New blog post about the collaboration we did in 2012 between Decimononic jewellers and Amoelbarroco putting together our singular design pieces under the fortune teller theme for a photoshoot, hope you like it!!

I’ll be back with the blog by mid-August from my new home. And this week…homeward bound!

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What can happen if Amoelbarroco and Decimononic join forces? This is the result, Amoelbarroco aesthetics with a pinch of Decimononic style. May this be Steampunk? May this be uchronic, anachronic, retrofuturistic? Honestly speaking we do not know. However, if there is anything we know for sure is that this is pure Amoelbarroco aesthetics with a pinch of Decimononic style ; epic win, the way we see it. Judge for yourself.

Beyond that, the real essence of the Victorian era aesthetic was intricacy. They loved patterns, designs, and all kinds of detailed things. It was the opposite of today’s minimalist iStyle, and while I don’t think Steampunk needs to be historically accurate, I think that capturing the essence of that intricacy is a great way to make compelling Steampunk jewelry.
I think it’s important that people realize and appreciate the level of fine detail and adornment that existed in the 19th and early 20th centuries. For fans of steampunk, I think jewelry really is an incredible accessory option that should definitely be explored. In addition to staples like earrings, rings, and necklaces, tie/cravat pins and lapel pins are wonderful options.

Decimononic - Beta charm (por Decimononic)


Decimononic presents this gorgeous handmade sterling silver pendant with vintage watch movement.

Further information about the Tempus Fugit Collection available at our website:


As per the autor: Paleblack is the first music video from the independent artist Spiky. It deals with 5’30 of rock / modern / orchestral music. Percussive and dynamic periods are alternating for lull or even arrhythmia making it a complete and contrasted musical experience. (vía ‘Paleblack’ by Spiky | A Singular Soundtrack by Decimononic)

Vía Rebeca Saray Workshop | Barcelona – November 2012.- In this blog post you will find information regarding Rebeca Saray’s workshop in Barcelona (November 2012), featuring some of our fine jewelry pieces inspired by Steampunk.

Photo: Rebeca Saray | Models: Rachel Kleines | MUA: Sofia Sicilia Gomez & Alassie | Wardrobe: El Costurero Real | Atrezzo: Felix Googles and La Cámara del Alquimista | Fine jewelry: Decimononic | Assistants: Juanma Zoombie & Carlos Galant