deck yourself out


pairing: youngjae x reader

genre: mostly angst x fluff 

word count: 3.050

anon requested

authors note: I’m a sucker for angst. hope I did justice to your request and I hope you enjoy this! big thanks to for requesting!

There’s nothing more embarrassing—you concluded—than being stood up for the third time in a month. It had been four hours since your date was supposed to have started. Of course, you knew that conflicting schedules came with the territory of dating an idol and you had done your best to be understanding of the restrictions. But it wasn’t his absence that really put you on edge, it was the fact that there was never a warning.  

In this daunting age of technology, you figured it should be second nature for your boyfriend, the love of your life, to at least send you a measly text message to let you know he won’t be able to make it. Anything would be better than decking yourself all out and driving all the way to the reserved restaurant, only to wait for someone that wasn’t going to make an appearance.  

Fuming, you yank your shoes from your feet and fling them into your shoe closet. You know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Youngjae canceling a date with you. But he hadn’t answered any of your calls or texts. It was like talking to a brick wall. Actually no, you were positive that at least a brick wall will break under pressure. To top it all off, you were sure everyone at the restaurant could tell you had been stood up. Usually, you hardly cared about public opinion but by gods, you had been so humiliated.  

You know in a few hours Youngjae is going blow up your phone when he remembers that he forgot. If there was something you admired about him, it was his tenacity. But at the same time, you know you can never stay mad at him. You understand that he can’t help it if he’s busy with preparations for shows, interviews and everything else. However, that doesn’t stop the irritation bubbling within you.  

Christ, get a grip y/n, you try to calm yourself down. In a few months, it will be all over and you can fall back to the regular daily life you’ve been accustomed to. Not one where you are constantly plagued with the fear of being forgotten and always checking your phone even though you know there’s nothing interesting happening in there.  

Trudging your feet into your living room, you pull out your phone and mindlessly check if he’s sent anything new. But all that you’re met with is an enthusiastic  

Youngjae: Practice will end soon!! and I can finally be reunited with the most beautiful soul alive :) ah, I miss your face too much. See you soon babe <3

See you soon, he said, see you he didn’t. God, you hate that you’re being so petty to the whole situation but it’s not like you have an on and off button on your emotions. Your father had always encouraged emotional expression and you were positive this could be categorized under that. You mull over possibly leaving Youngjae another voicemail. The last one you’d sent had been two hours ago when you were assertive the waiter was giving you the stink eye because you hadn’t yet placed an order.  

The only bright light in this ordeal is that you at least got something to eat before you called it a night. You flop onto the sofa and close your eyes. Maybe if you sleep it off, you wouldn’t be as frustrated when you woke up. Anger can do a whole lot of things and you don’t want to say something that you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Taking a deep breath, you channel your energy into sleeping for a few hours.  

You’re so out of it that you don’t hear the slipping of keys into your apartments keyhole and even the loud as death screech it makes every time it’s pulled open does nothing to wake you up. In fact, you don’t realize the other presence in the room until you feel the something moving up your arm. In a state of alarm, you push yourself up and dramatically flail your arms around you.  

In swift movements, he catches your forearms with his fingers. “Hey, hey. It’s me,” he says and you realize that thing that had stirred you awake was your favorite blanket. The one you always offered Youngjae whenever he stayed over.  

“Oh,” you can’t help the feeling of disappointment falling into your voice.  

Taking in his appearance you notice the bags under his eyes, they were worse than the last time you had seen him. As always he reminds you of something exquisite and intangible. Even with his tired eyes he still makes you feel a thousand things at once. There will always be something about him that makes you feel safe. His smile is strained and you can tell that all he wants to do is sleep, you know you probably shouldn’t bring it up but it falls out of your lips before you can restrain it.  

“You left me waiting for four hours.”  

Youngjae sighs exasperatedly. “I know. I’m sorry, it’s work and—”  

“Work,” you say incredulously. “I understand work but that is not the problem here. You always do this.”  

His head cocks to the side as he stares you down. “Do what, y/n. You know I can’t help the things that I can’t change.”  

Pushing yourself off the sofa you stand at your full height and he raises from his squatted position almost concurrently. Your thoughts are in shambles; ramming into one another. On one hand, you want to be as brutally honest with your feeling as you possibly can but, on the other spectrum you know if you blow up at him all rationality will be thrown out the window.  

