deck the halls*

The kid I’m watching is watching veggie tales and its some Christmas episode with these southern soccer mom looking country singer characters and at the end they sing Deck the Halls and they literally fucking changed “don me now our gay apparel” to “don some leafy green apparel” I’m fucking SCREAMING

Valentine’s Day Special!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favourite Valentine’s day fics! Enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Valentine’s Day by SakuraNeko, Explicit, 4.9k
After suddenly realizing that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, Yuuri wants to make sure that their first one together is perfect. When things don’t go as planned, will Victor be able to give Yuuri the perfect Valentine’s Day that he wanted? LOVE!

Just go with it, all right? by IdunAurora, Gen, 4.2k
Viktor treats his husband to a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, and as they enjoy their bath together, they reminisce their first meeting on that very day five years prior. The evening that turned from full-on miserable to fairy tale-level wonderful against all odds. THIS IS SO CUTE AND VICTOR IS A HERO

Be my Valentine by dancey94, Teen, 2.6k
Yuuri attends an event for singles with little enthusiasm. He expects to eat some food, have a drink and leave. What follows exceeds any expectations. Cute!

Thick Thighs and Beautiful Eyes by ViktuuriSakurai, Explicit, 3.5k
Or, the one where Yuuri wears lingerie on Valetine’s Day for Viktor, who loves touching and teasing the younger man - especially his thighs. OMG!!

Deck the Halls with Love and Folly by sushicorps (Inclinant), Gen, 4k
“Well…” Viktor starts but doesn’t continue because where does one even go with “I am really a world champion figure skater but I got distracted because I think you’re really cute and now you’re offering to teach me how to ice skate and I’m actually about to say yes?” THIS IS SO GOOD PLEASE READ IT! The author just updated today and added a quick V-Day story!

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Hello neno, can you give me yoonjin fics rec? The smut one which has top yoongi? 😁

if you’re asking for top yoongi of course you should read all @resonae ‘s yoonjin smut! lol

here’s my personal favourite (in no particular order):

happy reading!

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hey buck, do you celebrate christmas or chanukkah? or do you not celebrate anything at all?

my mom was jewish, and my dad was catholic. it was kinda a weird combo, to be honest. my dad died when i was pretty young–WWI, you know–and we observed some christmas traditions in his honor, but my mother celebrated chanukkah, so we did too. she and the neighobors, an old jewish couple from romania who used to keep an eye on us kids while she was working, taught us some yiddish. steve picked some up too, but his first language was actually gaelic, so he had a really hilarious accent sometimes. lemmie tell you, gaelic + brooklyn + yiddish does not make for a very comprehensible accent. poor little guy. 

anyways, i grew up mostly during the great depression, so while we did celebrate, we were very poor, so we made do with what we could. a lot of the local jewish families got together to celebrate–pooled resources and kinda potlucked some things. there were a lot of families with missing members, people lost to the great war or sickness, and we all kinda watched each others backs. i dont remember a lot of details, but there’s this lingering sense of closeness that i still cherish, even though almost every one from those days is dead by now.

the avengers celebrate the holidays together, these days, and between the group of us, we cover pretty much all the winter holidays. thor does yule stuff. jane and wanda are also jewish, and steve does a very catholic christmas thing with matt. sam does kwanzaa, and i think fury does too? the man is an enigma. Dr banner does…some form of seasonal holiday? he says he grew up with christmas but isnt super attached. i think he’s planning on spending afternoon on christmas day with steve at a soup kitchen. i’ll probably be joining them, as will most of the others. scott and peter are at home doing christmas with their families. nat does christmas too but somehow theres a lot of vodka and russian foods involved, and shes been telling thor Krampus stories for like a week now.  tony grew up with christmas but now he prefers to celebrate festivus (though he is all about the latkes), and im really looking forwards to wrestling him later. he does claim to be the head of the household. clint has jumped on the festivus bandwagon expressly because he likes the ‘airing of the grievances’ part.

its not like what i grew up with. there’s a menorah on the mantle over a fireplace thats burning a yule log, and the christmas tree is actually floating about three feet off the ground to make room for the presents underneath(thanks, tony). outside, new york is covered in snow. 

but im here, safe and warm and relatively intact, celebrating the holidays with family. and that is pretty good, my friends. that is pretty dang good.

Looking for a kiss, Person A puts mistletoe above every door and follows Person B around the house. Taking into consideration that Person B is a couch potato, Person A climbs (unsafely) onto a ladder stacked on top of the couch in order to hang a sprig of mistletoe above Person B’s usual seat.

Bonus: Person A falls off the ladder just as Person B walks into the room, and B comes over and just kisses them on the lips before moving the ladder off of the couch and snuggling with A under the mistletoe.

I will now proceed to sing the resident evil 7 trash national anthem.




Please kill me.

Deck The Halls

not my gif


Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: *looks despairingly at the word count* Why do these tend to get out of hand?! Anyway, happy Christmas 8th (aka I feel festive because of December, so here you go)

Word count: 2,025

Imagine: Imagine Percival Graves not kissing you under a mistletoe but not for the reason you think.

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Can you recommend any good fairy tail fan fic? (i already read yours which are golden btw)

Omg thank you so much!!! And of course! :)

Anything of @lonestorm’s is absolute GOLD. Literally. She’s AMAZING. I got the idea of my fic “I loathe you” from her bagel!au that she wrote me lol

@snogfairy writes a lot of good fic, esp her sculptor!au

So does @spikerr for gajevy, and @aya-eisen as well! :)

@epeolatryx writes a great gruvia au called “On Thin Ice”

@nalufever writes my fav NSFW nalu, gajevy, gruvia and jerza fic, “Natsu’s Stars in Lucy’s Sky”

@miss-zei and @sanguine-fairy write a lot of cute one-shots and fics ^^

@wordsofawitheringwriter is an amazing fanfic writer whose AU’s I absolutely ADORE AND HOPE TO WRITE LIKE THEM ONE DAY

@rivendell101 is a lovely person and “Deck the halls, bitches!” By her is AMAZING AAAAA

@summylise writes a lot of cute one-shots that I adore hehe ^^

Check all of their blogs out, they are lovely people!!!!