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All Decked Out Like a Cowboy's Dream

[Part of the Blue-Eyed Jack ‘Verse]

CW: food mentions, homophobia mentions, being publicly out

When Jack and Bitty started publicly dating, the internet, well…the internet broke, just a little.

Though they were only known in their respective circles – most of Bitty’s colleagues hadn’t heard of Jack and vice versa – it was a big deal. Bitty was suddenly hailed as the “gay Carrie Underwood” and Jack had to order a moratorium on all jokes about his sexy “tractor.” They got the usual “keep your private life private” criticism from the AFA people (“Would that I could, y’all.”) and some nasty remarks from sports commentators, but it wasn’t as if either of them was coming out for the first time.

Mostly they both just had to suffer through the Blue-Eyed Jack memes. It seemed a fair price to pay for being able to date openly.

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Decided to upgrade my own deck on a whim the other week, and it turned out much better than I imagined, so it’s now up for grabs! All of these decks can be found over on my etsy here, and if you’re interested in the cowboy bebop or trainspotting one, I have good news! I have a vacation coming up later this month and could use some spare $, so I’ve knocked the prices down and they’re going to stay down until the 18th! Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good summer so far and I hope it stays that way 😘

in which dex & bitty have a fight, bitty & ransom make out, dex comes to realize a few things, & poor nursey is ghosted for a couple hours. also pie.

[Part of the Blue-Eyed Jack ‘Verse. Set loosely between All Decked Out Like a Cowboy’s Dream and Kitty & the Biscuits]

CW: dubious consent (drunk surprise kissing), vague homophobia, coming out, canon typical alcohol abuse (they are taking very small shots i promise)


WP: And then Cait said she’d call the cops and those kids ran so fast, it was hilarious.

DN: who’s Cait?

DN: also LOL

WP: Chow’s girlfriend.

DN: wait i thought you guys were all gay

WP: Why would you think that?

DN: ur the Gay Country Band i thought that meant the Whole band

WP: No.

WP: Just Bitty.

WP: I think.

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“Red alert! Red alert! Big red bouncy red alert! Klingons attacking lower decks! Also cowboys in black hats and Darth Vader. Don't be alarmed! I'm here now, I'm here now! Did you miss me?”

I’m still puzzling over this bit and what it means.

Klingons= Sherlock? Because John called him Spock in THoB?
Interestingly, I didn’t realise there was a ‘hat code’ in Western films- cowboys in black hats= evil. (x)

And then, a reference to Darth Vader???

I’m thinking this is again pointing to The Final Problem being in John’s head, John’s version of The Abominable Bride. (x) Both John and Sherlock have the Moriarty ‘Miss me?’ message haunting their dreams. 

Except, it comes in different forms. Sherlock’s is of course Victorian, a handwritten note, with allusions to Alice in Wonderland (x) Perhaps Alice in Wonderland was a story he read as a child and so the allusions ‘bleed through’…

And the very same thing happens with John, except we get references to what he watched as a child: Star Trek and Cowboy Films and Star Wars.


Note: I forgot to do it yesterday, so here it is today :)

Lucas introducing Riley to his parents.

“Breathe,” Lucas said tugging Riley’s hand and giving it a heartwarming squeeze.

They stood outside Lucas’s house, watching as cars drove by. Riley bit her lip staring at the small, picturesque home in front of her nervously. She looked up at Lucas who only gave her a dazzling smile.

“They’ll love you,” He murmured running his finger up her jaw. “You’re a big part of my life and they know that. Plus I talk about you so much, Ma practically knows everything about you. She really likes you, Riles.”

Riley smiled happily and Lucas led her up to the small porch and into the house.

It was an explosion of color and warmth. Warm reds, muddy browns, and soft cremes took over her vision. She was delighted to see little signs of Texas in their home like small knickknacks and pictures of a young Lucas enjoying rodeo shows.

