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Rental Love* (1/?)

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Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.

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jupitertriton  asked:

For the three sentences stories, Shiro confessing to Lance 👀💙💜

Lance’s ever blue eyes are filled with millions of lights as he looks at Shiro, heart beating merrily within the confines of his ribcage, each word the other was saying making him feel more and more happy.

“I don’t know exactly when it began,” Shiro continued talking, cheeks painted a lovely shade of red, encouraged by Lance’s expression full of love and adoration, “but I started falling in love with you, and when I realized… I didn’t want it to stop, not when so many times the memory of your laughter has helped me fight off nightmares, your caring and understanding nature has made me feel so… safe, something I hardly ever feel…”

“Shiro,” Lance says next, his voice uneven, tears gathering at the corners of his eyes, “Shiro, I’m so happy,” he continues, holding the other’s hands in his, “I love you too, Shiro… so much.”

Promise Me. (Pt. One)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You meet Bucky while he’s stationed in Italy before he’s captured by Hydra and the two of you form a connection.

Word Count: 2,466

Warnings: None

The 107th Infantry had arrived at the base at Azzano in Umbria, Italy only a few days after you arrived with the Army Nurse Corps. When you stepped out of the truck, Colonel Phillips started to make a remark about a woman’s place when a feisty brunet with deep red lipstick stepped out from behind him. He quickly stopped talking and moved so the Corps could get to the medical tent and set up. It was customary that when an infantry arrived at a new base, the soldiers get a quick physical. It had been a while since these men had been around women and it was showing.

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A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

It did not take long for Maebh to learn what was expected of her and for the most part, she noticed her day consisted of many of the same chores she had always had to do before she had been taken and brought to Asgard. Though there were a few problems at the beginning with regards the differences in method she used, but as long as it was done to an acceptable standard, Loki made no issue of it. Aslaug however, never once attempted to mask her disdain for the thrall, and the differences gave her justification in her own mind for snapping at Maebh, though the girl seldom knew as to why she was being punished.

Nafi seemingly loved having his own human toy to play with. It was usually him that woke her from the pile of old pelts she slept on in the corner of his room so to play with her, not long after the sun rose most mornings. Maebh, for her part, decided to use the enthusiastic youngster to help her learn more words of their peculiar dialect. Often she pointed to something she had been expected to work with and waited until he informed her of its name. Within days she had learnt over fifty words, much to the young boy’s pride and her master’s delight, when he called for a pale of water for a cow, it had been Maebh that had come to his assistance with only a verbal request. She received a slightly larger portion of food after that evening for her efforts. 

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Alexandre Kojève (Kozhevnikov) (1902-1968). Russian stalinist, one of the fathers of EU, a philosopher at the origins of the postmodern theory.

Kojève was born in Russia in a wealthy and prosperous family (by the way, his uncle was Kandinsky). He emigrated to Germany in 1919 where he studied philosophy and wrote a dissertation based on Vladimir Solovyov under Karl Jaspers. Later he moved to France. There he read lectures on Hegel’s “The phenomenology of Spirit” declaring that he added nothing to the work. But that was a lie - his philosophy was only partly based on Hegel (much was from Solovyov). 

The main point of his philosophy was the advent of the post-history. The history ended after the French revolution and Napoleon because then sages understood what was the ideal of human existence - the universal, secular and homogenous state where everybody’s desires are recognized and satisfied. So he end of history is not in the future, it has already occurred in  the past. Now it’s time for romantic bureaucrats who must run and maintain this state. The human loses his humanity and returns to the animal condition. The only way to preserve humanity is to sacrifice your life for nothing, for pure form (as he believed his uncle did). The ideal for him in this regard was Japan.

Also Kojève called himself Stalinist (and even wrote a letter to him in 1940 because he wanted to return) because he believed that Soviet Russia  was a state of philosophers - Stalin’s main aim was to develop self-awareness of its citizens.

Because the ideal was known, there is no place for romantic philosophers seeking for utopia. After the WWII Kojève became a statesman and worked out the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Despite the fact, that Kojève is not very well-known philosopher beyond academic circles, his lectures considered to be legendary and very influential - George Bataiile, Jacques Lacan (he considered Kojève to be his single teacher) visited it, Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre read its text, Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida were influenced by his ideas.

So, Kojève united Western and Russian philosophical traditions.

