declaration of hate

Ziam’s declarations of love

(Mostly transcribed from this audio post)

Liam: I met Zayn at McDonald’s…

Zayn: We had a nice little chat there…

Liam: Y’know Zayn-Zayn’s actually a very thoughtful person, you guys don’t really know the true Zayn, you guys have got a lot to learn about Zayn…

Zayn: I was saving you!

Zayn: Get off of ‘is ‘ead ‘es upset about it! 
Liam: Ow, he’s hurting me!
Zayn: Get off ‘im ‘arreh!

Zayn: I’ll stay with you Leeyum just coz I’m your friend…

Liam: It wasn’t very nice being on stage-
Zayn: Aww Leeyum!
Liam: Gonna cry man!

Liam: When he was on stage with us, I was smiling for no reason…

Liam: Oh and more thing with Zayn is when he says he’s um-
Harry: There’s only one Liam?

Zayn: I tweeted “the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs…. I was talking about Liam’s boobs!”

Liam: … to sing Zayn’s parts obviously but we all know Zayn’s got a brilliant voice…
Zayn: Aww stop it Leeyum!

Zayn: Bit of a bromance between me and Liam so he was texting me saying he was missin’ me and stuff…

Liam: I like doing Zayn!

Liam: You’re actually really loud…

Liam: I… admire… Zayn’s… big huge quiff!

Zayn: I admire Liam’s amazing six pack!

Zayn: His chiseled physique!

Liam: I’d eat Zayn, I don’t know why but I would…

Liam: Aw Zayn you’ve licked my arm its all wet!

Liam: He’s very quiet and stuff but when you get to know him, he’s mental…

Zayn: I don’t have any clue how to swim so I didn’t jump in the water…
Liam: I wanna teach ya… can we go to a pool and I’ll teach ya?
Zayn: Okay

Liam; Zayn… I think he’s kind of overtaken me now, he’s been teaching me some new moves…

Zayn: I’d take Liam…

Liam: I think I’d take Zayn…

Zayn: I don’t like Liam’s nose either… I’m joking….

Liam: Ziam’s turtle… our turtle… me and Zayn’s turtle…

Liam: Holla at me Zayn
Zayn: Holla

Zayn: Aw killing me… I thought it was me and you!

Zayn: I’d be Rachel!
Liam: … as you all know so I’m going to go with Ross!

Liam: My name is Zayn… I’m insane in the brain I’ve been rapped all over by Mr. Liam Payne!

Zayn: What do you mean by that question…
Liam: Who would be “you”? Who would be the “you” that you would point at and sing that song to? Tell us now!
Zayn: Um that would be you Leeyum… it’s gotta be Leeyum…

Liam: Can we give it up for Mr. Zayn Malik!?

Zayn: I love you so much Liam…
Liam: Thank you…

Liam: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Where would you live, Zayn?
Zayn: Um… right next to you Leeyum…

Liam: I’d marry Zayn Malik

Liam: Bye Zayn! I love you!
Zayn: Bye Liam I love you too!
Liam: Itunes!
Zayn: I love you forever!

  • aang: *literally projects his feelings onto katara until she reciprocates*
  • zuko: *forges a phenomenal bond with katara out of the natural course of events and mutual conflict*

Literally just as I was starting my shift at work today, I had the greatest idea for an AU ever and I had to suffer through my entire shift with this beautiful AU consuming my mind, so here, have a Victuuri rivals!au:

  • At twenty years old, Victor Nikiforov has been at the top of the figure skating world for four straight years, ever since his senior debut, and he is bored out of his skull. Everything is just so easy and there are no worthy rivals to push him to be better, so he’s just kind of standing, stagnant, at the top.
  • And then, in his fifth season, a dark horse appears from Japan, and his name is Yuri Katsuki. He appears from completely out of the blue, with no amateur or junior division experience under his belt, and he sweeps through the ranks at a terrifying pace, snatching the gold medal right from under Victor’s nose at the Grand Prix finals that year.
  • Victor is left stunned and frustrated, and most importantly, excited. Here is a man to push him to be better, to give him inspiration, to be the rival he’s so desperately yearned for these past four years. Victor can no longer afford to stay stagnant if he wants to keep his position at the top.
  • The two rivals fight neck and neck, always vying back and forth for first place. They’re so evenly matched that many in the industry consider them both tied for first place as the most talented figure skaters in the world, despite which of them has the gold that year.
  • The media just loves playing up their rivalry, especially since Victor and Yuri’s encounters always end with chilly stares and barbed taunts thrown at each other with sickeningly sweet false smiles plastered on both their faces. They seem to absolutely loathe each other.
  • The truth is though, Yuri absolutely worships the ground Victor walks on, because Victor had been his role model and his inspiration when he had first started skating, and he was so excited to be able to compete against him when he finally broke into the senior division. But he was so nervous when he met Victor for the first time that he accidentally came off as aloof and downright asshole-ish, and Victor had replied in kind and then the media blew the situation up, declaring that Yuri hated his rival, and so now Yuri feels compelled to pretend like he hates Victor so whenever they meet he puts up this facade, and he’s pretty sure by now that Victor completely hates him.
  • Victor, on the other hand, is sad that his rival hates him because he actually admires Yuri a lot, because Yuri is the only person Victor has acknowledged as being as talented as him, and he is Victor’s inspiration.
  • Then suddenly, Yuri is 23. He makes it to the Grand Prix finals, as expected. And he’s just so excited to face off against his rival and idol again. But just before he’s supposed to perform his free skate program, he gets a call from home. His beloved dog, Vicchan, has died. The news absolutely destroys him. He makes a few too many mistakes in his free skate program. And his stellar performance in the short program the day before can only take him so far. He ends up finishing in fourth, without a medal for the first time in his career. He’s crushed.
  • That year, Victor doesn’t smile as he is presented his gold medal. Because he is angry and disappointed, and the victory leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, without Yuri at his side accepting silver.
  • The two run into each other as they’re leaving to head back to their respective homes, and they get into a one-sided argument that is actually just Victor yelling at Yuri for messing up, for not taking the competition seriously, and Yuri just standing quietly, taking it all. This only makes Victor angrier. Why can’t Yuri just say something? Why won’t he just defend himself?
  • A few months later, rumours start emerging that Katsuki Yuri has retired, and Victor is having absolutely none of that. He books a plane ticket to Japan, shows up at his rival’s home, and ends up being naked for their first ever conversation outside of a competitive setting.
  • Yuri refuses to return to competitive skating, and Victor refuses to go home until Yuri has agreed to not retire.
  • As a result, Victor stays at Yu-topia for something like a week. During that week, he and Yuri get to know each other, and he realizes that his cute rival actually doesn’t hate him and that he actually idolizes him. And that makes Victor really fucking happy. Because, now that they both know they don’t hate each other, obviously that means they’re automatic best friends, right? Yuri is a little hesitant, but eventually he gives in and lets Victor befriend him.
  • Victor also finds out that the reason Yuri did so badly on his free skate program is because he found out that his dog had died, and Victor understands. Because he knows how absolutely heartbreaking it is to lose a dog. And he knows he’d probably have reacted similarly if he’d suddenly found out something had happened to Maccachin.
  • After a long heart-to-heart, and a surprise appearance from a very angry little Yurio, Victor is finally able to convince Yuri not to retire from ice skating.
  • But now, that begs the question. How the hell is Yuri going to find a coach on such short notice? He’d already cut off ties with Celestino, and while he’s sure the man would understand, Yuri is still too ashamed to face him.
  • Victor has the Best Idea Ever™.
  • Yuri is convinced it’s actually a terrible idea. But with Victor assuring him that everything’s going to be okay Yuri-kun, just trust me, he decides to take the leap.
  • And basically, that’s the story of how Yakov gets to his rink one day to find that his top skater, after a week and a half disappearance off the face of the Earth, has dragged home a little Japanese stray.
  • After a few hours of yelling, Yakov agrees to coach Yuri for the upcoming season.

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Me: LEGO BATMAN IS SO GOOD! And the way it handles the whole BatJokes thing is wonderful. They’re so gay and happy to hate each other and they CALLED it a relationship which is important because this film is all about unusual family dynamics. So you get the surrogate father rather than the birth father, the adopted son rather than the birth son and the not-really-a-love-interest instead of a sibling. AND THEN you get the villain who completes you instead of the silver screen romance. It all works and everyone is happy and learns to accept their feelings for each other and that the feelings they have for these people are real and valid. It’s a really lovely film about unconventional family building that places the relationship between two men in the slot reserved for the love story, and a declaration of hate where there should be a declaration of love. The reason that there isn’t a moment where Batman and The Joker are declared ‘boyfriends’ is because this film isn’t going about things in a by the book matter, but that doesn’t stop them being each other’s romantic partner in the context of the film. 

