Long break is over, time to return to this blog:) Hello everyone!

Due to health/school/work issues, I decided to leave for a while but didn’t expect it to be this long actually. But things are getting better and I’m ready to start drawing again! 

Blog will be updated next week but I leave ya with a couple of previews of upcoming works(some may not be posted but we’ll see) 

May do another post regarding break but later, right now I’m gonna try and catch up with some people:)

That’s it and hope you guys are enjoying your night/day!

Shop Name Change!

Due to the nature of my etsy store evolving into something that I originally hadn’t anticipated (but it changed in a very good way!) I’ve decided to change the shop name to reflect what I’ll be offering better! All links will still work, and nothing is changing the name!
Instead of KittensLilWorkshop it is now LittleBatEmporium! I’ll be scheduling this to post throughout the day so everybody is aware, and I’ll have a shop announcement on the matter as well!
Thank you again for all the support! I’m only a few sales away from the goal I set to have a shop giveaway!


So this a request that was posted back on but due to some issues with the site, I’m having to repost and decided to do post it here too as a back-up I guess. S/N: I did make a few changes to the original but overall, still the same.

She walks into his room and sees her best friend and the love of her life lying in bed, his face pale and even from where she is standing, she can hear him struggling for breath.

She immediately feels the tears well up as a heavy feeling settles on her heart; her heavy heart that seems to be beating even more slowly but as she sees the man the she loves lying in that bed, she’s surprised that it’s beating at all.

I can’t do this she panics. She doesn’t want him to see her upset like this but before she even has the opportunity to move, he slowly opens his eyes with what appears to be a great deal of effort.

The way his face still manages to light up with a smile as soon as he sees her feels like another blow to her heart.

They had their ups and downs just like any other relationship but there was one thing that nobody could ever deny: they were crazy about each other even when they drove each other crazy.

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RivaMika: Ginger Tea

An: I feel so bad for being inactive recently. To be honest my personal life has been a little insane recently, and so I wasn’t able to participate in RivaMika Week, as I had originally hoped to. In fact I haven’t really been posting anything. Part of me is still surprised I even have followers still. Well, thanks for putting up with me. Also: guess who isn’t single anymore? Aww yeah. 

I’ve decided to change how I post fanfiction. I’ll still show a little preview as always, but the rest of the fic will be on Ao3. I’ll leave a link below.

Ginger Tea

Mikasa was beginning to regret letting Sasha convince her to eat such a heavy dinner. Between the rich-tasting stew, the two steamed potatoes, loaf of bread, and the suspiciously procured pint of ale, she had eaten way too much. She had been working hard recently, training with Captain Levi for an extra hour every day, and Mikasa hadn’t seen the harm in treating herself. And of course someone had gotten their hands on pudding and it was such a treat that there was no way she was going to skip dessert…who knew when she’d be able to have some next?

Her full stomach was physically weighing her down though, as if the carb-dense meal was acting as extra gravity. It was beyond just not wanting to get up from the mess hall table, she was convinced she wouldn’t be able stand at all. Her arms, limp, hung at her sides, and it was hard to resist the temptation of just resting her head on the wooden table and sleeping there.

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name change!!!

heyo!! so i have decided on my new names!! from now on i’d like to be called jax or onyx!! i am fine with any of the other names that were on my poll but those two were the most popular and ones that i liked!!

i made a page about my names at /names !!

i will be tagging my personal posts as onyx.txt and jax.txt from now on and my original posts as that!!


