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Legacy Deck Tech: Merfolk

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we hop into Legacy to talk about a deck that has been around for as long as magic: Merfolks! Granted, when the deck first existed it wasn’t as impressive; you had a Merfolk Lord & a bunch of cheap 1/1 Merfolks; but it was still pretty aggressive. Over the years there’s been quite a few good Merfolk printed and now the deck one of the best decks in Legacy, even though it doesn’t see THAT much play, and is probably one of the cheapest decks too! So if you want to get into Legacy, I would recommend getting Merfolk, since the deck is ALMOST Modern legal; I’ll explain during the deck tech what alternatives there are for Legacy-specific cards to make the deck Modern legal; but the decks are VERY VERY similar. Let’s jump into it!

Tribal Lands

Mutavault is an amazing card in the Merfolk deck because since it has every creature type it won’t just be a 2/2, it’s often going to be a 4/4, or even more, which is a very efficient beater!

In a format filled with Force of Will & Daze you really need a way to make sure your spells resolve, and Cavern of Soul does exactly that! With this land you get a good advantage against control decks and avoid being locked out by a Divining Top+Counterbalance. This is probably the most important land in the deck, I mean, especially since you mostly play basic islands but that’s not the point.

Control Aspect 

There is no way around it, you need to play Force of Will. There is no reason not to play this card if you’re playing blue. It gives you a clean answer to anything, especially for all those combo decks out there. Obviously Force of Will is not modern legal, so if you want to make this a modern deck switch them out for some Vapor Snags!

 More Nope

I think this card has only been added to the deck recently, but it does wonders! Since most of your creatures cost 2, setting a Chalice of the Void on 1cmc really prevents a lot of decks of being able to play while not really hindering you. While this card IS modern legal, most Merfolk decks don’t play any, they’d rather play Spreading Seas instead to attack your opponent’s mana base while making sure you have Islandwalk & you draw back a card. Chalice of the Void is a great sideboard card in modern though.

 Aether Acceleration

I count this card as “control aspect” since it leads to pretty defensive plays a lot of the time. You get to flash in any of your Merfolks for special effects at times you wouldn’t normally. This card is a key piece of the deck and is something that really brings it to another level.

 the Broken Sword

A lot of the decks play like 1 Jitte in the deck, sometimes 2, just for an extra push. The card is so insanely good that if not dealt with will win you the game by itself pretty much. Obviously this card is not modern legal, thank god, so usually you just play an extra random Merfolk instead.

Merfolk Lords

Good old Lord of Atlantis! This card is what makes the deck so good; paired with Master of the Pearl Trident for a total of 8 Lords that grant your team a good boost & islandwalk! You can easily make your team a lethal threat by turn 4 or 5 with these. 

Merfolk Lord 2.0

This lord is a bit more special, you get to pump up your team AND you get to tap or untap some stuff, which leads to a lot of shenanigans and a lot of face smashing. This card is super good.

 Extra Lord

This acts like another Lord most of the time, just getting you that extra boost to get the job done. Though it’s pretty flexible so it let’s you copy pretty much anything to fit the situation; but yeah, most of the time you end up with 16 Lords total, which is a lot.

Merfolk Control

Here you have a very good card by being A) a Merfolk & B) a counterspell. You make sure your opponent has to be careful while casting spells with this and in the meantime you can beatdown with it. Also a surprise Aether Vial-ing in Cursecatcher to counter a spell is so good.


While Cursecatcher let’s you counter spells, Harbinger of Tides let’s you bounce stuff; wether you flash it in with a Vial or just plain cast it, the value it generates is amazing. At first when it came out in Origins a lot of people were on the fence with this card, but all the Merfolk players KNEW this card was exactly what they needed for that little extra control to their deck!

Card Draw 

You get to counter some spells & bounce some stuff; now all you need is to draw some cards! Silvergill Adept is great because it replaces itself, making sure you can get more Merfolk downs faster. It’s just a good 2/1 that gets the job done! 

Big Threat

This is maybe the best creature of the deck. True-Name Nemesis is soooooo powerful; no wonder people went CRAZY with it when it came out. Even non-Merfolk decks were playing this card like crazy. Now the meta has change a little and this card sees less play in general, but it never stopped being anything short than amazing in the Merfolk deck. It’s a great beater that gets better with the pumps and will for sure always connect & stay alive. This card is just insanely good! Sadly, this is not Modern legal, so just switch it out for some Master of Waves and you’ll get yourself an amazing extra win-condition!


That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this deck tech and, like I said, if you want a versatile deck to get into Legacy, Merfolk is the right deck for you. It’s fairly cheap and can easily be converted into a Modern deck by switching out just a couple of cards. You’ll get 2 decks for the price of 1 and in both formats the deck is very good & competitive! Come back next week for another deck tech!

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