Discourse Me: But The Joker is one of the most obvious examples of queer coded villains in all of comics and associating queerness with evil like that is hella homophobic. You can’t deny that The Joker was more into Batman than Batman was into The Joker for most of Lego Batman and indeed, has made several passes at him in the comics and you can’t argue that this film does much to deconstruct that. The best you can say is that when Batman does admit his feelings for The Joker he doesn’t become a depraved villain and so queerness isn’t directly tied to evil, but it’s still kinda…there. Oh yeah and the filmmakers didn’t actually have the balls to say that they were in love and plenty of people are going to view how BatJokes are portrayed by Lego as a joke rather than a serious relationship and you are grasping at straws rather than appreciating genuine representation.  

Me: Shut the fuck up and have some fun jesus christ. 

Just Between Us (MiniCat) chapter 1

“God damn it!” Tyler yelled into his microphone, slamming his fists on his desk.

The blue-eyed man could hear his friends laughing through the Discord call, their laughter glitching due to the horrible chatting app.

“Fuck you, Evan! You and your fucking nuke tubing in fucking stupid Prop Hunt!” Wildcat yelled at the laughing Canadian through his microphone.

“What you talking about?! I didn’t do anything!’ Vanoss lied, still laughing.

Marcel and Brock chuckled as the new round began, this time Tyler and Marcel being the hunters.

Wildcat let out a quiet “ow” as he clutched his bandaged right hand and held it close to his chest. It was still hurting from…that day. Tyler tried his best to not think about that horrible moment. But it was 3 years ago. He thought he would be over it by now. But he still couldn’t help but think about that night. The night his life was ruined. The night he declared he hated oak trees. The night he got that ugly scar that traced down his stomach. The night he lost–

“Alright, fucknuggets!”

Tyler was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the all-too-familiar-MiniLadd join the call and he could see the familiar businessman character model, holding the Magnum in his hand and pointing it at Tyler’s character model. Wildcat ignored his previous thoughts and smirked at the screen.

“What took you so long to get here, bitch?” Wildcat questioned Mini as he used the crowbar to hit Mini’s character.

“Hey, fuck off,” Mini laughed. “I was out making a life when I got Marcel’s tweet.”

“Wait, you have a life?” Brock teased as everyone yelled “Ooooh!”

Tyler rolled his eyes at the laughing Brock, searching for his prop figure. Then he saw him, a mug on top of the bookshelf. And a red flash of letters appeared on the mug;

Moo Snuckel
Health: 1%

Brock wasn’t aware of the pig staring at him from behind. He was instead talking to Evan, trying to make more lame puns as hints of where he was. Tyler pulled out his shotgun, aimed at the mug, and shot at the mug.

“Oh no!” Brock yelled out as he realized that he had been noticed. Everyone laughed as they asked Tyler where he was and Tyler answered. The blue-eyed YouTuber took a glance at his bandaged hand and sighed. He’d have to change the bandages again. He sighed quietly and went back to playing with his friends.

