declan x holly j


farewell degrassi tng meme [6/10 relationships]: Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne

“Now that’s a girl worth fighting for.”

I am really weirdly sad about Degrassi being cancelled. I have skipped so many episodes since the latest wave came in but, man, I’m sad. It was the first show I watched that made me cry (the aftermath of JT’s death), it was the first show that made me think (Paige’s rape, Darcy’s online predator), it was the first show that I wrote fanfiction for before I posted my Bamon one. It was the first and only show that has educated me about the issues that I felt nobody ever spoke of. It was the first show that made me crave connections with people and believe in love, ultimately shaping me into the person I am today.

I remember my heart soaring in the S9 finale with Declan and Holly J. I remember crying during Liberty and Manny and Emma and Toby’s graduation. I remember searching up “The Breakfast Club” online after watching a season three episode. I remember all those summer days I awaited the new episodes of Degrassi S10.

I remember Jimmy before he was Drake, Mia before she was Elena Gilbert, Darcy before she was Annie Wilson.

Chances are I’m probably going to drown my sorrows in ice cream now and convince myself that Declan and HJ met and reconciled in college and Sean and Ellie were endgame.

As for S14, I hope Drew and Alli will magically get their shit together and Eclare is endgame because it has to be that way. It just has to.


Favorite Declan and Holly J - Part (1/?)

9x19 “Keep On Loving You”

It’s hard to imagine that our love story
Is one that will come to an end
I fell so hard for you, You pulled me right in
But I’m not gonna sit and pretend
Oh, I’m so over it, and I don’t wanna see you,
…And deep down inside that’s a lie
I look at the pictures of you and me,
And it hurts that I have to say goodbye.

And I believe in wishing on stars, dreaming out so far
And I believed that things would change, you’d stop playing games
To love like you’ve never been hurt before, To live like this Heaven’s on Earth
I believe, I believe


Declan&Holly J // “Good To You”