You scoff, there goes rationality. “That’s not the problem. The problem is that you never let me know ahead of time. Leave me hanging like I’m some damned fool… why can’t you just text me? A simple ‘hey, I’m busy. Lets raincheck’ would be better than you completely ignoring me.”  

“I was busy, I lost track of time. I certainly don’t want to ignore you,” He takes a step forward and reaches for your arm. Unconsciously you lean away. “Look I’m sorry, okay? But it’s not like I can be with you every single second of the day.”  

“That’s… that’s not what I want! You cannot not keep in touch with me for weeks at a time and then when we finally set a date, you go ahead and pull some Houdini disappearance act on me and expect me to be all open arms.”  

From the corner of your eye, you can see Youngjae clenching his fingers together—something he does when he’s exceptionally agitated. He had never been the type to get exceptionally angry, to be honest, you think he’d only shown his anger maybe twice in the year and a half you’d been dating him. But for some reason, you want it. You want something other than his strained smiles, and his incessant apologies.  

“It’s really not that big a deal babe. My schedule has been packed really tightly these days and –”

“You’re not the only one with a schedule Youngjae. That’s not even the issue. Why couldn’t you call me? Text me? Anything.

Does he not feel the same way as you do? Why can’t he see how much it hurts to go weeks without seeing or talking to him? Why can’t he understand that you hate calling the other boys just because your own boyfriend refuses to let you know how he is, where he is? Intentionally or not, there is an arrow wedged deep in your chest and you want need him to feel it.  

Now here’s the thing about anger; even if you try to the best of your ability to reign it in, at some point you will without a doubt lose control.  

Maybe you just want to passive aggressively get your point across but words are direly heavy things. One thing means another, you misinterpret the reasoning behind it and suddenly you’re saying things that you would have never said in your right mind, or at least you would have rephrased it differently.  

“I was busy!” Youngjae takes a daring step forward.  

The tension in the air is so heavy that you’re sure if you could sense auras you’d see pitch black. You stand your ground—if you don’t let this out now then when?  

“Then what?! You expect me to continue waiting for you when you wouldn’t bother to meet me halfway?”  

“Maybe if you weren’t so clingy all the time this wouldn’t be a problem.” He says running a hand through his hair but not once taking his gaze off yours. “Maybe if you had a life you wouldn’t be so obsessed with mine.”  

Words really are the bane of man’s existence. When you were younger and your mother had told you in simple terms ‘words can kill’ you had naively thought it meant name calling. But now? Now you realize that it’s more than that. Words that hit your subconscious. Words that hammer directly on your insecurities. Words that for the life of you, you can’t erase from your existence.  

There’s a long strangled silence as the cogs in your head attempt to fathom his words and rightfully place them into your resentment. Youngjae knows he’s spiraled the situation out of his control the moment the words tumbled out from his mouth. In fact, he’d known he’d messed up the minute he’d checked his phone and had seen the countless text messages you had left him.  

“W-what?” you sputter out, blinking a dozen times a minute. “I’m obsessed with you? Is that really what you think?”

“No. I…” His voice trails off and a sense of urgency pushes him to clasp his fingers around your shoulders. “I didn’t mean that, you know I didn’t. I’m just stressed and—”

Fuck, you want to cry. Stressed? He thinks you don’t know that? Every day he’s being worked to the bone and you know. Not because he tells you, he doesn’t tell you anything these days, but because you have to ask Jaebum and Jinyoung once every few days if Youngjae at least had lunch. You know the way he is, he always forgets, allows time to pass him by. 

“Youngjae, I think you’re still not understanding the problem here. You haven’t even apologized. Not once since you stepped foot in here did you say sorry. Is it wrong that I care about you? Is caring about you so horrible that you take it upon yourself to cancel me out?”  

His fingers dig deep into your shoulders and you fear that that’s the only thing keeping you from falling apart. If someone had told you that you’d be in this situation you would have scoffed. Youngjae was the closest thing to Starfire that you had ever known. Something that was so beautiful and dangerous yet burned exceedingly bright. In the grand scheme of things, maybe you should have been more cautious before you fell irrevocably in love with him.  