“Aw, Ma,” Lucas groaned snatching an embarrassingly cute picture of him as a child decked out in his cowboy gear crying next to Judy the Sheep from the fireplace mantle. “Did you really have to set this one front and center on the mantle just for my sheer embarrassing?”

“Oh, that one’s my favorite, sweetie, ” said a tall, slim woman with short blonde hair and forest green eyes coming out of the kitchen. “Plus I thought Riley would get a kick out of how cute that one is!”

“I like this one better,” Lucas said grabbing the picture right next to the one.

Riley was shocked when she saw it was from a moment that happened last year. It was captured right after Lucas had broken the record for riding Tombstone the Bull, moments before she realized Maya’s feelings for him. Feelings that were completely platonic but were clouded by confusion. Now Maya was happily on board the S.S. Uncle Boing ship.

In the picture he had his helmet raised in victory and Riley was staring a him with a smile and fascinated eyes, Farkle and Zay in mid cheer. She glanced at Lucas who looked at the picture with pride and a distinct hint of sadness.

“That day changed my life forever,” he said quitely. “I accomplished something that meant a lot to me, but I also thought I lost something that meant so much to me.”

Riley noticed Lucas looked a her subtly and she felt slightly ill. It was the same day she told him she only loved him as her brother and that had taken a great deal to do. It hurt her heart seeing his face so heartbroken.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t lose that something for sure, son,” said a man with short brown hair and hazel eyes. He came up behind Mrs. Friar and wrapped an arm around her and stretched out one towards Riley. “I’m Sam Friar, nice to meet you, dearie.”

Riley took his hand, hoping to feel less awkward about the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Friar were aware that she had once broken their son’s heart. Mrs. Friar broke into a grin and tucked Riley into her arms.

“I’m Cassandra,” She said. “Lucas has told us so much about you.”

“Ma, Pa, is Luke’s soul mate here already?” yelled a tall, fit young man bounding down the stairs. “I’m starvin’! Oh, uh, hello.”

Riley giggled at the young man’s frazzled expression. He looked exactly like Lucas but taller, more mature and with a more angular jaw and pronounced cheekbones.

“I’m Tristan Friar, ma'am,” he beamed. “Also, I’m a military man. Luke probably doesn’t talk about me a lot, but I’ve got a lot to tell you about him.”

Soon they were all ushered into the dinning room to eat steak, potatoes and a salad. Cassandra made the most delicious apple pie for dessert and everyone told a story about Lucas. Riley had told them about the time Lucas had nearly burned Farkle’s eyebrows in chemistry this year. Lucas was blushing at all the embarrassing stories being told about him.

“Okay, okay,” Lucas said calming the laughing Friars and Riley. “My favorite story is the one where I met City Girl over here.”

“Lukie Bear,” Tristan said mockingly. “You’ve told that story several times. The first time it was cute, since it was the exact day it happened you told us. But I mean again! How about the Texas one?”

Cassandra sent Tristan a withering look at Lucas’s and Riley’s discomfort. Realization dawned on Tristan’s face a moment too late.

“Oh,” Lucas started. Tristan started saying it was fine, he heard it before but Lucas stopped him. “No that was another life changing moment for me. Yeah, I won a trophy sure, but it was a time of pure confusion afterwards.”

Riley wanted to shrink into her seat. She wanted to run out the door in embarrassment and pain.

“I thought I almost lost, Riley,” his voice broke and Riley’s heart gave a squeeze. “I was suddenly her brother and Maya liked me. But it also cleared up my mind. Well eventually it did. When I looked back on the the Texas fiasco after New Years happened, it made me realize just how much of an impact Riley had on my life.”

Lucas turned to Riley and she gave him a watery smile. She thought she would see anger and betrayal in his eyes but she only saw adoration.

“You mean a lot to me, Riles,” he brushed his fingers with hers before his large hand engulfed hers. “You make me want to be a better person and thanks to you I have become a version of myself that I can be proud of.”

