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Good thing Mabel isn’t twelve anymore otherwise she would’ve pointed out how garbo Bill looks 

Bill’s room is a void full of floating eyes nothing can convince me otherwise.


“As much as I love Magnus, I feel like I identify with Taako because I just spent the last hour swanning about in various furniture stores in a long shawl, flinging myself dramatically into couches and chairs and declaring that I hate them”

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fucks me up that the reason Pepe died is because somebody on 4chan yelled out “Pepe!” during a speech Clinton gave, and a few days later she declared it an alt-right hate symbol

Ziam’s declarations of love

(Mostly transcribed from this audio post)

Liam: I met Zayn at McDonald’s…

Zayn: We had a nice little chat there…

Liam: Y’know Zayn-Zayn’s actually a very thoughtful person, you guys don’t really know the true Zayn, you guys have got a lot to learn about Zayn…

Zayn: I was saving you!

Zayn: Get off of ‘is ‘ead ‘es upset about it! 
Liam: Ow, he’s hurting me!
Zayn: Get off ‘im ‘arreh!

Zayn: I’ll stay with you Leeyum just coz I’m your friend…

Liam: It wasn’t very nice being on stage-
Zayn: Aww Leeyum!
Liam: Gonna cry man!

Liam: When he was on stage with us, I was smiling for no reason…

Liam: Oh and more thing with Zayn is when he says he’s um-
Harry: There’s only one Liam?

Zayn: I tweeted “the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs…. I was talking about Liam’s boobs!”

Liam: … to sing Zayn’s parts obviously but we all know Zayn’s got a brilliant voice…
Zayn: Aww stop it Leeyum!

Zayn: Bit of a bromance between me and Liam so he was texting me saying he was missin’ me and stuff…

Liam: I like doing Zayn!

Liam: You’re actually really loud…

Liam: I… admire… Zayn’s… big huge quiff!

Zayn: I admire Liam’s amazing six pack!

Zayn: His chiseled physique!

Liam: I’d eat Zayn, I don’t know why but I would…

Liam: Aw Zayn you’ve licked my arm its all wet!

Liam: He’s very quiet and stuff but when you get to know him, he’s mental…

Zayn: I don’t have any clue how to swim so I didn’t jump in the water…
Liam: I wanna teach ya… can we go to a pool and I’ll teach ya?
Zayn: Okay

Liam; Zayn… I think he’s kind of overtaken me now, he’s been teaching me some new moves…

Zayn: I’d take Liam…

Liam: I think I’d take Zayn…

Zayn: I don’t like Liam’s nose either… I’m joking….

Liam: Ziam’s turtle… our turtle… me and Zayn’s turtle…

Liam: Holla at me Zayn
Zayn: Holla

Zayn: Aw killing me… I thought it was me and you!

Zayn: I’d be Rachel!
Liam: … as you all know so I’m going to go with Ross!

Liam: My name is Zayn… I’m insane in the brain I’ve been rapped all over by Mr. Liam Payne!

Zayn: What do you mean by that question…
Liam: Who would be “you”? Who would be the “you” that you would point at and sing that song to? Tell us now!
Zayn: Um that would be you Leeyum… it’s gotta be Leeyum…

Liam: Can we give it up for Mr. Zayn Malik!?

Zayn: I love you so much Liam…
Liam: Thank you…

Liam: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Where would you live, Zayn?
Zayn: Um… right next to you Leeyum…

Liam: I’d marry Zayn Malik

Liam: Bye Zayn! I love you!
Zayn: Bye Liam I love you too!
Liam: Itunes!
Zayn: I love you forever!


I always wanted to use the word ‘Colorama’ in a song ever since I saw Antonioni’s Blow Up. It was an unplugged neon light at the back of my mind for years. Some lyrics are declarations of love or hate written in blood or carved in a bus stop, in need of little or no melodic illumination. Some, I believe, are there almost entirely to facilitate it.

fire and ice | kth

summary: you hate winter, but taehyung is here to change that.

{jack frost!au}

pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 4k
genre: fluffity fluff fluff
warnings: excessive use of the word “snow”
a/n: a very happy birthday to the love of my wholest life, kim taehyung!!! this is in celebration of that loser’s birthday. also, i got a lot of good feedback for a jack frost au, so here it is!

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Controversial opinion on Rammstein #1.

Till gets more attention than anyone in the band and that’s fine, and reasonable. It’s even good for the band. I’m not just saying that because he’s my favourite. The situation is true of many bands. I could say similar of Emigrate. 