You can’t possibly understand what’s going on his head and that’s why the words hold more weight that you want to carry. His words are ultimately one of the few things you can rely on. He takes a deep breath as he leans his forehead against yours. You’re tempted to shake him off, but you find out that you can’t bend your body to your own will.  

His hands move from your shoulders to embrace your fingers at your sides.  

“I’m so sorry y/n. I’m so sorry you have to deal with someone who sucks at expressing how much he deeply cares and appreciates you. I’m honestly… I don’t know why I said that.”  

Holding you tighter, you watch as his eyes glass over, and you have to bite your lip to stop your hands from reaching over to grasp his face in your palms. He’d always been a crier, when he laughed, when you watched Lion King and Mufasa died, when he ran over a really Big Pinecone but thought it was an extremely small raccoon and freaked out so bad he was one dial away from reporting himself to the police.

“I never meant them and I’m so ashamed of myself for not saying the things I truly do mean. Like how I’m more than thankful that you’re sympathetic to my job and how demanding it can be. How I’m so sorry that I forget really important things that mean so much to me but bigger to you. You are literally one of the best things that has happened to me and I’m so scared of messing this up but I still end up doing exactly that. ”

For a moment you wonder what exactly you should do. Do you reach over, like you want to, and hold his face? Do you use your words and try to make sense of how you feel? You’re no longer as mad as you were a couple of minutes ago. If anything, this argument has you completely drained. 

In the back of your mind, you know that Youngjae didn’t mean what he said, you trust that. Nonetheless, a seed of doubt is still planted in-between that trust. There had to be some basis of authenticity to his statements. Right?  

“There’s not,” he says and your eyes widen. You had said that aloud? Jesus Christ. “If there’s anything I’m certain about it’s that. How can I hate someone for caring about me?”

“Lots of people do. Take for instance people that call their significant others clingy.”  

He chuckles mirthlessly at your blatant jab. “I deserve that. I promise to do better. I can’t—I don’t want to lose you. I love you so much and I really do not want to picture my life without you. I’m sorry for backing you into a corner and for not being more considerate to your emotions. I should’ve talked it out with you. I shouldn’t have used my work as an excuse for something I had control over. I’m sorry.”

“I’m… sorry for not confronting you earlier. I shouldn’t have bottled up my feelings. I guess I thought I was doing us a favor,” you turn your head to the side because for some inane reason you’re beyond embarrassed.  

Youngjae lets go of one of your hands, using his fingers to grip your chin and tilt your face to his direction. “Thank you for putting up with my blockhead behavior. Also, this might come as a surprise but I was really excited about our date tonight. I’m sorry I didn’t make it.”

For the first time that evening you take in his full appearance. He is dressed in a pair of classic-fit navy dress pants and the button-up collared shirt you had bought for him months ago for valentine’s day. He looks more dapper than you’ve ever seen. Although his eyes are tired you can tell he went through great pains into looking good tonight. 

“Oh. Wow, you look amazing. Very debonair.”

He grins sleekly at you. “I was on my way to meet you. But JYP made us stay back and practice our concert setlist like a billion more times. I lost track of time and forgot to tell you what happened. By the time we finished you’d already left me four very passive-aggressive texts.”

You shrug your shoulders a little. “I was irked. I figured there was a reason you left me hanging, but I was still irked.”

His hands reach over and slide into your hair. You find yourself leaning into his touch. This. This was definitely what you’d been missing. Everything always felt perfectly aligned when he held you and you loved it. There was nothing in this world that could compare to the feeling of being lit up every time he touched you. 

“Do you think you can forgive me? For being so incorrigibly inconsiderate?”

“Probably,” you bite your lip. “If you can make up for it.”  

The stars twinkle around in his eyes and you try not to laugh. The arrow wedged in your chest isn’t there anymore, or you’re sure somewhat of the weight is gone. You’re content that for the first time in weeks you’re not going to go to bed alone. Youngjae is smiling without his eyes, it’s something you can feel inside you, especially because you’re doing the same thing.  

His face dips closer to you. “Oh, I’ll make up for it. The problem comes after that—Tomorrow morning, when I have to go back to reality.”

“Well, tomorrow morning I’ll still be here. So would you. That’s all that really matters, everything else is just extra. I’ll always keep worrying if you’re okay, the only thing I ask it that you worry about yourself too. You’re always bending your back for other people, I just want you to do the same for yourself.”

