declan and his hair

And Life Goes On

Declan goes to Henrietta for Sunday mass, as usual, but this time he notices something different about Ronan.

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Declan realized something was different already during the church service, when Ronan didn’t verbally attack him like he usually did. He glanced at Matthew, confused, but Matthew just grinned back and shrugged, cheery as always. Even when provoked – “so what have you been fucking up lately?” – Ronan’s response – “oh, you know, just my entire life” – was more mellow than Declan had even thought possible.

He stared at Ronan. “Who are you and what have you done with my brother?”

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middle aged ronan absolutely grows his hair back in (partly because declan starts balding early and ronan having a full head of hair is him bragging) but he also grows like a full lumberjack beard and the reason for THAT is 1) he thinks it looks cool (it doesnt) and 2) adam finds it unbelievably and inexplicably sexy. he loves it. hairy dad ronan 2k17


Sloooowly gettin’ there.

The O’Connells are finally the fragile porcelain princesses they are supposed to be. xD New James still needs a bit of shadows under his eyes but he looks good otherwise. Declan got his glasses because he looks cute with them. His hair also got a makeover. I bet every (ex)girlfriend of his was jealous of it. I know I am jealous of it. :T Then again my own hair sucks major ass so that’s basically a given.

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do you have any matthew lynch hcs???


  • he keeps every sweet shop, coffee shop, and gelato store within a 50 mile radius of Henrietta employed. like. Ronan and Declan have a running bet on how many strawberry frappuccinos he can drink in one week (the record is 23)
  • he’s asexual AF. like. one girl tried to flirt with him once by saying i know what you like. and he was like omG YOU HAVE CHERRY STARBURST??? YES PLEASE 
  • he is also a rlly good swimmer and he volunteers as an assistant at a pool
  •  pls imagine matthew lynch teaching a bunch of toddlers how to swim and fussing over water wings and floaties??? and laughing when they climb up on his shoulders or splash him in the face?? please 
  • despite what you may think he’s near unbeatable at chess
  • declan (and gansey) learned this the hard way
  • ronan just laughed at the looks on their faces
  • he loves flowers and his favourites are daisies and daffodils (anything yellow honestly) 
  • he’s art hoe AF so he probably gets iron on patches of daisies from the craft store and  puts them on his bags and jeans 
  • and weaves daisies into his curly blonde hair (sometimes he gets declan and ronan to do this for him)
  • honestly Tough Guys declan and ronan becoming cute puppies around matthew is my favourite thing eVER
  • he’s a terrible driver. like, so bad. he drives way too slow and always forgets which turn signal to use and gets distracted by the windshield wipers 
  • also he gets distracted pointing at restaurants and commenting on scenery
  • honestly he’d be content for declan to drive him everywhere forever
  • idk i feel like he loves both of his brothers indiscriminately? but he feels connected to ronan in a way he can’t explain. it almost feels like they’re two parts of the same person 
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, he’s not one for Deep Philosophical Thought
  • he’s SO BAD at math/science/economics but his english and humanities is ROCK SOLID
  • he’s too non confrontational to debate but he can actually come up with really fantastic points
  • also he likes to read a lot (Harry Potter is his forever fave but this boy cried at the end of The Song of Achilles not even gonna lie)
  • so does declan 
  • actually matthew probably tried starting a Lynch Family Book Club
  • which lasted for a grand total of 2 meetings before declan and ronan almost got into a fistfight over the epilogue of Deathly Hallows
  • matthew was so disappointed in them

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listen up. i know the dream pack boys are reckless partiers but they are also just teenage boys who like each other and like hanging out and doing dumb teenage boy shit

  • @darkelegance and i have discussed the idea that the dream pack has like, taco tuesday, and they all dare each other to eat the grossest taco combinations like… hot dog and marshmallow, or something like that. ultimately they end up ordering a pizza from dominos because none of them actually finished any of the nasty-ass tacos
  • kavinsky accidentally dreams a whole bunch of mini remote-controlled mitsubishis when he wakes up from a weed-induced nap and all of the boys end up racing them around k’s huge driveway. it’s like real life mario kart. swan swerves his little car off course and then ‘accidentally’ steps on proko’s car so that skov has a higher chance of winning but proko doesn’t even notice bc he’s too busy macking on kavinsky let’s be real
  • jiang and declan go skinny-dipping in aglionby’s swim team pool because declan got the door code from gansey. jiang splashes declan to ruin his hair and declan hides under the dark water and sneaks up behind jiang and grabs his ankle and scares the shit out of him. and neither of them have ever been so happy honestly
  • prokopenko tells k about an abandoned outdoor paintball course that he and skov came across while they were on a late-night run. k dreams up a handful of laser guns and they all go out at like 2am one night and play laser tag til the sun comes up (skov wins most of the rounds except for one when he got distracted by swan’s lips and hands and so proko shot them both)
Toddler Series #15 Playdate

Toddler Series can be found here.

