declan and holly j


Favorite Declan and Holly J - Part (1/?)

9x19 “Keep On Loving You”

It’s hard to imagine that our love story
Is one that will come to an end
I fell so hard for you, You pulled me right in
But I’m not gonna sit and pretend
Oh, I’m so over it, and I don’t wanna see you,
…And deep down inside that’s a lie
I look at the pictures of you and me,
And it hurts that I have to say goodbye.

And I believe in wishing on stars, dreaming out so far
And I believed that things would change, you’d stop playing games
To love like you’ve never been hurt before, To live like this Heaven’s on Earth
I believe, I believe


farewell degrassi tng meme [6/10 relationships]: Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne

“Now that’s a girl worth fighting for.”


farewell degrassi tng meme:

↳ Favorite Couples  

↳Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne 

↳ “As long as you show it, I don’t care what you can or can’t say. How’d I get so lucky?”


Declan and Holly J

Top Scenes “Waiting For A Girl Like You” 9x09

“You’re right I’m a player or have been”

“I’ve Never Lived anywhere long and the one time I had an actual girlfriend I got my heart smashed…It got ugly”

“I wrote a poem called melancholy turtle”

“But what about happened in the cafe”

“You’re Wrong”

“You have to trust me Holly J, I don’t normally try this hard and  I am terrified right now”

“So would you please give me another chance?" 

Degrassi Characters for the Signs

Aries// Drew Torres, KC Guthrie, Ashley Kerwin, Frankie Hollingsworth, Hunter Hollingsworth, Shay Powers

Taurus// Katie Matlin, Dave Turner, Jimmy Brooks, Zane Park, Anya MacPherson, Kelly Ashoona

Gemini// JT Yorke, Spinner Mason, Jenna Middleton, Marisol Lewis, Chantay Black

Cancer// Emma Nelson, Marco Del Rossi, Mia Jones, Tori SantaMaria, Cam Saunders

Leo// Manny Santos, Zoe Rivas, Paige Michaelchuk, Connor DeLaurier, Owen Milligan

Virgo// Craig Manning, Liberty Van Zandt, Toby Isaacs, Winston Chu, Hazel Aden

Libra// Tristan Milligan, Peter Stone, Darcy Edwards, Fiona Coyne, Declan Coyne, Adam Torres

Scorpio// Eli Goldsworthy, Bianca DeSousa, Mike Dallas, Sean Cameron, Johnny DiMarco

Sagittarius// Sav Bhandari, Mo Mashkour, Imogen Moreno, Zig Novak, Lola Pacini

Capricorn//Holly J Sinclair, Maya Matlin, Becky Baker, Luke Baker, Grace Cardinal, Alex Nunez

Aquarius// Alli Bhandari, Jake Martin, Miles Hollingsworth, Jack Jones, Jay Hogart, Danny Van Zandt

Pisces// Clare Edwards, Jane Vaughn, Riley Stavros, Ellie Nash, Tiny Bell

A Second Chance || Sav and Holly J

The last few days had been really rough. Breaking up with Declan had been the hardest thing Holly J had ever done, but in the end she knew it had to. Fiona had been there for her every step of the way, which was nice. And then there was Sav…

Having just broken up with Anya for the umpteenth time, he was the only person who knew how she was feeling. It was nice to be able to be around someone who didn’t want drama. Sav was always a good guy, even back when they were at Lakehurst. And did Holly J ever have a crush in him back then…

Being around the older Bhandari brought up a lot of old feelings within Holly J, but she didn’t dare act on them. Anya was one of her best friends and that would totally be going against the girl code. Plus, the redhead hadn’t been so nice to him either. In fact, she wasn’t so nice to anyone.

Taking a breath, Holly J entered the conference room that Mr. Simpson graciously allowed them to use for their meeting. They needed to come up with an idea and fast since the band festival fell apart. Sitting down, she took out her notebook and got herself ready to see Sav again, her heart thumping in her chest.