Youngjae pulls your body steadily towards him. His breath fanning your face. “I’ll do my best to remember. I know you worry about me and I love that about you so much.” His lips are dangerously close to yours. “I will always try to meet you halfway.”

“That’s all I want,” you say and close the distance.  

A/N: oh my gosh, i don’t know if the angst here was good enough but still it would be super cool if people gave me feedback on this! i hope you liked it! thanks for reading x 

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philosophically, if you want to stick it to capitalism,

decking yourself out with expensive material items in order to feed your own selfish desires while tacking on a justification that you’re hurting capitalism is the dumbest most tone-deaf attempt at doing so.

BIGBANG Reactions To You Being Hounded By Paparazzi


You and Seunghyun had just finished eating at one of the fancy exclusive restaurants he frequented, when you heard the distinct click of a camera. You both instantly looked around to find the source and eventually your eyes settled on what appeared to be a high school student dining with her parents. She smiled smugly before typing away on her cellphone. Seunghyun immediately tugged on your sleeve, “come on, let’s get out of here before the paparazzi find out.” You nodded before you remembered that you hadn’t paid. “You go on ahead first, I’ll go pay quickly,” he reassured. The second you made your way out the back entrance you heard a rush of footsteps. In barely a second you were crowded by microphones and cameras. You tried to push your way through but it was nearly impossible. They barely budged. You avoided say anything, as you persistently tried to push through before you heard the backdoor slam again. You didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Seunghyun, since all the paparazzi had begun calling out his name as well. Seeing your struggle to get to his car, Seunghyun paid no attention and successfully made his way to you. “Please let us through,” he first said trying to sound polite. When the paparazzi continued, all he said was “excuse us,” as he began to push both of you through. The second you were in the car and managed to lose the paparazzi Seunghyun looked towards you worriedly, “are you okay?” You simply nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “thank you for saving me back there.”

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Jiyong had told you countless of times that it was better if you didn’t come to meet him at the airport. Since news of the two you dating had just been revealed, the paparazzi and press had been extra crazy. You couldn’t help yourself though, he had been gone for months and you missed him dearly. Before you knew it, you found yourself decked out in a ridiculous excuse as undercover clothing. You were waiting on a bench outside the sign that read “arrivals”, having arrived early. About and hour later you saw the first stream of people begin to make their way through the hallway, and excitement flowed through you. You had just seen the tip of Jiyong’s head rounding the corner when you felt someone bump into you, knocking your glasses to the ground; leaving your face exposed. A second barely passed as you scrambled to pick up your glasses when you began hearing your name being called by multiple people. Before you knew it you were crowded by numerous paparazzi and camera, each asking you multiple questions at a time. Abruptly overwhelmed, you stood frozen in place, your mouth hung open, words failing you. As soon as Jiyong noticed the commotion and recognized you, he immediately rushed to your aid, abandoning his suitcase on the way. He pushed himself through the hoard and took you by the arm and quickly told you to run to the limo waiting outside for him. The second you were both seated he captured you in a tight hug. “Y/N, you nearly gave me a heart attack! Do you ever listen to me? I told you to stay home-” he was about to continue reprimanding before he saw your eyes cloud with unshed tears and he immediately softened,”I’m glad you’re safe. Let’s go home.”

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Being the forgetful person Taeyang had come to love, you forgot to bring both glasses and a mask to disguise yourself as you left to a nearby grocery store. Youngbae had yet to wakeup as you browsed each section of the store trying to figure out what you wanted to surprise him with for breakfast. The young cashier’s eyes nearly bulged when she saw who you were  and you smiled and motioned to her to keep it a secret. You were nearing your apartment when you saw a mass of paparazzi crowding the entrance. You silently cursed and tried to make your way to the back entrance, but it was equally blocked. You quickly turned around to attempt to lay low until they left, but one of them managed to catch the side of your face as you turned. “It’s Y/N!” You heard him shout and you flinched. Before you even knew what was happening you were hounded with questions, microphones, and cameras in your face. You wordlessly pushed your way through; the grocery bag in your hand getting ripped in the process. Just as you sighed in relief at almost making it out you tripped on one of the paparazzi’s camera stand and went tumbling to the floor. You heard them all gasp and decided to take the opportunity and quickly made your way inside despite the pain you felt in your knee; abandoning the groceries. You tried to quietly make your way inside the apartment, to not wake up Taeyang but it was too late. The second he heard the door creak open he rushed towards you with a big smile ready to bid you good morning. His smiled dropped though and he paused as his eyes caught sight of your now bloodied knee and scraped hands. “Jagiya, what happened?” He asked, voiced laced with deep concern. You put on a smile and reassured him, “oh nothing I just tripped coming up the stairs that’s all.” His eyes narrowed, pleading for you to tell him the truth. You sighed, “I forgot to wear a mask and there was a crowd of paparazzi downstair and as I was trying to make my escape I tripped and fell.” Taeyang was visibly upset by the whole ordeal but he could tell you were a bit shaken up, so instead he silently tended to all your wounds despite your protests that you were fine. 