A/N: Playdate with another toddler. Make things a little easier, the Horan twins will only appear in one part each (so Cora has a playdate at home, and Declan visits someone else)

Also Y/N doesn’t appear; it’s him and another boy supervise the playdate


“Fish fish,” Declan giggled, pointing to the tv screen. Niall chuckled and ruffled his son’s hair. “That’s right buddy. That’s Nemo’s dad, he is looking for Nemo,” Niall explained and looked over at Liam who was sitting at the other end of the couch, with Amelia cuddled up to his side. Liam read his mind and nodded. “Are you hungry sweet pea?” Liam said, earning a smile from his daughter. “Niall, want to help me get some snacks?” Liam asked. He kissed Amelia’s head and walked to the kitchen. Niall carefully moved out from under Declan and left the room too. The two little toddlers watched the movie, smiling at the colourful pictures and giggling at the talking sea creatures. Amelia sat up and looked at Declan, frowning as she noticed he didn’t have a blanket. “Dec,” she asked shyly. The little boy looked at her and smiled. “Blanket share?” she continued. Declan sat up and patted the spot on the couch beside him. Amelia giggled and lifted her little legs up, crawling towards him. She sat down and put her blanket over both their laps. Declan blushed and looked back at the tv, watching the movie. “Emmy, look starfish,” he whispered, then gasped, “daddy, I found Nemo. He’s in the box,” he said loudly so his father could hear from the kitchen. Amelia yawned and without thinking leaned her head on Declan’s shoulder, curling up beside him and within minutes she was asleep. Declan looked at his sleeping friend and smiled. He flattened the blanket over her lap as he started to feel tired. He curled up and rested his head on hers. Liam and Niall walked back into the room with their arms full of food, but Liam stopped and chuckled, “looks like they were more tired than hungry mate.”


“What are you two up too?” Louis asked, looking around his little son’s playroom at the two toddlers. He saw something in their eyes that reminded him of Zayn and himself; that spark of mischievous when he planned something against Paul while on tour. Noah smiled cheekily at his father before looking at his little dark haired friend. “Be good, don’t want your mum getting upset when she gets home because the house is a mess or something,” he chucked and left the room. Noah and Kaiden both giggled, returning to their action figures. “I’m bored,” Noah whined, dropping his figure and standing up. Kaiden copied him and looked around, thinking of what to do. “Outside play?” he suggested, making Noah nod excitedly. The pair walked slowly through the house, looking out for their fathers. Kaiden giggled, making Noah turn around and frown at him. “Have to be quiet,” he whispered, walking to the back door. He opened it and quickly walked outside, smiling widely. Noah stepped onto the grass and squealed as his socks got wet. Kaiden giggled and looked around at everything that was wet from the rain earlier. Suddenly he jumped off the porch and landed on the grass with a splash. “Kade, look,” Noah said, pointing to the patch of mud across the yard. Kaiden’s eyes lit up and he smiled happily. Noah gave him a cheeky look and suddenly they ran towards the mud. The backyard filled with little giggles and squeals as the pair played together. “Noah dirty,” he said. “Oh no,” Kaiden whispered, smile fading as the back door opened. Louis and Zayn looked at each other, then at the younger versions of themselves. “Sorry mate,” Louis whispered, “Y/N is going to kill me.”