Wreck-it-Ralph inspired sentence starters

  •    "You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses, would you?“
  •    "Random security check.”
  •   “And where you coming from?”
  •    "Anything to declare?“
  •    "I hate you.”
  •   “I’m gonna wreck it!”
  •   “why do I fix EVERYTHING I touch?”
  •    "Where’s the Wrecking guy?“
  •     "Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it… is… ugly!”
  •     “Everyone here says I’m just a mistake…”
  •     “Because if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”
  •     “What’s your name?”
  •     “No cuts, no butts, no coconuts?”
  •    "Do you know what the first rule of [job] is, soldier?“
  •     "I know, I know, I know. I’m an idiot.”
  •     “Milk my Duds”
  •     “Who are you, the guy that makes the donuts?”
  •      "I see you’re a fan of pink"
  •     “Got a bit of a temper on me. My passion bubbles very near the surface, I guess, not gonna lie.”
  •     “It’s just, I gotta say, it becomes kinda hard to love your job… when no one else seems to like you for doing it.”
  •     “There’s no-one I’d rather be… than me.”
  •     “‘Fear’ is a four-letter word, ladies! You wanna go peepee in your big-boy slacks, keep it to yourself!”
  •     “I met the most dynamite gal.”
  •      "Oh, she gives me the honey glow something awful! But, she rebuffed my affections.“
  •     ” And then, I GOT THROWN IN JAIL!“
  •      "You don’t know what it’s like to be rejected and treated like a criminal.”
  •      "it’s why I tried to run away and be a good guy. But I’m not! I’m just a bad guy.“
  •      "I will never try to be good again.”
  •      "Flattery don’t charge these batteries, civilian.“
  •      "This is it, ladies! The kitten whispers and tickle fights end now!”
  •       “Your face is still red”
  •      "You are one dynamite gal.“
  •     "The selfish man is like a mangy dog chasing a cautionary tale.”
  •      "But here’s the thing… I don’t wanna be the bad guy anymore.“
  •      "You can’t mess with the program, [name]!”
  •       “I don’t have to do boo! Forgive my potty-mouth.”
  •      "Oh, that’s not blunt force trauma, ma'am"
  •      "It’s game over for both of you!“
  •      "Right, right. That’s a good note.”
  •      "You really are a bad guy.“
  •      "What? Speak up, I can’t hear you. Your breath is so bad it made my ears numb!”
  •      "I remember, she’s our princess!“
  •      "Tut, tut. As your merciful princess, I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be… executed.”
  •      "This place just got interesting.“
  •      ” News flash: neither one of us is getting what we want!“
  •      "Ugh! That’s like sandpaper!”
  •      "I’ll take it to my grave!“
  •      "Just go. Go without me.”
  •      "that’s everyone, now we’ve got to blow this exit!“
  •      "Why are you people so against her?”
  •      "Look, I’m gonna be straight with you, kid. I’ve been talking to [name]“
  •      "You sold me out?”
  •      "You’re a rat! And I don’t need you.“
  •      ” I’m trying to save your skin, kid!“
  •      "No, I understand plenty. Traitor!”
  •      "I don’t care! You’re a liar!“
  •      "it’s not gonna work…”
  •      "We gotta try!“
  •      "I’m not leaving you here alone!”
  •      "I’ve got some wrecking to do!“
  •      "I bundle myself up like a little homeless lady.”
  •      “Light em’ up [name]”
  •      “Bull. Roar.”
  •      “I’m not letting you undo all my hard work!”
  •      “Bring it home kid!”
  •     “Welcome to the boss level!”

anonymous asked:

literally just saw a larrie (famous for their fanfiction) tag a set of Gemma's tweets saying "I'm just gonna say it, I never liked her" like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore lmao I hate then so much

That’s soooo telling.

It’s like their reaction to Zayn and Liam denying it.

They pretended they believed Bossman forced both of them to say those things and it was all lies, yet they also used that opportunity to trash Liam and Zayn and openly declare they hated him.

Almost - almost - as if they believed they’d said these things of their own free will.

I’d love to ask this Larrie, do they believe Harry Styles doesn’t like his sister the same way they dislike her? In their fantasies do they really believe he prioritizes Larries over her? That if he saw them tagging about how they never liked her he’d continue using his secret Larrie blog to follow and cheer them on? That when these things happen he’d take their side? That he would enable them with his tee shirt signals and codes after these moments even though he knows it hurts someone in his real life he actually loves? Are they that narcissistic? Try and place yourself in Louis and Harry’s shoes and your entire family is fed up of this crap, what would happen if she knew both of them were enabling this fan behavior that lead to this? Or, what would happen if she believed her sibling was engaged in a fake baby plotline by evil Bossman Cowell, do they think she’d care about lashing out at Larries?

They just do not believe what they’re saying. If they believed all of this was controlled by Bossman then they would have no reason to hate Gemma. But they know she denied it because she wanted to, because she’s a reflection of how even someone normally as detached as her is fucking sick of them, that as Harry’s sister she is also 100% his voice in how sick of them Harry must be, so the only way to handle it is to turn on her. 

They don’t care about anyone involved but themselves.

Discussion of today and since no one post it I will. X-Men ‘92 #10 and the last issue that Marvel is giving us. Not only being disappointed to see this end but how Marvel treated Storm at the very end. Let me post a scan since this can prove my motivation against Marvel. Also, this is Storm-heavy, because I’m a Storm fan. Sorry to anyone disappointed by that.

Still wonder why I have so little faith in Marvel and complain so much about them trying to screw Storm over, especially when they do stuff like this…..

And here I thought Storm was a top notch fighter. I identify so strongly with Storm, like you would not believe. Allow me to highlight something I’ve said briefly before. They are trying to damage the reputation of storm. It was the basis behind my repeated complaints about Marvel undermining and segregating Storm. Out of so many characters in this issue, Storm is the only one who gets beat down badly. Heh, even Polaris ended up being the bad-ass in this issue. You wanna see the next page after Storm got defeated by Domino?

