them, he reached for their shoulder and offered a quiet ‘You did well, soldier.”

Deacon - He did lost his own cool on this one, his heart beating fast, he keeps repeating ‘We’re okay’ like a mantra, before he is pulled by Sole into a kiss, turning his words into a few mumbles before he returns the kiss, more eagerly than he originally wanted to, arms closing around their shoulders. When they part for air, his mask is back; “See, told you we were okay.” he said with a smirk, adjusting his glasses which had slipped down his nose a little, due to his previous action.

Hancock - He doesn’t think much about it, he always craves for affection and actually getting it, especially after something like this has the result of him pulling them so close their breathing hicthes. He pulls away soon, as in fear to not scare them away and smiles. “Better than any pick-me-up I had once in a while,” he says, setting his hat straight and starting to rub the mostly non-human blood off his coat.

MacCready - “Wow, never expected us to get out of this one alive,” he says with a voice which is tired, yet victorious. He gets a little startled when they turn around to face him like this and even more, when they lean in to capture his lips. He closes his eyes on the instinct and suddenly feels everything multiplied; the blood all over his clothes and his skin, surely, but mostly their own skin against his, the feeling making his pulse go slow and fast again. 

Nick Valetnine - With them. he felt human, sometimes more than ever. He was certain one of these times was this particular situation, both of them winning a fight two regular people would be hopeless against, yet, they always managed to surprise him. The only thing that had reminded him that he wasn’t as alive as them, breathing, eating, sleeping, living person was how they shivered under the touch of his metal hand on their cheek, yet didn’t break the kiss. When they did however, he didn’t say a single world and shot them a smile, instead, followed by a small nod.

Piper - “Well, no one will ever believe me I sruvived this!” She declers, spreading her arms to point out the massive number of bodies, of foes, lying on the ground, surrounding them. Her coat served as a palette, yet, instead of colours, there was blood mixing on it. Her thoughts of her poor coat left her mind as soon as she felt their lips over her own. The kiss is intoxicating, like it was washing the blood away, mentally and she feels herself relax into their arms.

Preston - What a bloodbath, he thought as he looked around, the blood of many many raiders soaking into the filthy ground. It was never easy for Preston to see people, who could help rebuilding this place for better throwing their lives away with junkies, thieves and murderers, but when they kissed him, every single one of those bodies disappeared into a void, like they never existed in the first place and he let his hand tilt their head a little, to deepen the kiss, yet snapping back almost instantly, tripping over his words he says: “Sorry, general, I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”

X6-88 - He has got to admit, this did look like their last stand, just 10 minutes ago, their chance being 1/50. When they kiss him, he doesn’t move, or say anything, and understands it as a way to relieve some stress. Seeking out comfort of another body after a fight is foreign to him, however, he is certain he will do his best to give the comfort to them, when they need it.

If Mr. Kennedy does not like socialism, well we do not like imperialism! We do not like capitalism! We have as much right to protest over the existence of an imperialist-capitalist regime 90 miles from our coast as he feels he has to protect over the existence of a socialist regime 90 miles from his coast… Rights do not come from size. Right does not come from one country being bigger than another. That does not matter. We have only limited territory, a small nation, but our right is as respectable as that of any country, regardless of its size. It does not occur to us to tell the people of the United States what system of government they must have. Therefore it is absurd for Mr. Kennedy to take it into his head to tell us what kind of government he wants us to have here.
—  Fidel Castro. Decleration of Cuba as a Socialist Nation. May Day celebration, 1961.

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UF & SF bros, Undyne & Alphys with a very gentle, sweet SO who's touch is as soft as a cloud, constantly dishing out the most genuine of compliments and praises, & always letting them know how much they mean to SO & how much they're loved. One day, it's exposed that they used to be in an emotionally & mentally abusive relationship, the reason they act the way they do is because SO didn't want their lover to ever feel like they weren't worthy of being loved and cherished. Reaction?

Are you prepared to be sad?

UF Sans has never experienced this level of gentleness. It’s… it’s amazing. Although he rarely says it, he loves his S/O’s touches. Their compliments and praise and all the ‘I love you’s’. Doesn’t matter how he found out about the past abuse. But he’s angry at the piece of living garbage that hurt his S/O. He wants to kill them. And he probably will regardless of what his S/O says. But right now?

He’s holding them. Holding them so tightly and crying into their hair. And for once, without and blushing or being flustered. He’s returning all the affection he’s gotten from them.

And he tells them that they never deserved the horror they endured. Never. It’s not their fault.

He deserved it instead. It should have been him. He could’ve handled it. Just would’ve been more to deal with. 
Already holding up the world, isn’t he?

UF Papyrus has always been very affectionate. Only in private. And while he doesn’t make an exception to this rule, the affection is dialed up. His S/O could expect to find hand-written love poems of his own design on their bedside table. Their favorite meals. New clothes, in just their size, that looks suspiciously like the clothes they were thinking about buying the other day. And along with the pampering, he goes for the practical affection.
Buying their favorite shampoo
Clean clothes in their closet every laundry day, with no grumbling.

UF Undyne storms out of the house. They never find the body of her S/O’s abuser. When she comes back, expect to be pampered in the traditional Undyne fashion. You don’t have to train today! She’ll make you spaghetti and everything! Just… don’t ever let anyone make you feel like that again, okay?

UF Alphys does not hurt the abuser. But instead focuses on her S/O. She has never been affectionate. But today, she gives her S/O her first kiss. And then just like that, she’s off into her lab. She comes up a bit later, with a echo flower bouquet. When S/O touches them, they hear a collection of declerations. Of love. From Alphys’ voice.

