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Witches on a budget, I’m telling you, go to thrift stores. (I mean, if you want to. But I strongly recommend it.)

90% of my candle holders and candles in every conceivable color are from the local thrift store. One of them was literally a sealed package of witchcraft-specific candles with ritual instructions inside. I’ve found devotional statues, wooden boxes and shelves perfect for altars and witchy storage, all the interesting jars ever, seashells, stones, altar cloths and tarot deck cloth wraps, offering dishes, chalices, witchy books, tiny picture frames for ancestor pictures, and more. Most witchy things I see don’t even buy but leave behind because I don’t need them or they’re not relevant to my specific practices, but I’m always floored by how great they might be for others.

This post was inspired by the fact that I just bought handkerchiefs for devotional embroidery I’m going to work on, and an oracle deck in its original packaging (in a grab bag of other stuff I’m about to sort through, so maybe there’s more witchy stuff too!), for a total of $3. I’m serious. Just during a brief trip to my local Goodwill.

So, in conclusion, thrift stores? All the witchcraft supplies ever. Do some basic cleansing (usually just a quick mundane wash for things that have an interesting and safe energy to begin with) and you’re good to go.

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Moondust Darling’s 1st Instagram Giveaway!

(Here, I’m known as Moondust Tarot–but did you know that my larger brand is called Moondust Darling? I’ve got a shop and multiple social media accounts that use my main brand name.)

To celebrate the milestones that my brand has met so far, I am hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram! As you can probably guess by the picture above, I will be giving away a copy of the Slow Holler Tarot set! This includes the deck, guidebook, and the cloth wrap as well. 

So, where can you find my Instagram? You can follow this link, or search for me at @moondustdarling

Full details of the giveaway will be included on my post on Instagram–but I want the word to get out in the community here on Tumblr, too! So, if you plan on participating or would just like to pass the word along, reblogs are always appreciated! 💖




FOR gol-d-drake, mikan-neko AND agent-texass

I’ve seen some hc’s of Gavin joining the crew after he’s caught badly pickpocketing Geoff, but what if he wasn’t? What if Gavin was the thief who not only robbed the king of Los Santos and got away scott free, but was cocky enough to do it again and again. The first few times Geoff doesn’t even notice, thinks its bad luck, faulty memory, blames himself for the loss and moves on. So Gavin gets cheeky, takes bigger risks and pinches more and more expensive items, escalating until Geoff notices, then further still until the man is worked up into a rage about it.

When Geoff finally catches him (A moment Geoff swears up and down wasn’t orchestrated by Gavin, but even he has doubts) Gavin is decked out in Geoff’s missing rolex, his pricey cufflinks and obscenely expensive sunglasses, his tailored jacket and his goddamn favourite belt-buckle. He has Geoff’s phone, the keys to one hide-out and half-a-dozen stolen cars, a wallet full of cards and one very valuable custom-made beretta. But Geoff has him now, and he’s going to kill him. Except, well. Geoff wasn’t expecting a kid, and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting said kid to treat his aggressive interrogation like a freaking job interview.

Say what you will about his methods, Gavin’s a bright guy and it didn’t take him long to work out where the real power lay in Los Santos. He had no intention of messing around with low level gangs in the hopes of gaining the right attention, of working his way up to the big leagues. No, he knows his talents, is confident in his ability to talk his way into a job once he gets an audience, and boy does he like to make an entrance.

Poker Face

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 844

Prompt: “Go on, I dare you.”

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    Dean Winchester should not be complicated. He hasn’t been complicated; just give him food or bat your eyes and he’ll give you anything you want, but this past hour has been somewhat infuriating.

    You like to pride yourself on your poker skills, you ability to determine the tells of your opponents while concealing your own. The game was a mainstay in your budget when you hunted alone, and you were quite adept at realizing when the deck was stacked while rarely cheating yourself. Stony-faced, you were the cause of more than one bar fight and made out to be something of a legend. But Dean friggin’ Winchester is giving you a headache. He doesn’t have tells, at least, he doesn’t have true ones. Scratching his ear, stroking his lip, glancing off to the side, they’re all stupid deceptions meant to trick you into believing his hand is good or bad. What really bother you is not knowing how he manages to read you. You keep checking yourself for unconscious tells – hell, you’ve resorted to implementing his technique once or twice, but he sees right through you. Nine times out of ten, he kicks your ass.

    Oh, he also elected to make this a game of strip poker.

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I really like how skam portrayed life so realistically like its the little things but how Isak kinda found out Even liked Romeo and Juliet so he watched that movie to kinda see what Even saw in the movie. The awkward pauses, general small talk, the cast is BEYOND attractive but just the way that they are not always like FULL FACE MAKEUP and decked out in dressy clothes. It made you feel like you were apart of their friend group like the can be people you know..

gosh i love this msg so much♥ and i completely understand you.
they are so real, and so naturally beautiful , it hurts.
And their talent … HOLY SHIT. i adore this cast so so much, there’s no one that i don’t like (well, Thomas Hayes but he’s not on the picture anymore (: ).