So I have been challenged by the beautiful timburtonslittlehelper (who is pictured in some hella old pics above 😘) to post pictures that make me feel beautiful. I have decided to change it up a bit and instead I’ve posted pictures WITH some of the PEOPLE who make me feel beautiful. I challenge the following 20 blogs to either do the original challenge of posting pictures that make you feel beautiful, or to do what I did and post pictures with the people who make you feel beautiful. (Note: alyssa may have already tagged you but I might have tagged you too because we have the same friends what am I supposed to do) I challenge: condvctor ninja-cactus your-dirtiest-secret mamijess rideofmylife burning-upbibles eevee021 phallinangel1 rainonmeordrownmetonight takemeoffoftheguestlist thatoneredheadedpalegirl ajavolkmans notanordinarybandgeek phuck-phan banguienation drangedprincess countryyguitargirl29 dackdaysareover robotmassesreject 1rasc0nwve

anonymous asked:

Are you still planning on posting your Simcology essay thing (:

Yes, Simcology is absolutely still on! I’m hoping to have that up within the next few weeks. I was thinking, originally, that I would begin work on it halfway through the second season, but I decided to simply sit back and observe knowing that the content of my assessment would very likely change somewhat episode by episode given Simcoe’s behavior this season. I need to go back and watch all the Season Two episodes while focusing solely on his character.

I’m so excited that you are interested enough in the project to have asked me about it! For those of you who are unaware, I recently completed a Master’s program in Clinical Psychology, and I’m currently researching appropriate PhD/PsyD programs in the hopes of continuing my education through the doctoral level. Simcology is a psychological assessment that I will be preparing on the character of John Graves Simcoe as played by Samuel Roukin. I’m hoping that you will enjoy the finished product, anon! I have to decide on the perspective I’m going to take in terms of how I will treat and format the narration, as I am not actually observing/interviewing him in person but watching him on film. Also, I’ll be using the DSM 5, and naturally I will have to perform a bit of calibration where his behavior is concerned, as historical differences in behavioral expectations between the world of the DSM 5 and the 18th Century do not easily translate.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Thank you for your question!
Diamonds are Forever, But Watches Wind Down - mackenziebutterschnapps - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford
Additional Tags: Sugar Daddy, Sexual Content, Mild canon divergence, season one, First Time, Backstory, Hannibal is Hannibal, Porn With Plot, Bottom Hannibal
Summary: AU of the season one dinner party, where Will decides to attend and gets to meet another important man in his therapist’s life.

Chapter 6: Having Him For Breakfast


“You took Dr. Lecter home last night,” Jack said. “Tell me what happened.”

“Nothing,” Will said abruptly.  He sometimes had the irrational feeling that people could read him as well as he could read other people. Jack couldn’t, but he had a piercing glare that was a good enough bluff to make Will feel uncomfortable at times. It was like a parent saying “I know what you did,” and then sitting back and waiting for the child to blurt out all their transgressions under the pressure. “He’s fine, physically. Recovering. Holding up as best as can be expected.”

“Did he say anything to you about Tobias Budge?”

“He didn’t really want to talk,” Will said.

“Do you think he would come down and let us take some photographs of his injuries?”

“Is there something wrong, Jack?”

“I sat in on Budge’s autopsy this morning. I don’t know if the injuries fit the story Dr. Lecter is telling. Besides the skull fracture that ended his life, Tobias Budge had a crushed windpipe and a broken arm. Each of those injuries would have taken a considerable amount of force. Budge was a strong young man who had killed before. Dr. Lecter walked out of that office on his own steam.”

“Do you think Dr. Lecter is lying about what happened?”

“I think he might be misremembering.”

Hey guys, made some changes!

I’ve decided to make my Tumblr strictly about my artwork!

Originally it was something just for fun, but now I’m wanting to take my artwork a bit more seriously.

So the only things you’re really gonna see on here now will be sketches, full pieces, and any updates about my artwork or important things. I’ve cleaned up all the irrelevant posts on my blog.

Also you guys can still follow me on Deviantart:

I’ll be making some changes there soon. And reminder that OC Point Commissions are still open!!

And follow me on my other Social Media

INSTAGRAM: (I’m very active on here.)


These aren’t totally exclusive for my art; you can see some of the weird things I do in my daily life there.

So yeah…

Shameless self-promotion!

