Debating the Gap Year

Debating the Gap Year

When I graduated high school in 2008, the “gap year” was not really a thing. I mean, some students stayed in high school for their “victory lap” essentially completing grade 13, but people didn’t really take a gap year.

The idea of a gap year to me was terrifying. I was way to excited to get into, and attend university to even think about taking a year off to do just about anything I wanted. I…

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I suspect this kind of thing needs to be said more to my sons than to you, but you should hear it, at least once: treat your people well, Shori. Let them see that you trust them and let them solve their own problems, make their own decisisions.. Do that and they will willingly commit their lives to you. Bully them, control them out of fear or malice or just for your own convenience, and after a while, you’ll have to spend all your time thinking for them, controlling them, and stiling their resentment. Do you understand?

Octavia Butler, Fledgling

She knows human nature so well