Cassandra and Sam looked at the pair with a knowing smile. Tristan looked at his little brother and then at Riley. They were looking at each other’s eyes lovingly. He only had one thing to say on the matter.

“So, when’s the wedding?” He joked.

Since that night Tristan Friar knew Riley was it for Lucas.

The Edge of Town

A/N — This is the fourth installment of the HS Joshifer series which follows Under The BleachersThe Tease, and The Chase. It is AU. Enjoy!

My lips tingle, burning and stung and used and it’s a feeling I could never get enough of. He tastes like sweet mint and I love the way it lingers on my tongue, a swirl of chill and heat pulsing through me, even hours later when I’m all alone thinking about him.

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Some of my favourite moments from The Final Problem

Mycroft’s sword/gun/umbrella

Everything Moriarty

Mrs. Hudson vacuuming and dancing to The Number of the Beast.

“I was Lady Bracknell.” “Yeah, you were great.” “You really think so?” “Yes, I really do.” “That’s good to know, I’ve always wondered.”

“Good luck, boys.”

Sherlock Holmes the Pirate.

John, sassy af: “What are you doing here?” “It’s a hospital, any work?” and “Ooh, doing a cavity search?”

Mycroft as a sailor and his little eyebrow wiggle.

“Oh, have you had sex?” after the first note of Irene’s theme.

“In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t really tell.”

Eurus couldn’t tell the difference between laughter and screaming.

“You’re not used to being unsure, are you?” “It’s more common than you think.”

John taking down two security guards like nothing.


“Red alert! Red alert! Big red bouncy red alert! Klingons attacking lower decks! Also cowboys in black hats and Darth Vader.”

“Do you like my boys? This one’s got more stamina, but he’s less caring in the afterglow.”

“Do you have cannibals here?” “Yes.” “How many?” “Three.” “That’s good. People leave their bodies to science, I think cannibals would be so much more grateful.”

“The Hungry Donkey”

Eurus and Moriarty’s little snake dance.

“Do shut up, dear.”

The entire scene where Mycroft and John couldn’t kill the governor. 

“Today we have to be soldiers.”

“This [coffin] is in the lower price range, although still the best available in that bracket.” “That was a lonely night on Google.”

“We’re experiencing science from the perspective of lab rats.”

Mycroft insulting John in an attempt to provoke Sherlock into killing Mycroft.

“Not in the face though, please. I promised my brain to the Royal Society.”

Redbeard being Victor Trevor was heartbreaking.

“You’re high above us all alone in the sky and you understand everything except how to land.”

Greg taking care of Mycroft.

“He’s a good one.”

“Sherlock, you were always the grown up.”

Sherlock and Eurus’s duet.

Mary’s cheesy P.S. message.

John spray painting the smiley face.

The two seconds of Sherlock with baby Watson.

“My Baker Street Boys” was so cheesy but I smiled anyway.

lucaya||day 1 of 104
  • Lucas: He took a deep breath, scanning himself in the mirror. He pulled out what little "cowboy" gear he had, purely to entertain Maya. Usually just a t-shirt and jeans would do it if he was going to be on the farm but he wanted to make Maya laugh so he decked himself out with cowboy boots and all. Adjusting the cowboy hat on his hat he chuckled at his reflection before walking away from the mirror and down his stairs. "Mama, I'm going to go pick Maya up. I'm takin' her to a farm today," he called to his mother, who was in the living room watching 4 Weddings. "Okay, baby boy. Make sure you give her a hug and kiss for me, I'm making pork chops tonight and she's invited if she wants," the older woman replied with a smile. Lucas nodded in response, grabbing the picnic basket he packed for him and Maya off the table and heading out the door. He unlocked his car, putting the basket in the back seat and heading towards Maya's apartment. Upon arrival, he texted Maya that he was outside. As he waited, he tapped the rhythm of the Hunter Haye's song that was playing on the radio. He wasn't kidding when he said he went all out.