SF Sans is the one who asks if they’ve taken legal action. Have they ever hurt his S/O physically? He won’t press if it brings up bad memories. But he needs this person to suffer, and if he was sloppy in killing the abuser, then his S/O could get into trouble. But now that he knows the horror they’ve endured. He’s going to personally make sure that they never, ever have reason to feel bad again. He and his S/O will end up getting into contests with complimenting each other.

He always looses. Because he gets flustered.

SF Papyrus holds his S/O. Holds them for a long while. And then he asks them if they’re alright? He just wants to be sure. He’s usually not one for big, drawn out conversations. But now he sits his S/O down and has a heart to SOUL with them. He tells them how much they mean to him. How he will never let them be hurt again. How he cherishes them. And he lists every. Single. Thing. About them that he loves. Compliments from head to toe. Literally.

Arrow Rant!

Oliver gets stabbed right through the chest, falls of a cliff, dragged through the snow and is nursed back to health without medication in the middle of a freaking mountain but still SURVIVES.

Felicity is paralysed and is given some sort of microchip, which btw makes ZERO scientific sense but after FIVE EPISODES, CAN SUDDENLY WALK.

Thea gets stabbed and dies but is RESURRECTED.

Sarah dies and is RESURRECTED and not to mention the fact that a demon hunter saves he from being POSSESSED.

Damien Dark, a METAHUMAN, who gets his “powers” from a TOTEM (the most bullshit storyline on the show so far) is the main villain this season and is somehow undefeatable.

For some fucking reason these are all totally acceptable and valid storylines BUT Laurel Lance can’t get a proper canary cry because they want to make it “believable” and dies after being stabbed ONCE? Where we’re all the magic pools or fancy microchips then?? ASSHOLES.



Writers are always talking about having strong, independent female characters with depth. Who have made it through tough times and who are dealing with their inner demons. Laurel Lance was that character and what did they do?? THEY KILLED HER.

And can we please talk about how random and OOC Laurel’s decleration of “love” for Oliver was?? It was never even shown that she might have any interest in him at all this season or even in the last THREE SEASONS!! That just comes back to shitty writing. And how can they have Laurel love Oliver who has just constantly underestimated her and spoken down to her since the start? Again just reduced to a prop for the main male character.

Let’s not forget to talk about how the show has just killed off one of the most INTEGRAL characters in the Green Arrow comics?? But hey 69 years of comics has nothing on 4 seasons and a ship! Also, I hate the fact that Laurel spent her dying breath talking about Olicity but it also just shows how much Laurel’s character has developed…she didn’t feel the need to be bitter and jealous about the “love of her life” being with someone else. Laurel died for the sake of a ship just like Tommy did. Laurel’s death has just been reduced to another thing for Oliver to torture himself over.

Arrow has been beyond shit this season but killing off Laurel is the icing on the cake. I am beyond done with this show.




-THE DECLERATION OF INDEPENCE (kindly donated by Mr. Cage)






Powdered Wigs

Making wigs such as the ones above is one of many activities we will have in the Boeing Learning Center during July 4. 

The National Archives in Washington, DC celebrates the 238th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2014. Highlights include fife & drum music, dramatic historical readings, archives exhibits, family activities and entertainment, all free and open to the public. 

To find out more about July 4 at the National Archives. To see a promo video

National Archives Photo by Jeffrey Reed. 

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Love all the meta you provide and the positivity. I do enjoy the show despite the fact that I think my ship may never happen but that's what I have Fanfics for. In your heart of hearts do you think a sterek relationship( even a back story)will happen. Thank you!

Hey and thank you ♥

You have a very healthy approach to shipping and i do wish more saw it like this. No matter the fandom there’s always some ships that never set sail canonically. But as you say, thank god for fanfics :)

As for sterek i must admit i’m a believer. I know it looks kind of bleek on the surface because they hardly interact anymore, but their development has actually been very good and i do believe most pieces are in place for it to move further towards canon.

Remember much of their interactions happen off screen, even in the first couple of seasons. We get the iconic scenes but also hints of more time spent together.

“Derek said it’s less risky turning teenagers” - when did you two discuss this, Stiles? “Even Stiles call her cold-hearted.” - when did stiles and derek have a heart-to-heart about Lydia?

I firmly believe Stiles is now Derek’s anchor. And if you haven’t already read cupidsbower extensive meta on this anchor arc, then i urge you to set aside some time and do just that.

Season 3b and 4 they’ve been mostly apart. But Derek spent most of 3b looking for Stiles, searching for ways to save him and never considered just killing him. This has always been a solution he’s considered with other villians such as Peter, the kanima, the alpha pack etc. And in s4 Stiles started off looking for derek as well. Their storylines are running parallel and we’re heading for a confrontation.

I recently read someone (don’t remember who unfortunately) suggesting that derek and stiles stay apart deliberately. Stiles seem to be on the verge of coming out both with regards to his bisexuality and his spark. Derek is struggling with PTSD and a string of disasterous relationships. And if you’re hesitant to admit you might have feelings for someone while struggling with issues like this, staying away is a very human thing to do. If you want something but it at the same time terrifies you, avoidance is often the solution you choose. I don’t however think they can’t keep doing this for much longer.

I do spend a fair amount of time chatting with other meta writers, and we’re a group of very different people, with different backgrounds, education and opinions. We’re not always in agreement about characters, storylines and interpretations, but we all agree sterek is happening. But we also think it will be more subtle and not an in-your-face romance like scallison. It will be shown in the little things rather than the big declerations. we’ve had four seasons of slow burn - i don’t think Jeff is planning on grand gestures; but rather the natural progression. But something is coming, and i do believe it involves Stiles’ spark, the saving of Derek and a confirmation of both the anchor arc and a clear hint of the possibility of sterek becoming canon.

And while you’re at it you might also want to read this,: ) Sterek - an angsty, pining love story