Rammstein is a big, bombastic, theatrical band. They need a strong, theatrical frontman to match. The band themselves knew this. They didn’t just choose Till for his voice. His good looks and presence were also what made them decide he’d work well on stage.

It can be very difficult to achieve global success when you are performing in a language other than English, and especially when that language has such negative connotations, as German unfortunately does. You really need to stand out. You need to put a strong stamp on your sound and visuals so that you don’t get swarmed by the multitude of more readily accessible and conventional acts. Till is that stamp. The band have said it themselves, no matter what they play, how they change their sound e.g choosing to present a very different song such as Ein Lied, Till’s vocals give it that classic Rammstein stamp. You know who’s playing, the second he opens his mouth, and his commanding, larger than life stage presence emphasises the same when performing live. 

Does this mean that the others shouldn’t receive attention too? No, absolutely not. They work just as hard, and all deservedly have their many fans, but not everyone needs to be out in front all of the time. It doesn’t mean that they’re less deserving, only that Till is doing a great job of doing exactly what they selected him to do, being the figurehead of the band. 

The band used to chafe and fight against this additional attention that he received but now they’ve come to accept that it’s necessary, and even desirable. Is it good for Till? No, he finds the attention exhausting and overwhelming, but in my opinion it’s perfect for the machine that is Rammstein. 

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“Sammy, not here,” Dean says lowly, gently removing Sam’s skinny arms from around his neck. “People can see.”

The parking lot outside the diner is almost empty, but John might be out with their takeaway dinner any minute.

Sam’s mouth is a displeased, defiant line. “I hate this,” he declares. “I hate not being allowed to kiss you whenever I want. I hate hiding. I hate everyone.”  

Dean’s eyes flicker to the door. “I know, baby boy,” he says lowly. “But if people would see, if dad found out… They would take me away from you, you understand? I’d never get to see you again, I-“

Dean stops himself, because his throat suddenly aches horribly, and he bites his lip. “I can’t let that happen,” he finishes, staring to the ground.

He feels Sam’s warm fingers thread through his own. When he looks up, Sam’s eyes are dark and hot with promise, and Dean feels like he could drown in that gaze.

When Sam speaks his voice is strangely calm, but somehow ominous. Dean isn’t sure if he likes it or if it scares him.

“Let them try to take you from me. Let them see what I’d do to them.”

Then Sam smiles a perfectly innocent, fifteen-year-old boy smile.

Dean goes cold when he realizes that the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, and when Sam kisses him, he feels powerless to stop him.

The enemy hates us y’all, and he attacks us when we aren’t equipped with truth. He attacks when we let our guard down and forget God. He doesn’t always need to hit us when we’re at a low point. He is sneaky. He can hit you when you’re successful, making loads of money… how easy is it to forget God when you have everything? On the other hand, he can hit you when you’re already feeling depressed, making you feel like you’ll never be happy again. He wants your past to haunt you. He wants your sin to stick to the forefront of your mind. He doesn’t want you to feel close to Jesus.


Let God’s truth guide everything in your life—leaving zero room for the enemy to make his way in. You ain’t got time for satan’s nonsense! Declare it!

Literally just as I was starting my shift at work today, I had the greatest idea for an AU ever and I had to suffer through my entire shift with this beautiful AU consuming my mind, so here, have a Victuuri rivals!au:

