anonymous asked:

Forgive me love, I have played such ignorance. Clearly a star cannot bask in its own light so you've never seen your glory, Galaxies are ink drops and you are the light. You shine like no other and you bring me endless warmth.

Sweet anon, I like to think I know who you are. That in another time our light met in one moment of blinding beauty. To warm Apollo is the greatest gift, you carry the sun and yet still you call me bright. Thank you, I can only hope that as a star I will know when it is time to fall.

sora-senshi  asked:

Oh my god. Me in the empire, though. Have you SEEN my profile pic? I'd be a freaking blood sorceress in the body of a cute little rabbit-lion-bird thing. I guess that appearances are often decieving. I'll do some art for the empire stuff. Man, that'll be fun. Expect some fun stuff when you come back! As Gamzee would say, "sEe yA, bRo. gOoD lUcK! hOnK hOnK." :o)

Awwww haha sweet! Glad you’re happy!
(Pssst blood magic means you made that body yourself)

And art :D haha geez you guys are all so cool!