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You and Daesung had been dating for two years now and you were on such good terms with his parents and family that you visited them often. Just like all  the other times, you were on your way to visit them baring gifts (most of them being desserts). You had just reared around the corner when you spotted the large crowd of paparazzi surronding their home. Just then you received a text from Daesung’s mom informing you that it might be best if you came another time. You were determined, though. You had seen how excited his father had been when you had promised to bake him his favourite flavoured pie the last time you came. You slipped on a hoodie, making sure to pull up the hood and slid on a pair of large glasses. You parked your car around the corner so it would be hidden from view, and began to casually make your way down, opting for their house’s back entrance.  You could’ve pulled it off if it hadn’t been for one particularly curious paparazzi. The second he saw you, his eyes would not leave you. The look in his eyes looked perplex, almost as if he was trying to solve a puzzle. You had just passed the majority of the hoard when he finally connected the dots and figured out who you were. It didn’t take long before you were surrounded and your name was being yelled from each direction. You apologized profusely as you asked them to move aside as you were trying to get by but they refused to listen. You had nearly made it out when you felt one of them grab you harshly by the arm and pull you back. The force in which he used caused you to fall right on your ass and spill all the contents of the bag you carried; including the pie. You were beyond upset at this point, but you knew that any wrong move from your part would result in the tabloids making you the bad guy. Just then, you felt yourself being helped up by none other than Daesung’s sister, his parents not too far behind. With their help you managed to escape. They were all visibly worried though, so worried that they couldn’t help but contact Daesung and tell him what happened. He was very upset but above anything else he was worried. He was worried whether you had been seriously hurt and threatened to sue whoever the man who dragged you down was. Once the paparazzi had finally left, and Dae had been informed he immediately came to see you. 

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It was around 2am when you received a call from your drunk boyfriend, Seungri, asking you if you could pick him up. Although, you were annoyed at having been woken up, you still got dressed and made your way to the bar he was hanging out with his friends at. Unfortunately, someone in the bar must’ve overheard your conversation, as the second you stepped out of your car near the bar you were hounded by a group of 6 people, all paparazzi. The flashes on their cameras were blinding as they began taking pictures from every angle. Fortunately, they allowed you through to go find Seungri but that did not mean they left you alone. They followed you continuously, until they had to stop at the entrance of the exclusive vip bar. Once you had found Seungri and his friends you quickly filled him in on what was happening, which seemed to sober him up a little. He suggested you take the back entrance as it was almost always a safer choice. However, the paparazzi had decided to not wait by any entrance and instead wait by your car. You had no other choice but to face them head on. Seungri managed to not sway as he pushed through them. Unfortunately, you were not as strong as he was and could not brush through them as easily. They took advantage of this and instead focussed all their attention on you. You were trapped by walls made of bodies and cameras. Fortunately, Seungri came to the rescue and promised to let them in on a secret if they allowed you to pass through. He stalked towards you until he finally had a hold of you. Not being able to resist the temptation, they conceded. Thinking quick on his feet however, Seungri came up with some bullshit story of how he had been casted for an upcoming movie, which seemed to keep the paparazzi at bay allowing you guys to finally go home. 

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Ruby Redfort Tarot Deck: Major Arcana

I’ve been working on this for a while! I don’t know if I’ll ever actually create this deck (e.g. draw the cards themselves), or even actually do the minor arcana (i don’t even know if I can do them, there might not even be enough content for that)

feedback is welcomed, of course, and feel free to debate my choices/ask me about them/draw the deck out yourself!! I must admit, some of these choices aren’t the best, and I’m not too sure if they all work out well.

