deck 16 ii

Unreal Tournament, Deck 16 II, by churl.

My perspective is pretty bad, but it was fun to just sketch this off-the-cuff. “Deck 16” was easily the deepest and best-designed multiplayer map in the original Unreal, and although there were ongoing revisions in all the subsequent Unreal games, Unreal Tournament’s “Deck 16 II” was probably the pinnacle. Anything I’ve got right was baked in from hundreds of hours of playing on “Deck-only” servers, anything I’ve gotten wrong I blame on the ravages of time and booze. Not pictured (behind the ‘camera’) – Shock Rifle (bottom of elevator), Redeemer (above top of elevator), Ripper (bendy hallway) and another Sniper Rifle. 

[Josh says: I love that you did a perspective view of this.  Super immersive.  Come to think of it, I think I’d have an easier time recreating Quake levels as a few through-the-player’s-eyes shots of key rooms than as an overhead map.  Maybe I should give that a shot at some point.

I was a Quake franchise devotee during my first real engagement with FPS deathmatch stuff, so I regarded UT at the time as almost the enemy on an ideological basis, sort of a Nintendo vs. Sega playground argument ported over to college-age FPS shenanigans.  So I have only scattershot (heh) memories of the few UT maps I did play, with their conspicuous use of any colors other than grey or brown and their different look and feel for the weapon selection.  It’s like, flak cannon?  What?  WHERE’S THE QUAD DAMAGE!]