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did you and Levi work things out? I just hope for happiness for you in whatever you choose 💞

This is going to be slightly long because I have not taken the time to post about this for several reasons. Yes I have decided to try and work things out with Levi. I believe in second chances as long as a person is truly open to change. What he did was wrong and there is no excuse however it was not as bad as I had originally believed it to be. Overall his intentions may or may not have been what I had originally thought.. Along with the second chance there was a few contingencies that he has completely agreed to.
Thank you for your kind words

I wasn’t going to post this piece because it’s not my original design. The original is by @marijatiurina it was done with the permission of the artist. I spent a lot of frustrating hours trying to create an original/my version piece for this client, before they finally decided they were dead set on the original (with a few tiny changes). I almost said I couldn’t do this piece, but I’m glad I did because it was a great learning experience for me. In the end it was fun and it turned out to be one of the best pieces I’ve done… But please be kind to your artists, be aware and respect their time, and be confident in what you want. <3


I guess I finally convinced myself to post this? XD The first pic is the original, so of course credit goes to the original artist! I wish I had a source for you guys :/ But I decided to change it up a bit and make Mikado look a little happier about kissing Izaya ;D And I tried to add some shading. It took well over an hour, but I’m happy with how it turned out :3

seeing as the whole no makeup no filter thing is still apparently relevant (like why though do u actually think we have 8 foot lashes naturally ?????), i decided to do it for myself. the only thing i changed about the original picture is the fact that it’s now bordered by white. this is actually the best ive felt about myself ever (which is still shit but baby steps, yeah?) and im at the point where im comfortable enough to post this. as a point i need to make because of all of the comments ive seen, a persons makeup is not “false advertising” or “attention seeking” or “just to impress guys (or females if you are a male that is attracted to females orbs female that is attracted to females)”. a person will wear makeup for confidence or show or merely just to feel a bit better about their appearance. and while, yes, sometimes it is to attract a person, that is nobody’s place to comment. im in no way saying these are the only reasons for applying cosmetics so please don’t waste your time typing out a negative reply like “not everyone only wears makeup because of _____. ur a stupid bitch !!!!”. it’s not worth it. just don’t. regardless, if a person is comfortable enough to show their face without makeup or without a filter (when they commonly dis apply makeup and or filters to their photos) on a place as brutal as social media without shame, the only thing you should do is either a) give them confidence !!! or b) keep scrolling nobody wants your negativity bye. my face, my skin, my being in it’s natural self is not something i will be ashamed of.


I’ve made some very minor changes to Logic’s blog, as well some rewording of his character bio on the headcanons page. 

This includes slight rewording on those long posts explaining how his body works that are linked there and the relationships page. The rules page has also been entirely redone.

In addition, I’ve created a page detailing the original Cecil Fournier, Logic’s brain map and coder! It’s probably a massive W.I.P., but I’m done writing it for now.

It can be found right here!

Public service announcement:

Since it turns out that hyphenated Tumblr URLs and tags are… well, let’s be polite and call them a sub-optimal solution, I’ve decided to change my username from pencil-monkey to [drum roll] the incredibly original PencilHyphenMonkey! Yay, woo! Etc.

I still own the pencil-monkey URL, and have put up a redirect, so if you try to find me there, you should automatically end up here. Please use ‘PencilHyphenMonkey’ when tagging any posts about me.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!



needless to say the filters changed it back automically

anonymous asked:

Do you still like merome? I mean most of your posts rn are like phan and fob and p!atd so do you still like merome?

This might not make sense but I at least put in effort and tried

First, I think you meant to send that to my main blog. This one use to be thepack5ever but I changed it to merome5ever because I changed the original merome5ever to psycho-suiteheart. (Not really sure what I just said there)

But to answer your question, yes, I do still ship Merome. I’ve just been getting quite bored with minecraft youtubers lately because they all pretty much just do the same thing over and over again. Like they never really do anything new. And since I really never posted minecraft things on my main blog, I decided to change the user to something that actually had to do with the blog. And since I didn’t want anyone to take my name and say that they’re me, I changed this one to merome5ever. (I also like it better than thepack5ever) But I’m probably also going to change my wattpad to psycho-suiteheart and possibly make a new Twitter with that name.

But I’ve been watching minecraft youtubers for about three years. And I love them to death as people but they limit themselves to just minecraft, and like I’ve said, they started to bore me.