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These Summer Nights (Summer Lovin’ Part Two)

Title : These Summer Nights (Summer Lovin’ Part Two)

Pairing : it’s a SURPRISE :D

Word count : 3,982

Prompt : You call Bobby for help while on vacation at the beach with the boys. Things have gotten weird, and they are about to get weirder. Try finding a pair of witches on a densely populated beach with the help of three love-sick hunters. As it turns out, being the only one not madly in love is pretty awful.

A/N : Here’s to the people who wanted tagged! Thanks guys! @voidmaya @xxxfandomqueenxxx @remembervera @bookishdorito @supernatural508

“Wait, what?” 

Sam, Dean, and Castiel all said the same thing the moment Bobby finished talking. You were all piled into your motel room, and if the testosterone wasn’t already enough to smother you, the heat was awful in the room. You were sure you looked two shades redder than usual. You ran your hand over your eyes. It was either the heat, or the way the boys had not stopped looking at you all afternoon.

“You heard me didn’t you?” Bobby snapped on the speaker as you sat down on your motel bed, rubbing at your temple. “Look, I know it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear…”

“Are you kidding?!” You almost shouted into the phone, before you realized you had neighbors and whispered the rest with a hiss. “The one time of the year I get a vacation, and I have to hunt down witches. Do you think I am particularly happy about this?”

“Wait, what do you mean someone hexed us?” Sam asked, standing up from the chair he had been sitting in, his cheeks bright pink. “Did witches follow us here?”

“Look, I don’t know, boy.” Bobby snarled from your phone. “All I know is that this makes the most sense. You three never act like giggling school girls—at least you never would about Y/N. The Cade Ama is the only spell that matches with the way you idjits have been acting.”

You felt heat rise to your cheeks at Bobby’s words. He wasn’t trying to be harsh, but the truth behind his words was blunt if anything.

Castiel glanced over to Dean and you picked up his voice as he whispered, “I didn’t think I was being that obvious…”

“Please, you were following Y/N around like a lost puppy.” Sam snapped, rolling his eyes at the angel.

Castiel frowned and looked away tensely. “I was not. And at least I wasn’t touching her all the time like you were, Sam.”

“Yeah, right.” Dean scoffed, folding his arms. “That’s cause you were eye-banging her. Dude, don’t pretend I didn’t see that one from a mile away.”

Sam shot his brother a savage look. “Way to come barging in and ruin a perfectly nice morning by the way. I’m sorry, but aren’t you the one who friend-zoned her like last week?”

“Hey now…” Bobby was basically screaming, but the boys were arguing loudly now, and the phone was too quiet. You pressed a hand to your forehead in distress. This was terrible. Even though the boys knew that they had been hexed, they still were acting like love-sick teenagers around you. You almost wanted to cry out of frustration.

“Boys!” Bobby tried again.

“I never did!” Dean shouted.

“Oh, that’s right, you don’t care until a girl is half-naked, is that it?” Sam snarled as Dean rounded on him, facing off his brother.

“That has nothing to do with it!”

“Oh does it?! We were enjoying each other’s company until you showed up, Dean.” Castiel added, stalking up to the boys.

“Blow it out yours, Cas!” Dean growled.

“Why are you behaving so defensively?” Cas snarled, his blue eyes like fire.


You were even surprised by the ferocity of your own voice. It shook the room, and everybody stopped. Castiel had a hand on Dean’s chest, and Dean’s hand was clenched into a fist close to Sam’s stomach, and Sam had a handful of Castiel’s t-shirt, ready to yank him backward. For a second they stared at you, a pair of green, blue and hazel eyes.

The first one to speak was Bobby, on the phone, which now sounded uncharacteristically loud in the silent room. He let out a whistle before he laughed. “None of you boys would stand a chance. She’d eat you alive.”

“Can we please stay focused here? You guys need to get fixed.” You snapped, sitting down on the bed.

“So what do we do about this?” Dean asked, his voice tight. The boys slowly stepped away from each other, looking around sheepishly.  “There have been hundreds of people on this beach. We don’t know where to start.”

“Well that’s the thing. This spell is relatively harmless.” Bobby said. “In fact, it’s the exact same magic that cupids use in their line of work. I don’t think you really need to be out there murdering anybody.”

