declan and holly j


Favorite Declan and Holly J - Part (1/?)

9x19 “Keep On Loving You”

It’s hard to imagine that our love story
Is one that will come to an end
I fell so hard for you, You pulled me right in
But I’m not gonna sit and pretend
Oh, I’m so over it, and I don’t wanna see you,
…And deep down inside that’s a lie
I look at the pictures of you and me,
And it hurts that I have to say goodbye.

And I believe in wishing on stars, dreaming out so far
And I believed that things would change, you’d stop playing games
To love like you’ve never been hurt before, To live like this Heaven’s on Earth
I believe, I believe


farewell degrassi tng meme [6/10 relationships]: Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne

“Now that’s a girl worth fighting for.”


farewell degrassi tng meme:

↳ Favorite Couples  

↳Holly J Sinclair & Declan Coyne 

↳ “As long as you show it, I don’t care what you can or can’t say. How’d I get so lucky?”


Declan and Holly J

Top Scenes “Waiting For A Girl Like You” 9x09

“You’re right I’m a player or have been”

“I’ve Never Lived anywhere long and the one time I had an actual girlfriend I got my heart smashed…It got ugly”

“I wrote a poem called melancholy turtle”

“But what about happened in the cafe”

“You’re Wrong”

“You have to trust me Holly J, I don’t normally try this hard and  I am terrified right now”

“So would you please give me another chance?" 

Degrassi Characters for the Signs

Aries// Drew Torres, KC Guthrie, Ashley Kerwin, Frankie Hollingsworth, Hunter Hollingsworth, Shay Powers

Taurus// Katie Matlin, Dave Turner, Jimmy Brooks, Zane Park, Anya MacPherson, Kelly Ashoona

Gemini// JT Yorke, Spinner Mason, Jenna Middleton, Marisol Lewis, Chantay Black

Cancer// Emma Nelson, Marco Del Rossi, Mia Jones, Tori SantaMaria, Cam Saunders

Leo// Manny Santos, Zoe Rivas, Paige Michaelchuk, Connor DeLaurier, Owen Milligan

Virgo// Craig Manning, Liberty Van Zandt, Toby Isaacs, Winston Chu, Hazel Aden

Libra// Tristan Milligan, Peter Stone, Darcy Edwards, Fiona Coyne, Declan Coyne, Adam Torres

Scorpio// Eli Goldsworthy, Bianca DeSousa, Mike Dallas, Sean Cameron, Johnny DiMarco

Sagittarius// Sav Bhandari, Mo Mashkour, Imogen Moreno, Zig Novak, Lola Pacini

Capricorn//Holly J Sinclair, Maya Matlin, Becky Baker, Luke Baker, Grace Cardinal, Alex Nunez

Aquarius// Alli Bhandari, Jake Martin, Miles Hollingsworth, Jack Jones, Jay Hogart, Danny Van Zandt

Pisces// Clare Edwards, Jane Vaughn, Riley Stavros, Ellie Nash, Tiny Bell