decked out tbh

Imagine one night on the quest Thorin sitting down and explaining in his quiet way that Bilbo ought to learn Khuzdûl, and Bilbo, lover of knowledge that he is, readily agrees, and it isn’t until after months of Thorin murmuring phrases to him by firelight and the clash of five armies that Bilbo is comfortable enough in Erebor to greet people in khuzdûl, and it’s their confusion at his knowledge of their language that leads him to questioning Thorin about it

(Of course, Thorin demurs at first, but eventually mumbles something about khuzdûl being a sacred, secret language, and it being known to none but the dwarves and a few elves, and it’s then that Bilbo realises exactly how long Thorin has been in love with him)

((Bilbo didn’t know until that exact moment that one could feel such exasperation and love so potently at the same time))