“What?” You whirled on the phone and as you did, you almost smacked into Castiel. You hadn’t noticed he had gotten up and was walking right behind you. He swallowed hard and ducked out of your way when you flushed pink and he offered his apologies for being too close. “Witches are out there, we need to kill them, that’s what we do.”

“Well, until we find out if we are dealing with witches for sure or not, you don’t have to kill anybody.”

You let out a frustrated sigh. “Okay, well, then what do I do with these guys until I get this figured out?”

“Hey now.” You turned as Dean spread his arms with an indignant look. “Just because we got hexed doesn’t mean we are supposed to sit back and do nothing here.”

“Dean is correct.” Castiel added, fiddling with his thumbs as he avoided your gaze, his cheeks glowing. “We are a team.”

“You’re gonna need our help.” Sam said, nodding, his eyes on your face soft and gentle.

“Hexes are dangerous. No matter how harmless they look at first.” You placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder, casting him a gentle smile. “No offense, but I don’t want any of you to die doing something stupid.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N.” Dean smirked, sidling up between you and Sam, pushing his brother away with a flirtatious grin as Sam frowned. He draped an arm over your shoulder. “This is us you are talking about. We aren’t stupid.”

You cocked an eyebrow at Dean, folding your arms smugly.

He raised his eyebrows. “What?” You let out a scoff and looked away. Even though you knew the boys were influenced by a spell, the way he looked at you made you almost forget. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth in a sexy grin and his gaze fluttered to your lips.

You quickly shook yourself to your senses and ducked out of his arms. “I just don’t want anybody to get hurt. You aren’t thinking straight.”

“Believe it or not, Y/N,” Bobby’s voice spoke up from the phone. “You are going to have to trust them. They are the only ones who can identify any witches out there. The spell needed to have hair of the victims in order to have been cast, so it needed to be someone close to them. You’ll need them.”

You let out a sigh and shook your head. This was going to suck.

“Besides, love can make people stupid, but these idjits have never been the brightest anyway.” Bobby let out a chuckle. “You probably won’t notice a difference.”

“Okay.” You tried to smile. “Thanks, Bobby.”

“Stay safe, kids.” And then he hung up. You let out a soft breath and turned around. The boys were staring at you. Sam looked like an adorable puppy, like you were the only thing in the world that mattered at all, his eyes wide and admiring. Castiel looked like you had caught him in the act of checking you out again, his cheeks bright red, and his mouth working as if he wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words. And Dean was looking at you like a guy who could undress you with his eyes, but under all that, you could see a deep layer of devotion that you knew him capable of, as he bit his lip with a smile.

You swallowed hard. This was really going to suck. The three pairs of hopeful, love-struck eyes fell on you. “Okay, I don’t even know how to start.”

Dean smiled at you, his gaze softening with compassion while Castiel took a step toward you, placing a hand on your shoulder supportively.

“How are we supposed to round up everyone on this beach in one place?”

Sam smirked and lifted up a brochure on your bedside table. “I have a suggestion.”

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on the fifth & last day of the festival, everyone will be participating in pride march

deck yourself out in flags & walk to engage the community & show your support & solidarity for the lgbt communities that exist both on a local & global scale. along with our pride march will be the opportunity for some residents to do a 5k marathon or a triathlon to raise money for lgbt charities both locally & nationally. 

the march will be done from the park all the way through the town of magnolia before ending back in the park for a small celebration meal for everyone to enjoy with their friends & family. the marathon & the triathlon will be done on the other side of town near the river / woodsy areas but will meet back in the park to join on the aforementioned celebratory meal. the parade will be completely free & everyone is allowed to attend, but of course – everyone is encouraged to donate ! &, as for the marathon / triathlon, you will need to pay a small fee of 25 / 30 dollars ( respectively ) to register. 

don’t forget to swing back though at night, as we reign in the last day of the festival with fireworks; so bring some blankets or soft chairs to sit on as everyone sits under the sky to celebrate our community uniting.

Tailgate Party Style

Football season calls for a varsity-inspired dress code

Sports fan or not, football season stirs up images of tailgate parties, junk food and jerseys. There are a number of ways to look spirited at games or events without decking yourself out in gift shop gear, so keep reading for our choice of clothing. If you’re attending a tailgate party, start with a varsity-inspired piece like a tee with striped sleeves or a black and white bomber jacket, and keep the rest of your ensemble plain and simple. You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans and comfortable sneakers, since you’ll want to keep warm and stay comfortable. Shop our go-to football pre-game outfits below and show your team spirit.