But that’s not it. Marvel was making Polaris such a really bad-ass while undermining Storm.

So who Marvel undermining who? Unlike Wolverine, Polaris or Cyclops, Storm is at great risk of losing her respect. Marvel has so little respect for her that there’s a good chance Marvel would keep putting Storm at the bottom if necessary just to fuck with Fox. Not that in the Fox universe she’s doing any better since she’s treated so poorly in those films. People see her so lowly that they think Storm is not as popular as people from CV, CBR and even here on Tumblr are declaring. I also hate how the drew Storm throughout all the issues.

I repeat… Lorna’s proportions seem perfect and love how Alti Firmansyah drew her hair. But just one look at Storm, she looks like a played-out old hippie with that wild hair. Storm lookalike a hag, period. What Alti was thinking? I don’t know. And yes, I’m so mad for what Marvel has been doing to Storm.

Marvel is giving Storm an incredibly poorly depicted role whereas Lorna seems to be the bad-ass without getting her ass (or any other asses) kicked, Storm gets her ass kicked so easily by Domino, UGH. This is so evident that Marvel is treating all the X-men like crap and putting Storm in the worst line to be treated poorly. I’m trusting the evidence because evidently we have Extraordinary X-Men where Storm is being written as incompetent. The implication here is obvious. Marvel has respect for Havok, Wolverine, Polaris, Emma Frost, etc, but not for Storm. They care so little about Storm and the X-Men right now. All they do care about are the Inhumans since Fox doesn’t own them.

This is why I KNOW, for a fact, that Marvel is trying to undermine and ruin the X-Men franchise (not just Storm). Heh, they already cancelled Fantastic Four and that’s their future plan, to cancel the X-Men as a whole.

7 Things You Can Do to Help Planned Parenthood and the Communities We Serve

What can you do right now for Planned Parenthood? Try these 7 things.

1. Donate to Planned Parenthood

The work to protect Planned Parenthood patients’ access to care starts now. Your support is more important than ever.

Donate to support Planned Parenthood health centers: Our health centers are open, and they’re continuing to deliver vital reproductive health care — like birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment.

2. Speak Out Against Hate

Planned Parenthood’s patients are from all walks of life. They are immigrants, Muslim, Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ — and they all deserve access to health care in a safe and welcoming place.

Wherever you are (online or IRL), declare your rejection of hate and your solidarity with these communities. Show that you believe every single person is deserving of respect, dignity, and equal rights under the law.

You don’t have to speak out alone. There are several groups supporting solidarity with intersecting communities:

  • American Civil Liberties Union: Help the ACLU fight unconstitutional policies.
  • Color of Change: Join the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.
  • Human Rights Campaign: Help LGBTQ people get treated equally, everywhere.
  • National Disability Rights Network: Advocate for people with disabilities.
  • Take a stand with 100 women of color leaders.
  • Now is the moment for white people to be bold and join the movement for racial justice.
  • Southern Poverty Law Center: Make the promises of the Civil Rights Movement a reality for all.
  • Transgender Law Center: Ensure all can live safe, authentic lives regardless of gender identity or expression.
  • Trust Black Women: Report anti-abortion activity in the Black community to SisterSong and a Trust Black Women partner.
  • United We Dream: Fight for relief and fair treatment for all undocumented immigrants.

3. Volunteer for Planned Parenthood

Go to to sign up to volunteer with Planned Parenthood, or call your local health center.

4. Make an Appointment for Health Care at Planned Parenthood

Our health center doors are open. Like always, every person can get health care at Planned Parenthood, no matter what.

You can support Planned Parenthood by making your next reproductive health care appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center. Need birth control? A well-woman exam? STD tests? We can help you with that and more. Some Planned Parenthood health centers also provide hormone replacement therapy for trans patients.

Go to

5. Tweet Your Defiance With #WeWontGoBack

Use social media to reject hate and refuse to let the next president roll back the rights we’ve fought so hard to secure.

Tweet your defiance along with the hashtag #WeWontGoBack.

6. Share Cecile Richard’s Message of Strength

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards shared a message of resilience earlier this week. Read it here — it’s sure to give you strength.

7. Sign Up for Email & Texts

Join our email network to stay on top of the issues. Our email alerts will also help you learn how to get involved with campaigns that advance and protect reproductive health.

Want text alerts? Text “StandwithPP” to 69866 to join our Planned Parenthood mobile action network. Standard data and text rates may apply. You can text STOP to quit at anytime.

