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How this deck of cards came to be —>
I am a fan of the body so that helped and I don’t know, suddenly I was following all these amazing people on tumblr who were showcasing their bodies in the most artistic/creative/liberated ways and I wanted to join in on the fun I suppose and it was also a way of showing my respect to these ladies/gentlemen/others for putting themselves out there and rocking it. 
I’m pretty sure most of you already know the 12 brilliant humans that illustrate this deck. If not, I highly encourage you to find out ! 
Enjoy it, don’t be scared to get it dirty ! It’s a sign of a well used deck and true fun (or keep it very clean, if that’s what you’re into) !
I thank a thousand times :
@soulescaper​ (who seems to have changed tumblr name) 
@sextathlon and @eau-trouble (who aren’t here anymore but were some of the first people I followed)
& last but not least @a-littleminx (who also has changed name or moved on to greener pastures :)
If you know these people’s new names
and think they’d want to see this don’t hesitate to tell me !
An enormous thank you to all of you for your permissions and general awesomeness. REALLY.

For you, for your “loved ones” or “kinda tolerated ones” I think this could be a sweetass present :D ( if interested BUY HERE )

Review - Primahood: Magenta by Tyler Cohen

There is an appalling dearth of books about the bisexual parenting experience, which is galling on its own but more appalling because bisexual people are those in the LGBTQ group most likely to have children.  Primahood: Magneta by Tyler Cohen, a short collection of her comics and art about the experience of parenting, is a welcome addition.  

Cohen is a gender nonconforming feminist bisexual and her partner is black biracial.  Together they parent Nera, an exuberant, feminine, and loveable biracial daughter in San Francisco.  Its clear that Cohen loves both her daughter and partner, and this memoir is grounded in brief stories about that love.  

I think many bisexual feminist parents will relate to the endless anxiety over Barbie, Disney Princesses, and Monster High dolls.  Because Cohen is fairly butch herself, these struggles take on extra weight as she worries, second guesses, and tries to meet her hyper-femme daughter on her own terms.  The result is an enjoyable (if too brief) collection of parental musings and moments that often spark more questions than answers.  

The vignettes in this short book pack a quick punch and actually leave me hoping for a longer work on this topic by the same author, perhaps after her daughter is grown.  

- Sarah 



live through emotion and relationships.
these are the children of the deck.


Hey you! Yea, you!

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   700+ followers might not seem like a lot to some people, but for me, it’s a pretty big deal; I don’t know where I’d be without having made this blog, and met all of the wonderful people I have through it.

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Thanks again for making my experience on this blog something I’ve grown to cherish;

Happy Raffle, Everyone!


July 6, 2017


by Nsrgnts

Venice, California native Votan Henriquez has prized his Mayan and Nahua roots since childhood. He told KCET that even before teachers convinced him he could make a living from art, he incorporated indigenous patterns into his tags. Through his company Nsrgnts he now infuses “indigenous thought and philosophy” into everything from t-shirts to skateboard decks. When Self Help Graphics on 1st St. in Los Angeles opened “The Art of Indigenous Resistance: Inspiring the Protection of Mother Earth” on Mother’s Day weekend—with support from Honor The Earth—Nsrgnts prepared the way with this large wheatpaste tribute to indigenous women, highlighting a Diné (the preferred name of the Navajo nation), Maori, Hopi, Tsawataineuk, and Kayapo. Believing that art has a unique power to evoke emotion and wake people up, the show was intended to raise awareness of issues affecting native people everywhere.  @nsrgnts  @honortheearthtour  @shg1970