let me tell you about a character who

  • groomed a little girl into a bodyguard with no sense of self-preservation, teaching the girl word for word that she is nothing. they did all of this to that kid out of projecting and fantasizing. we’ve since seen that this gave said little girl very severe, lasting anxiety problems.
  • took a little boy into outer space, ignored him voicing his concern, insisted they keep going even as their spacecraft was literally breaking apart and risking killing the boy 
  • actually fucking saw said little boy about to fall to his fucking death and turned away to fucking let him fall and die
  • by the way they kidnapped and actually tried to kill the same little boy when he was a baby lol
  • lied repeatedly to another character in order to get VERY intimate with them because it made them feel better about themselves, risking the entire planet’s safety for their own self-indulgence and leaving the character they lied to feeling violated and emotionally torn apart. there is a whole episode focusing on how much this affects the decieved character psychologically.

this character is treated by the narrative as nothing but sympathetic and all of their wrongdoings always end with them crying about it and being comforted by the person they did wrong unto and any sign of them growing the fuck up and developing as a character is always quickly undone so that the show can focus some more on them being angsty

in literally any other show a character like this would be a villain lol

Monster Analysis: Raishan, The Diseased Deceiver, Part II

Thanks to @Viktormon for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 39 Omens
  • Encounter Appearance: 83 The Deceiver’s Stand
  • Armor Class 22 (suggested 21)
  • Speed 40 ft, 80 ft flying
  • Immune to poison and poisoned
  • 3 Legendary Resistances per day
  • 4 Legendary Actions per round
  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 385, 594
  • 520 HP, 541 taken, 28 HDYWTDT by Kerrek
    • 314 taken invisible, pre-Feeblemind
    • 227 taken while Feebleminded

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School Grade: Junior high school

This character is a combination of 亻person and 為 do/purpose. Here 為 is a phonetic element expressing “change.” It also lends connotations of “imitate,” which come from 為’s own origins. An early form of 為 shows a hand reaching down and an elephant. Some scholars believe that “elephant” was being used in it’s sense of “form/image/resemble,” in order to express the idea of a hand making a shape which resembles something. This came to mean “imitate someone’s gestures.” Combined with 亻this gives “person changing his appearance in order to imitate someone,” which over time led to “deception” and “falsehood.”

A hundred caring kisses are not enough,
a thousand tender touches are meaningless,
a million words doused in honey are too bitter,
a billion moments of our love seem so far from endless.
Because they can only be found in my own realm of thought,
and as lost as i can be in this perfect world of mine,
the shivering cold of reality somehow decieves the warmth in my heart.
All you want is to be happy. All your desires, whatever they may be, are longing for happiness. Basically, you wish yourself well…desire by itself is not wrong. It is life itself, the urge to grow in knowledge and experience. It is choices you make that are wrong. To imagine that some little thing-food, sex, power, fame-will make you happy is to decieve oneself. Only something as vast and deep as your real self can make you truly and lastingly happy.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Ouma and Celes Friendship Event

Kokichi Ouma: Celes-chan, so that’s where you were! I’ve been looking for you.

Celestia Ludenberg: Oh my, Ouma-kun… Was anything the matter?

Kokichi Ouma: C’mon! This is no time to be elegantly sipping your tea! We’re in dire straits here!

Calm down and listen, ok? You won’t believe me, but Yamada-chan, he…

inflated himself just like a ballon and keep going until he popped!

Celestia Ludenberg: Oh my, that’s incovinient. Who could I invite to brew tea for me from tomorrow on?

Kokichi Ouma: What? Can’t be a little bit more shocked? Celes-chan, your class is all covered in blood with some more dripping for the ceiling, you know?

Celestia Ludenberg: Well… As long it doesn’t stain my favourite purse, I see no issues.

Kokichi Ouma: Hmm, you’re so cold in face of this great tragedy. Is that the bloodshed experience only a gambler can have or something like that?

Celestia Ludenberg: Cold is an offensive way to put it. I am about to come running to confirm my purse’s well-being.

Kokichi Ouma: I see. No need to worry. I was lying. Yamada-chan and your purse are both safe.

Celestia Ludenberg: Was that so?… I am relieved. I had been completely tricked by you.

Kokichi Ouma: C’mon, lying is bad! I hate when people lie!

Celestia Ludenberg: I said no lies. Ouma-kun, my lines were all true-to-life.

Kokichi Ouma: Eh~, you’ll never quit this “I was decieved” gag, will you?

Celestia Ludenberg: Regardless of my quitclaim, it is a fact. Dohyaaaaa, I was much surpriiiiiiised.

Kokichi Ouma: Whoa~, it’s a lie so blatant that only Gonta would fall for that~!

Celes-chan… Aren’t you completely pissed at me on the inside and want to flip me out with everything you have?

Celestia Ludenberg: Not at all, I am a gambler… I am used to people lying to me.

Therefore, someone lying is not enough to disarrange my mind. Unlike you, Ouma-kun, I do not claim to detest lies.

Kokichi Ouma: Got it! You hate when people tell the truth much more than when people lie, right, Yasuhiro-chan?

Celestia Ludenberg: …Not in slightest. After all, things would become tiresome if everything was a lies the entire time.

Kokichi Ouma: What a joke~, you’re lying~! That’s why I like talking to people like you!

Celestia Ludenberg: Is this another lie?

Kokichi Ouma: Yeah, that’s a lie! Unless I’m lying about lying!

Celestia Ludenberg: Ouma-kun… Would perharps be interested in taking me on a lying competion?

If you wager all of your belongings, I wouldn’t mind raising your bet.

Kokichi Ouma: Ah, good one~! Let’s make it a game betting all of our belongs and our lives!

Translation note: The “lying competion”(嘘のつき合い) part has a pun on “date”.