Lolla’s Naughty List!

HO HO HO! It doesn’t matter if you have been a good or naughty kid, you can still follow some of the coolest blogs in the youtube fandom. Actually I have no idea of what to write here, this is awkward. Sorry if I forgot anyone. Well, I hope you all have an amazing christmas and new year!

ps: Santa, I know I might not have been the greatest kid ever and I know I hate you since I was a baby but I still want my present and what/who I want is Jack ok, thanks, bye! xoxoxoxoxo - Lolla

b,c,d: breatharries, britaintwins, classyharries, decktheharries

f,g,h: f1nnharries, finncity, finneganharries, finnrainbows, finnsflipflops, frostyphilip, fuckableharries, gaytubers, h4rries, harriesaddict, harriesarmy, harryharries

i,j,l: ilyfinn, itsmufinn, jackandfinntwins, jacksfap, jackftfinn, jackgasp, jacksap, jaydenfinn, lesunrises

m,n,o,p: mistletroye, naughtyharriestwins, ohjacknfinn, perfharries, pleasuremeharries

r,s,t: ratchetharries, santaharries, sassyharries, sexyyoutubeboys, sirposey, twocheekyelves

w,x: weirdharries, x3jack

Merry Christmas! 

There it is, my follow forever! 

♥ cheekyjackharries ♥ spooningfinn ♥ d0ntpanicc ♥ jack-sex-on-legs ♥ harriesaddict ♥ sexyyoutubeboys ♥ ravetime-lions ♥ finncity ♥ itsmufinn 
♥ finnis-notamuffinn ♥ fyeahbritishyoutubers ♥ lovelyyoutubers ♥ princepepper 
♥ naughtyharriestwins ♥ decktheharries ♥ jackandfinntwins 
♥ courtneyyoutubercrazy ♥ finneganharries ♥

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I’m sure I forgot lots of wonderful blogs, but I love everyone on tumblr ;)

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!