Possible hints about Hide gaining power in CCG during :re

I’ve gathered them here for easier access, because they were all scrambled on some of my other posts. Will contain quotes from older posts and also some new things. A theme in all of them depict Hide as somebody with a good leadership sense who wants to do the right thing and is acceptant of others. You can debate why exactly this organisation, but if you look at all the things as a whole it points to CCG.

But first, a few words paragraphs about CCG’s future as an organisation. As we can see, things aren’t going well neither for CCG nor for Aogiri. Marude’s ominous words that there will be trouble in the future if Matsuri takes power and the many secrets and shady business going on behind the scenes don’t really help the situation. So a downfall is a pretty logical outcome, which will lead to CCG crumbling down and no longer existing.

However, when was the answer to anything big in this manga destruction? A positive outcome is usually achieved by change. Most of the Investigators in CCG are likeable people with good intentions from whom the truth is often hidden.The problem isn’t in the organisation as a whole, it’s the system and the way it’s controlled. Rather than destroy everything, there is always the possibility to change the system into something better.

In Hide’s tarot cards and trump card the key words are always: “new beginning“ and “change“ rather than “new beginning“ and “destruction“.

I’d also like to point out how CCG isn’t the organisation’s first name: it was Counter Ghoul Institution, but later on it was renamed. In a sense, we can expect for CCG to “die”  by changing the system and the name, creating an organisation that fights for real justice, both for humans and ghouls.

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also I like that this one explored more of how various groups in society participate in the purge

purge cosplayers, spoiled brats with fancy clothes and decked out guns like this is their sweet sixteen, white nationalists going all out with their stupid confederate flags and swastikas, people searching for victims via homemade, patriotic drones, europeans who come over to do the things only stupid americans allow, purge insurance policies, a literal “bring out your dead” truck, and so on and so forth

@uruhas-thigh-gap so I had a dream that the GazettE was coming to Pittsburgh PA so of COURSE I was there but then I remembered that you were gonna be there too (even though it’s like a 24 hour flight from Australia LOLOLOL) and so I kept looking and looking and looking for you before the show and I FFIINALLYY found you in line. (and oh my god lemme just say you looked so cute all decked out in vk clothes but anyway.) I actually gave you the little duckie plushie then and oh my god you were freaking out cuz it was really really cute. so then to thank me, you snuck me into VIP early entrance and when we got into the hall we pushed our way to front row of the pit. (We’re like the two smallest people on the planet so idk how we managed that but hey, dreamland, anything is possible🤣🤣) unfortunately I woke up before the concert actually started but it was like the most hilarious thing cuz you like literally bull-dozed people to get to front row on the right side to stand Infront of uruha. And the whole time while we were waiting we just like freaked the heck out about being there and you sneaking me in and our fondness of uruha.

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Oh Shiro's shop! Old beat up wooden counter with a glass case beside for ritual knives, happy little bells on the door to let him know when someone comes in, there are prisims, witch ladders & windchimes hanging from the ceiling, tapestries on the walls. The back wall has book shelves, beside them is a shelf full of tarot decks & alter cloths. In the center is trays of crystals that never seem to stay organized until he meets Hunk. Cubbies on the wall by the door full of candles and incense

I want my house to look like this…


While not the classic father figure, TOP would be the funny dad who tends to embarrass his kids when they get older. With that 4D personality, his kids would not be afraid to think outside of the box and be a little ‘strange’ just like their dad. 

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He would have little fashionistas. They would be decked out in designer clothes straight from the womb. As for his personality with his kids, GD would spoil them and never miss a game. He would be wildly protective but still let his kids learn from their mistakes. 

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This man is literally the epitome of fatherhood. He would love every second of it, from diapers to college. No doubt us kids would be well taken care of and loved. 

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Our little ray of sunshine would be just that with his kids. He would be the perfect father who absolutely adores his kids. Daesung would do anything to make them laugh and would cry with them. Daesung would be one proud papa with his phone background always being the latest pictures of his little one.

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Most of Seungri is a mystery, but he would love having fun with his kids. He would teach them the best pranks and tell wild and crazy stories, a trait that I’m sure his kids would pick up on. With Seungri as a father, I’m sure it would be just like he was another kid.

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Witches with stores what do you make?

I know several cosmetic witches. One who does small sewing (please correct me if you do bigger projects) but I wanna know who else has a store for physical goodies? Altar clothes? Deck bags? Quilts? Knitting? Crochet work? Herbs from your garden? Candles? More cosmetics? Stone goodies? Wood working? Forge work?

Tell me!

I mean yes I sell soap and make other random stuff from time to time but I want a list of who does what so that when I wanna spend my money on things that aren’t for the house essentials and groceries I can support others in the community! So please guys feel free to add to this list and folks below that I know of please correct me because I know this is not extensive of your talents just what sticks out off the top of my head.

@kittenwicked is getting into lotions and candles
@tarotofthekittenofblade does makeup and I think deck bags
@thepunkgreenwitch does scrubs, bath bombs, creams and lotions
@daughteroflancre does tarot cloths, wall decor, soon pendulum cloths and other small sewn goodies as well as crochet projects. But is open to commissions for all the things!
@intuitive-rose does oils at times