“What they doing? They’re been out there for ages,” Louis said, looking out the window. Niall opened the fridge and shrugged. “Who knows. Maybe she is showing him her hiding places,” he chuckled, grabbing a drink and retuning to the living room to watch the game with Declan. Louis smiled and followed his friend. Meanwhile outside, Cora walked around the backyard with Noah close behind her. “Noah come,” she called out and ran towards the sandpit. She slid her shoes off, before stepping in, as Noah picked up a spade and began digging. “I like sandcastles, but can’t do them,” she said, piling up sand but it didn’t work. “I can show you Cor-ra,” he said proudly and picked up a small bucket. She smiled and wiggled her little toes in the sand, giggling as the grains tickled them. Cora watched Noah fill the bucket with sand and flip it over. Her blue eyes widened as he slowly lifted it up, leaving behind a sandcastle. “Castle,” she said, “daddy makes good sandcastles. Noah makes good too.” Noah nodded and repeated the process for another castle next to the first one. “Princesses live in castles,” Cora explained, “daddy says mummy and Cora are princesses.” “I’m a prince,” Noah blurted out, making Cora giggle. He carefully lifted up the bucket up, but this time the sand fell down. He frowned and shook his head disappointedly. Cora gasped and looked at her little friend. She quickly stood up and jumped on the first sandcastle, squealing loudly. “Again again,” she smiled, making Noah giggle. Together they built another castle and this time Noah jumped on it, making Cora clap her little hands happily. “No more castles,” she giggled, cheeks rosy.


“Tea for Emmy,” Spencer giggled, picking up her plastic tea cup and pouring invisible tea into the plastic tea cup. Amelia smiled and nodded, reaching over to her doll sitting on the little chair beside her. She fixed her doll’s dress and ran her hand down it’s hair, before sitting up and looking at the table. “Tank you,” Amelia replied softly, picking up the cup and taking a sip. Spencer poured herself a cup of tea and giggled. “Love tea parties. Aunty Gem has tea with me when she comes,” Spencer explained, running her hands over her beautiful dress. “Daddy has tea with me. Mummy makes us cakes and real tea drink too,” Amelia said happily. “Dolly, tea?” Spencer asked, filling her doll’s up with imaginary tea. There was a tap on the door, making the two little girls look up quickly. “Knock knock,” Harry said, stepping into his daughter’s bedroom. “No boys, no daddy’s,” Spencer said, shaking her head. Amelia looked at Liam, confused as to why Spencer was saying no. She would say yes to her daddy and invite them. “Girls only,” Spencer whined. Harry chuckled, “I know angel, but I thought you needed some food for your tea party.” Amelia’s brown eyes lit up as she saw the plate of treats her father was holding. “Cookee? Cake?” she asked, leaning up to have a look. Liam nodded and knelt down beside the little table. “Uncle Harry made them before we got here,” he explained, putting the plate in the middle of the table. “Enjoy Spence and Emmy,” Harry said, putting his hand on Liam’s shoulder. “Choc-let cake,” Spencer squealed, when Amelia added excitedly, “Ss-berry jam cookee.” The two little girls giggled and babbled happily, enjoying their tea party with ‘real food.’


“Colour with me?” Kaiden asked, sitting on a small chair at his table. Spencer giggled and quickly sat down across from him, smiling at the colouring books and crayons on the small table. “Pink pink,” Spencer giggled, reaching for the pink crayon, “pink is best.” Kaiden giggled and kept his eyes on his colouring book in front of him. He reached for the red crayon and whispered, “love red.” Spencer smiled and continued colouring in her picture, giving the character a pink dress. “Like me,” she squealed, “but no today. No pink dress. Pink shoes,” she said, sticking her little foot out from under the table and showing Kaiden her new shoes. He looked down and nodded. “Black shoes for Kaiden,” he said, returning to his drawing. “I have black shoes at my house,” she explained, “bows on them.” Spencer continued talking, telling her friend about random things. Kaiden smiled politely and spoke when she stopped, when he had a chance too. “Kade,” Spencer paused, resting her elbows on the small table and leaning her chin on her little hands, “pwetty picture. Spence like it.” Kaiden blushed and looked at her. “Tanks Spence,” he giggled and put the crayon down, smiling as she stared at it. He picked up the paper and carefully placed it in front of her. “For Spence,” he said shyly. Spencer squealed happily, her little green eyes lighting up. “Pwetty,” she whispered, lightly running her little finger over it. Harry and Zayn walked into the room and stopped. “Spencer loves to talk and tell stories,” Harry said, looking at his daughter. “Sounds like you mate,” Zayn chuckled, patting his back. “Hey,” Harry replied, “well your boy is like you. Doesn’t say much, but loves to listen.”

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❝ I really care about you, Soph. I don’t know how or why, but all I know is you make me happy. You make me want to be a better person and I don’t want to lose that—lose you, ❞ Declan said, running his hand through his hair, frustrated that he was struggling with his words.

This was an unexpected turn of events. Sophie’s eyes widened with every word he said, and her heart pounded at how sincere Declan was. “R-Really?” she squeaked out, putting her hand over her already fragile heart.