  • At twenty years old, Victor Nikiforov has been at the top of the figure skating world for four straight years, ever since his senior debut, and he is bored out of his skull. Everything is just so easy and there are no worthy rivals to push him to be better, so he’s just kind of standing, stagnant, at the top.
  • And then, in his fifth season, a dark horse appears from Japan, and his name is Yuri Katsuki. He appears from completely out of the blue, with no amateur or junior division experience under his belt, and he sweeps through the ranks at a terrifying pace, snatching the gold medal right from under Victor’s nose at the Grand Prix finals that year.
  • Victor is left stunned and frustrated, and most importantly, excited. Here is a man to push him to be better, to give him inspiration, to be the rival he’s so desperately yearned for these past four years. Victor can no longer afford to stay stagnant if he wants to keep his position at the top.
  • The two rivals fight neck and neck, always vying back and forth for first place. They’re so evenly matched that many in the industry consider them both tied for first place as the most talented figure skaters in the world, despite which of them has the gold that year.
  • The media just loves playing up their rivalry, especially since Victor and Yuri’s encounters always end with chilly stares and barbed taunts thrown at each other with sickeningly sweet false smiles plastered on both their faces. They seem to absolutely loathe each other.
  • The truth is though, Yuri absolutely worships the ground Victor walks on, because Victor had been his role model and his inspiration when he had first started skating, and he was so excited to be able to compete against him when he finally broke into the senior division. But he was so nervous when he met Victor for the first time that he accidentally came off as aloof and downright asshole-ish, and Victor had replied in kind and then the media blew the situation up, declaring that Yuri hated his rival, and so now Yuri feels compelled to pretend like he hates Victor so whenever they meet he puts up this facade, and he’s pretty sure by now that Victor completely hates him.
  • Victor, on the other hand, is sad that his rival hates him because he actually admires Yuri a lot, because Yuri is the only person Victor has acknowledged as being as talented as him, and he is Victor’s inspiration.
  • Then suddenly, Yuri is 23. He makes it to the Grand Prix finals, as expected. And he’s just so excited to face off against his rival and idol again. But just before he’s supposed to perform his free skate program, he gets a call from home. His beloved dog, Vicchan, has died. The news absolutely destroys him. He makes a few too many mistakes in his free skate program. And his stellar performance in the short program the day before can only take him so far. He ends up finishing in fourth, without a medal for the first time in his career. He’s crushed.
  • That year, Victor doesn’t smile as he is presented his gold medal. Because he is angry and disappointed, and the victory leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, without Yuri at his side accepting silver.
  • The two run into each other as they’re leaving to head back to their respective homes, and they get into a one-sided argument that is actually just Victor yelling at Yuri for messing up, for not taking the competition seriously, and Yuri just standing quietly, taking it all. This only makes Victor angrier. Why can’t Yuri just say something? Why won’t he just defend himself?
  • A few months later, rumours start emerging that Katsuki Yuri has retired, and Victor is having absolutely none of that. He books a plane ticket to Japan, shows up at his rival’s home, and ends up being naked for their first ever conversation outside of a competitive setting.
  • Yuri refuses to return to competitive skating, and Victor refuses to go home until Yuri has agreed to not retire.
  • As a result, Victor stays at Yu-topia for something like a week. During that week, he and Yuri get to know each other, and he realizes that his cute rival actually doesn’t hate him and that he actually idolizes him. And that makes Victor really fucking happy. Because, now that they both know they don’t hate each other, obviously that means they’re automatic best friends, right? Yuri is a little hesitant, but eventually he gives in and lets Victor befriend him.
  • Victor also finds out that the reason Yuri did so badly on his free skate program is because he found out that his dog had died, and Victor understands. Because he knows how absolutely heartbreaking it is to lose a dog. And he knows he’d probably have reacted similarly if he’d suddenly found out something had happened to Maccachin.
  • After a long heart-to-heart, and a surprise appearance from a very angry little Yurio, Victor is finally able to convince Yuri not to retire from ice skating.
  • But now, that begs the question. How the hell is Yuri going to find a coach on such short notice? He’d already cut off ties with Celestino, and while he’s sure the man would understand, Yuri is still too ashamed to face him.
  • Victor has the Best Idea Ever™.
  • Yuri is convinced it’s actually a terrible idea. But with Victor assuring him that everything’s going to be okay Yuri-kun, just trust me, he decides to take the leap.
  • And basically, that’s the story of how Yakov gets to his rink one day to find that his top skater, after a week and a half disappearance off the face of the Earth, has dragged home a little Japanese stray.
  • After a few hours of yelling, Yakov agrees to coach Yuri for the upcoming season.
first, last

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prince!yoongi x princess!reader. fluff, a bit of angst. 6.4 k words. heavily inspired by wang eun and his wife in scarlet heart.

A first love is always beautiful, memorable. But his last love is the one that will forever haunt him.  

There comes a time in every man’s life, a time where a man and a woman are to be lawfully bounded together, out of love and passion, to live the rest of their lives not only for themselves but for each other.

In short, a wedding.

And, it is a beautiful time of the year for one. Vibrant colors bud amongst greens, the skies bluer than they’ve ever been, the clouds a bright and clean white, the air lively with joyous songs of birds.

A wedding on this day should bring nothing less than bliss.

Bullshit, he thinks as he drowns out the sounds of knocking and chatter with his pillows.

It would’ve been a perfect day for Yoongi, if only he’s not the one getting married.

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