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I've noticed that a lot (and I mean a /lot/) of transguys on youtube, including the ones on t, sound like they're either about fifteen or a low-voiced girl... is this an inevitable outcome, or... I dunno I just really want my voice to drop the same as a cisguy's... and I know several people irl like this, most of them are teenagers but at least one is a full adult.

A lot of the ones on youtube are pre-T or recently on T. Once someone has been on T for several years, they are very likely to go stealth and move away from the trans community in entirety. This means that they are unlikely to make more videos, and may even remove their old ones.

In addition, I think a lot of trans men don’t realise the need to watch their voice. Unlike trans women, trans men will have a large change in voice from HRT, so may not bother doing anything.

Further, trans men assume that testosterone will do all the heavy lifting, and be unconcerned by cues that really do run a risk of having them not pass (or be ‘spotted’ as trans). Fortunately, things like voice, mannerisms, etc. are more likely to get a trans man pegged as gay rather than trans (not that that’s something everyone wants to be 'spotted’ either).

The thing is, trans men are used to talking like women. I notice that my voice is stupidly high in pitch like a teenager particularly when I talk to family members, but not to strangers. I don’t know why it does that, but I never really noticed and so I’m only about to start work on getting to grips with it now.

Things like styles of speech, intonations, etc. quite often aren’t noticed by the speaker. A quote from this website:

Research tells us that communication styles of men and women differ dramatically. Women’s language tends to be more indirect and subtle than men’s language. Pitch and intonation differences often reveal the sex of the speaker. Culture, as well as biology, is an important factor in determining voice use. Women tend to tag declarative answers by adding yes/no rising intonations that make statements sound like questions. Women use hyper-polite forms that may involve more word usage. Women include modifiers and query tags, often avoiding definitive statements. Metaphor and superlatives, such as “Nothing is working” characterize women’s language, and men mistakenly take these expressions literally since male language is more absolute and female language more abstract.

The average woman’s voice is higher in pitch than the average male’s voice since males have longer, thicker vocal folds. However, some vocal differences are socially determined. Women adjust their voices to sound the way they perceive women should sound and men adjust to sound like men should sound. Both men and women try to match some unspecified social standard for each gender. Women use a wider range of pitches than men in all speaking situations, while men tend to keep their voices subdued and monotonous when talking to adults, but use more vocal variation when talking to young children. Despite the ability of both genders to use vocal variation, men are much more selective about when they vary their voices and female language contains greater imagery. Women use intensifiers (e.g., so, such, quite, very, etc.), modifiers, tag questions (eg., isn’t it?), and mild expletives. There is a general notion of uncertainty or hesitancy in female speech. Male language is more absolute; female language is more abstract.

Dirty Paws

Drabble based on my headcanon for this set: Mates.  Happy belated birthday to Paula @howeverlongs, I hope this is what you had in mind when we talked about your headcanon!  

Credit goes to @accidental-rambler for the title, she got me listening to Of Monster and Men and I couldn’t resist using one of their songs.

Dirty Paws-The First Meeting

“Now there are plenty of drinks on ice so I better not see anyone with an empty glass,”  Caroline declared before adding.  “Especially any of the guests.  I don’t want any of them leaving thinking that this pack was not the perfect hosts.”

Caroline waited until she saw all of the young teens nod in understanding–with a bit of fear in their eyes too if she wasn’t mistaken–before she left the drink area to check the rest of the festivities.  Her eyes immediately located her father as well as both of her brothers, the former busy with a couple of the elder alphas, while the latter two were occupied with a couple of she-wolves, all of them content to leave things in Caroline’s hands.

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Women & Feminism in the French Revolution (D. Godineau)

Women participated in the revolutionary events, but, not being a distinct whole, some were revolutionaries and others counter-revolutionaries. An important women’s movement, a component of the popular movement, stood out in certain moments of the Revolution, and it was for example by their manifestations that the journées of October 1789 and the insurrections of spring of Year III (1795) began. Women, who, by their role as nourishing mothers, paid special attention to the alimentary problems, were particularly numerous in all food riots. But they were not motivated by this question alone and their interventions in the revolutionary process were not limited to this aspect. The militants took part in events whose motives were political (17 July 1791, 20 June, 10 August 1792, conflict between Gironde & Montagne and struggle against federalism in 1793, 9 Thermidor Year II, etc.). One even notices feminine motions in sans-culotterie, against a background of the crisis of supplies but relating to political subjects (spring and summer 1793, Ventôse Year II, winter of Year III). The citoyennes did not legally have the right to vote and were not accepted as members in most revolutionary organisations. In order to overcome these limits that were imposed on their engagement, the most active women organized in Women’s Clubs (Citoyennes Républicaines Révolutionnaires in Paris and around thirty others in the provinces): they were forbidden on 30 October 1793. Women furthermore rushed into the public tribunes of the societies, clubs or assemblies (Convention, municipalities), where they educated themselves politically while working there (hence the nickname of tricoteuses). The place which was theirs in the Sovereign and their incomplete citizenship were at the heart of certain aspects of their interventions in the Revolution as of a certain feminist expression.

