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Feel better? (Matt Miller x Reader) (Request) (NSFW)

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Anonymous: Matt Miller x Female reader Boss smut where their together and kinzie finds out and is like ‘really? Youre the president and can have any guy but you want matt miller?“ or something but he overhears and reader makes him 'feel better’ about it? ;D

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Fancy Lads gets you a bonus [FALLOUT VERSE]

Truthfully he would have preferred something more grandiose when it came to a base, but for the moment the Deckers were still a small faction in the wastelands. They needed a place to call home where they could hoard their technology and work in peace without worry that the Brotherhood would come by and raid them. Matt picked out an old subway station they could clear out of vermin and ghouls and call their home.

It was a base of operations to the gang, and though they were small their numbers (and reputation) were growing quickly. It was well known that the Decker leader was quite loaded when it came to caps.

Every now and then someone unaffiliated with the Deckers would come by to sell him some pre-war technology. He paid a good price for it–he had to if he wanted to compete with the Brotherhood–and if they brought any Fancy Lads Snack Cakes they got a little extra.

Because he liked those.

Matt leaned back in the throne he’d constructed from useless and unsalvageable  materials, eyeing the newcomer with an amused expression.

“So, you have tech to sell me. Let’s take a look at it.”