Model Chrissy Teigen hosting a Jets tailgate party with Buffalo Jeans

If you’re attending a tailgate party, start with a varsity-inspired piece and keep the rest of your ensemble plain and simple.

Outfit 1

Won Hundred Varsity Sweatshirt

Broken-in boyfriend jean in harbor wash

Vans Womens Classic Slip-On Perf Leather (White)

Outfit 2

Classic Varsity Jacket

Eniko Mesh Tank Dress

‘Bartalino’ Stud Embossed Leather Bootie (Women)

Outfit 3

The Fifth Freeze T-Shirt with Varsity Style

High Waist Jeans

Superga Classic Canvas Sneakers

Outfit 4

Sport Notice Knit Dress

Moto Denim Jacket

adidas Originals Gazelle Gum-Sole Indoor Sneaker

Three years ago at my graduation ceremony. The best day of my life because I finally got my diploma and because my Maa turned up in her Saree. She was deciding what to wear and when I told her to wear something elegant and impressive, she asked doubtfully, “Hmm.. Saree? Will that be okay? No one will laugh or think I’m old fashioned right?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or to get upset with her, but I hugged her all the same and told her yes please, deck yourself out in an elegant evening Saree and come traditional.

Even though I come from a multiracial nation, it’s not common to see brown women stepping out to functions in their traditional attire. Why not? It’s beautiful and elegant, and very classy. Why do we have to worry about the views of others when we were blessed with such gorgeous and colourful traditional dresses? Do they have to be confined only to weddings and rituals? I don’t think so. We should be proud to show off our beautiful culture and heritage, and also because, if we don’t, who else will? I was beyond proud when all eyes were on my Maa that night. I was even prouder when she told me that I was right in saying that we should be proud to work our traditional attire. I really don’t care if other people look at me weird because I seem too “old fashioned”. I’m proud of my culture and my roots and yes, we are both featuring our Bindis.

reclaimthebindi browngirlsgang

so you’re going to see darren criss in hedwig...

…awesome! i plan on it, too! but i’m going to guess that for a fair amount of those coming to see him, it will be their first time and introduction to the show. i’ve seen some broadway etiquette rundowns floating around since the announcement he’ll be taking over that can err on the side of lecture-y; this ain’t that (hopefully), but as someone who’s had the excellent fortune of seeing it four times, a few helpful guidelines:

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// My 2016 Events Lineup!

Mark your calendars, we’ve got a lot of fun things happening this year!

Please be sure to read the info about each event detailed below the cut

Art Credit

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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Infrequent Character: $110

Gear up for the upcoming Deadpool movie, or honor his sad, dead comic book self, with these fashionable Deadpool heels!

At our Heroes and Heels shop on Etsy, we offer a Infrequent Character option, where you can request a specific—albeit slightly rarer—character to cover your heels! Fan of Sam Wilson? Falcon heels! Feeling almost as fashionable as the Winsome Wasp? Janet van Dyne heels! Need some Throki? Thorki heels! And if you’re a fan of the Merc with a Mouth himself, you can deck yourself out in these Deadpool heels! We can confirm that even Deadpool himself would be caught dead in these gorgeous shoes!

The “Infrequent Character” option is also the option you would chose if you were, say, looking to wear a particular ship on your feet!


Wear It White

How To Wear White This Spring

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance this season, it’s again okay to start bringing spring colors into your outfits. A look I’ve been really into lately is the idea of an all white everything look (well mostly all white) as an antithesis to all the dark colors I’ve been wearing all winter long. Wearing white gives off a very fresh, clean vibe and not to mention it can help you look really tan even if you haven’t been to the beach yet. While you might decide to try this trend out for yourself, getting decked out in all white from head to toe might not be the best way to incorporate this color into your looks. Instead, try white pants first and then a mostly white top with a print or pattern to break it up a little like I did in this outfit. How are you wearing white this spring? Leave a comment and show me some of your favorite looks or inspiration.


French Connection Jacket //  French Connection Shirt  //  Express Trousers  //  Express Hat  //  Vans Shoes