declan tyler


Back to school jams

Description :
Songs to get you in the mood for a rough day of studying 📖

• The factory - when I’m not around
• Khalid - young dumb & broke
• Dua Lipa - lost in your light ft. Miguel
• Jorja Smith - teenage fantasy
• Declan McKenna - Brasil
• Mansionz - stfu ft. Spark master tape
• Frank Ocean - Chanel
• Lana del Rey - summer bummer ft. A$ap rocky and playboi carti
• Joji - I don’t wanna waste my time
• Tyler, the creator - who dat boy ft. A$ap rocky
• Twenty one pilots - message man

underrated musicians + my recs!

in case you need some new artists to listen to. throw these on, you might find something new you like :P

peacock affect :: the heaven smiles, autumn, who cares if you exist, wallflower, the drowning, it just isn’t the same anymore

tame impala :: the less i know the better, let it happen, elephant

declan mckenna :: humongous, brazil, mind, make me your queen, paracetamol, isambard, the kids don’t want to come home

tyler, the creator :: who dat boy, yonkers, 911/mr lonely, where this flower blooms, garden shed


Declan had really been looking forward to tonight. Ever since he started going on a few drug runs himself, he’d really been raking in the dough. He was ready to celebrate and take Ty out for a bit. Just be with the man who unknowingly held his heart. As they sat down to dinner, Dec couldn’t even pretend he could take his eyes off Tyler. He ordered a bottle of wine for the table and once the waitress left, he smiled. “You’re…so sexy,” he whispered softly, smirking at Ty.

  • DECLAN: We're going out tonight. You and me. A nice dinner. The works. Reservations are at 7:30, so be ready or almost ready when I get home because I gotta shower and stuff and while showering with you sounds so good...we'll definitely miss the reservation.

revenge week: favorite event [3/7] → fire and ice

So, have you read Tigers and Devils, from author Sean Kennedy?

Well, if you have, then you can die in peace, but if you don’t, stop wasting your time and immediately go to Dreamspinner Press and buy the best M/M romance i’ve read. Really, you won’t regret it.

BACK TO THE POINT, i’ve always imagined Trevor Donovan as the perfect Declan Tyler, isn’t he gorgeous?! 

Well, if you read the book, tell me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t he make the perfect couple with Simon?

Now Simon is one character I can’t imagine how he looks like.