The hard copy made it! I’ve made it though a few chapters on Kindle and stopped because this is a kind of book that I need to touch.  

Shut up, that’s a thing.

Imagine my surprise, no my delight, when I found this book shipped to me with a deckle edge. Those make the book magical.  It’s true.  Every single one of my first edition Anne Rice books have this type of page, I have very few other books with pages in this style. 

It’s not unique but it’s not common either. It’s that little bit of texture with nice paper that flows under your thumb, it gives me something to nervously play with when the story is suspenseful or at a climax, and it’s softer than other paper so when you pick it up you understand you’re holding something delicate and special. 

I think it was a magnificent choice for this book and I don’t know if erikaswyler had a hand in it or not but it certainly was the right call. 

From someone who loves books and apparently has some sort of deckle-fetish, thank you.

Real Deckled Watercolor (Miscellaneous)

Real Deckled Watercolor (Miscellaneous)

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REAL Deckled Watercolor Paper

1 PSD file with  watercolor paper on separate layer.

• REAL paper used in making
• See the fibers and texture!
• Easily re-positionable
• 300 DPI
• Highly Detailed

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Thanks and Enjoy!

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Deckled edges…. who knew it was a thing!
video found via booktubenews