From the beginnings of the Revolution onwards, women expected an improvement of their condition in social, familial and economical outlooks. Some, like Olympe de Gouges, Etta Palm d'Aelders or Théroigne de Méricourt, appeared rather radical, others were obviously more moderate. Two texts dominate a production of writings that were often very different: On the admission of women to the rights of citizenship by Concordet (July 1790) and The declaration of the rights of woman and the female citizen by Olympe de Gouges (September 1791). Both of them thought that, as beings of reason, women belong to the human community and are therefore born with the same natural rights as men ; to forbid them to « contribute to the law » is a violation of the « principle of the equality of rights » and an « act of tyranny », wrote Concordet. These two essential texts present a theoretical feminism ; but the reflections on women’s rights were not particular to the debates of the Revolution and, based on the philosophy of natural rights, were revived with new vigour in 1793 while feminine sans-culotterie asserted itself with force within the popular movement. Women, thinking and social beings, have the right to take part in political life, assured the militants who added: « the declaration of rights is common in the one and in the other sex » ; and « since the Constitution is based on the rights of man », some demanded its « whole exercise » (the right to vote). Some rejected the image of passive and unimportant women which they linked  to the condition of a people that is submitted to despotism and opposed to it the one of « free women », members of a free people, who participate by their action in the conquest of the liberty of mankind. The masculine oppression was compared to the former royal despotism: in a Republic, the « marital despotism », « just as despotic towards women as was the one of aristocracy towards the peoples », has to disappear because « everywhere where women will be enslaved, men will be bent under despotism », these women wrote. The feminism of Olympe de Gouges, Concordet, Etta Palm d'Aelders, Théroigne de Méricourt or of the militants of 1793 was considered in a general perception of society: to restore their natural rights to women was regarded as one of the conditions that are necessary in order to arrive at a truly free society. Alongside these texts, certain approaches of women have, if one examines them in the light of the concepts acting under the Revolution, a feminist character: the ceaseless demands since the beginning of the Revolution of the militants of the right to bear arms (an inherent attribute of popular sovereignty, one of the foundations of citizenship), the solemn approval of the Constitution of 1793 by groups of women who, by this gesture, asserted themselves as members of the sovereign and reacquired a right (sanction of laws by voting) which they did not enjoy. When it comes to questions of mentalités, the majority of the revolutionaries were hostile to this feminism ; the report of Amar (30 October 1793) which prohibited the Women’s clubs and the exercise of political rights by women largely put an end to the feminist reflections. If the revolutionaries legally refused the political rights to them, they nonetheless took a certain number of measures which improved their condition: civil acknowledgement, successional equality, divorce (by mutual consent, if it took place). But, after the Revolution, the Napoleonic Civil Code would place women under the domination of the chef de famille for many years.

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Olicity Drabble... Post 4x19

Just a random drabble that is post 4x19 and kept banging around in my tired head. Enjoy….

Originally posted by vigorousgalaxy

“Are you ever going to tell me more about Lian Yu?” she muttered quietly as the sides of their hands lightly skimmed the other’s. She felt Oliver’s eyes before she saw them as his heated stare made her pulse race. 

“Why would you ask that?” His tightly voiced question hung between them as she shifted the tip of her pen towards the other stack of blueprints. She shivered involuntarily when his knee lightly grazed her own. He pulled away swiftly causing her lips to frown.  

Her frown grew until she had a full on scowl. She muttered beneath her breath, “Because Oliver we’re about to go head to head with Damien of the very illiterate name Darkh. You sat in the back of that damn limo after we buried our friend and told me you’d see this type of darkness on that godforsaken island…

Oliver of course retorted with his same classic line. “Felicity it’s not that simple.” 

“You always say that…” she accused as the pen clattered to the ground. Sighing she leaned down until her fingers were brushing along the cold floor of the lair. With the pen almost in reach she paused. “You don’t make this easy you know…” she grumbled as her forehead fell to her knees. 