Of course, these are just a few things you can do. The opportunities to get involved and fight back don’t end here. For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has faced challenges and attacks from people opposed to our mission to provide expert sexual and reproductive health care, no matter what. Through every attack, we’ve come out stronger. We’re going to use that strength to lead in the coming days, months, and years — for the patients who rely on us and for our allies across progressive movements.

Redefining Dysphoria as body hate is an act of ideological violence.

Understanding dysphoria as a disconnect between the self and their perceived sex, allows for a greater understanding of the varied experiences of dysphoric people. Declaring that Dysphoria = Body Hate is a scare tactic utilized to create the idea that dysphoria is a flaw to get over, rather than the initial rift which creates the motivation to transition in the first place. It creates false notions that the problems of dysphoric trans people can be fixed by redefining our bodies, rather than addressing the actual problems we face.

The language of self hatred has been utilized by transphobes extensively in attempts to justify the psychiatric approach to treatment rather than allow them to medically transition. Declaring dysphoria as self hatred declares it a bodily neurosis, something which is built upon warped perspective. This is not radical, this is dangerous.

In addition, the use of Dysphoria = Body Hate discourages actual understanding of transgender people who are expressing their own experiences. (Some of which do manifest as bodily hate.) It creates a barrier of shame and stigma around the experience of dysphoria. Rather than being a normal thing that every transgender person experiences, dysphoria becomes an anomaly. Without understanding from their own community, it drives dysphoric people away from access to resources or even self understanding of their own condition.

What’s Wrong With you?

Arthur has a soulmate tattoo with a peculiar message. One can’t help but dislike someone who is predetermined to hate them, right? Soulmate tattoos. Usuk. //

If you were to ask any of Arthur’s friends, they’d say that finding your soulmate was the most important thing there was. It was the best feeling on earth, when you found them. Each person had a tattoo on their wrist, a phrase or sentence that would be the first thing their soulmate said to them. Most were romantic, such as “I’ve waited so long”, or “You’re beautiful”. Some were cute and had a sense of humor, or were a little awkward but held their own brand of charm.

Not Arthur’s. He’d poured hours into studying it, trying to find different meanings for the tattoo. But, when your tattoo read “What’s wrong with you?” there was little hope to be had. Arthur was still fifteen, though, and he hoped that once he got older there would be another meaning to his tattoo.

Arthur lay on his bed, holding his arm over his face as he stared at the tattoo. It was easy to imagine many romantic situations for his friends and their phrases, but not his own.

He grimaced as he read it again, then tucked his arm under his pillow, reaching over and turning out his lamp. Perhaps things would seem better in the morning, and he could think a bit more clearly.

Arthur pondered over his tattoo again and again, and each time he glanced at it he tried to think of a reason. But the most logical reason was that his soulmate just wasn’t going to like him. How typical. Arthur always did have such rotten luck. Still, he resolved to convince his future soulmate that they really were meant for each other. Even if the message was confusing.

However, as time wore on, his resolve began to slip away. Years had passed since he’d promised himself that, and he was now twenty-three. This was the age range where most found their significant other. Arthur knew he had grown more than a little bitter.

He’d also developed a resentment towards his soulmate, and the feeling burned in the bottom of his stomach, unnatural and unpleasant. Arthur had felt it all through school, and it was stronger once he’d graduated. He didn’t like the feeling, but he found he didn’t have the motivation to try to get rid of it.

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I always wanted to use the word ‘Colorama’ in a song ever since I saw Antonioni’s Blow Up. It was an unplugged neon light at the back of my mind for years. Some lyrics are declarations of love or hate written in blood or carved in a bus stop, in need of little or no melodic illumination. Some, I believe, are there almost entirely to facilitate it. If I ever thought about it at all I’m sure I used to think the melody was the vessel that carried the lyrics but more recently it has occurred to me that the opposite is often true.

The problem with the neon sign analogy is that neon signs are invariably bolted to the wall and full of gas. Melody seems as though its poured rather than sprayed and doesn’t feel as though whatever holds it ought to be fixed to anything.

I sometimes imagine each word to be made using a three dimensional open-top glass alphabet. Each letter built to harness and transport the mirror ball liquid marble of the melody. When the ‘substance’ fills up the syllables they seem to shimmer and become weightless. With the addition of close harmony I see colours swirl together, parts of the lyrics glow and the way in which they float suggests that something like the 'star gate’ sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey is happening deep inside them out of view.

Happy 31st Birthday, Alexander David Turner ♡ (January 6th, 1986)