She felt his smirk before she heard the slight hitch in the back of his throat. Her shoulders slumped further forward until she felt her spine popping from the strain. “Oliver…” she swallowed a sigh as she uttered, “just spit it out.” 

“It scares me okay…it’s hard to take myself back to that place, and that point in my history.” He sighed before she heard his palm fall roughly onto the paper laden table. 

Her body shook not from fear but from mere frustration. “Loving you is so damn complicated sometimes,” she declared as she once more leaned upward. 

He smiled softly, before asking, “Then why bother trying?” 

She laughed ruefully before she let the pen once clatter to the ground. “Do you think I’d put myself through this if I had another choice? Do you think I’d question every damn choice or statement I’ve made since I gave back that fracking ring?” She took an angry breath as she brought her fingers to the bridge of her nose. “Do you really think I’d choose to love someone who so clearly doesn’t feel he’s worthy?” she asked in a hurried breath as her fingers edged towards her weary temples. She rubbed lightly over the throbbing pulse points until her entire body went still. 

His touch at first was light; almost tentative as her bobbing knee fell still. She kept her eyes screwed shut and her body still as he edged his fingers slowly over the rounded edge of her knee. Her heart thudded loudly as her shoulders skimmed lightly against his own. He inched closer as she remained placid alongside him. His fingertips began to draw light lines up and down around the cap of her knee as he took small rapid breaths. 

They were once more in-sync each of them taking a breath as the other did. She once more shivered as he broke the thick air of cocooned silence. “His magic is rooted in something that I can only describe as being pure and utter despair.” His voice broke down even further as he continued. Her heart rate spiked when he once again said the magic words. “Lian Yu wasn’t my lowest point Felicity it was merely the bridge towards it. What I saw, and what I did was merely another step towards that same darkness that now surrounds us.” 

He paused as Felicity sighed. “Why won’t you ever trust me enough to let me see you?” 

He grumbled, “Because I’ve already lost so many…” he swallowed roughly then said, “I can’t afford to lose you.” 

“But you did the second you shut me out Oliver,” she scowled back as she attempted to shift herself away from his touch. 

His fingers suddenly clamped down over her trembling knee until she felt her body once more relent. “Oliver let me go…” she lightly begged as his touch simply grew harder and her eyes flew open. 

“No…” he said forcefully. 

“Oliver…” she pleaded. “Please just let me go…” 

She felt his fingers grip increase before she felt his touch upon her skin. “Oliver…” she whispered as his index finger lightly traced along the line of her jaw. She felt her desire to run failing as her skin warmed beneath his simple but erotic touch. “Baby please….” she whimpered as he traced along her slightly parted lips. 

“You said you love me….you didn’t say loved…” 

The moment his words left his lips her head fell into his touch. “Oliver it changes nothing…” 

His gruff laugh made her heart skip a beat. “Yes it does, it changes everything.” he replied as she slightly tilted her head into his now outstretched palm. 

“I can’t accept half of you Oliver…. “she declared before adding, “I want all of you or nothing at all can you accept that?” 

His soften gaze grew even softer as his lips curved into a small smile. “Can you accept that I’m going to stumble and fall?” he asked slowly as the grip on her knee lessened. 

A small smile erupted over her face as she placed a timid hand over his own just above her knee. “We’ll take it slow…you give me a story and I’ll do the same in return deal?” 

His smile grew as did her own when he softly replied, “Ready to talk about LIan Yu?” 

She nodded in reply before asking one final question, “Oliver can your past really help us defeat him?” 

His once light smile turned sour as a frown once more graced his face. “It’s a start Felicity….it’s a start,” he repeated before giving her knee one final squeeze. 

He kept his hand over her cheek as he finally spoke. As the story went on their fingers twined over her knee. His story was pained and then at times hard to swallow as his tale grew darker and darker. She listened to every last word. Each time he took a breath she gave him a small smile. They talked well into the night him giving her more than she ever dreamed and, her giving him the reassurance to continue. 

Their relationship was far from perfect…hell it was far from fixed…


With one story they’d made their tentative first step in the right direction. 

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When Pokemon Go comes out I’m gonna spend a month catching and training Pokemon until I’m super strong. Then I’m gonna seek out everyone I can and beat them in battle until I’ve declared myself the strongest trainer around, and then I’m gonna pull a massive Red move and just leave. Just leave, and head to the mountains, telling no one, just to continue to train, and wait for someone to come and challenge me.