Haha I’ve decided to post my entries for July’s contest here just for the ha items because I was afraid of cluttering the forum q`<`q;;;
I would have just made the items for the original but I couldn’t help myself and went for the alt. (click for captions! If they work— =`w`=;;;)
But I changed the alt so it has a more “cooler” look to it. I like it better tbh
EDIT 2: You can vote here by the way!(thought I should add that sorry =`^`=;)

I am excited to announce the listing of many original collages both new and old in my revived etsy shop in an attempt to live a life sustained by creating work that is fulfilling and healing. After a recent change in job paths I have decided to devote my time almost entirely to manifesting the reality of making art making a reality. I know this challenge will be difficult but after a lifetime spent barely scraping by I can’t afford any other path. This is my calling and so I must answer. And that means you you will be seeing much more frequent posts as I experiment with putting myself out there into the universe and I hope to maintain a flow of sustained soul-filling satisfaction as provided by the divine wonder of creation. Thank you for all your support over the years and for following along in my journey of discovery and growth. If not now, then when?

Happy full moon, new month, new you! Unfolding true.

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You used (see: reposted) the artists' work without their permission first. The tattoo looks gorgeous, and I'm really happy for you, regardless! But I don't think taking the matter into grey areas is going to change that you used an artist's work (in any way or form) without their permission. It's just sort of common sense.

I didn’t though… I posted a personal poll-type to be deleted post to see which crown fit better according to my followers because I couldn’t decide lol. the original image was this one: 

by alex_tabuns

I then proceeded to reblog my original ‘’hey look at my tat that I’m sharing’’ post and add their username in order to credit. BUT!! I did not ask for permission, you’re right, I got too excited to show the ink that I got ahead of myself! I’m gonna message them about that as well. I guess I’ve gotten so used to people reposting my work and me not caring that I completely forgot there’s people who might and do care, rightfully, so that’s definitely my bad. 

The clock laughs at your pain

(Changed the thing to grey scale again. The colour on the laptop is different so it looked like darker grey when I made it yellow originally just to be easy on my eyes and make it white later, I’m dumb.)

God finally, that tone really killed me I couldn’t decide and it took so long I just gave up on the thought bubbles. My hand hurts really badly now.

I’ll upload one page at a time when it’s done then post a collection hopefully.

A re-drawing of my old Twilight Trio Drawing. I changed the poses and the lineart technique, but I still stuck with cell shading to try to mimic the original. The old one was one of my favorite drawings a few years back so I decided to re-draw it now (I can’t remember the exact year I drew the old one but I think it was like a bit over 2? Closer to 3 though)

I’ll probably post a side-by-side later but for now the link will have to do :) 

The Artist Formerly Known as Dreams from Aeden

Decided since this blog is mainly magic related, I thought a name change was in order, and while seeing flavoracle‘s post of his sick Niv Mizzet mousepad and how he should go to bed

So I came up with Izzet Somnomancer, or an Izzet dream mage. I dig it, lets me keep what the blog’s name was originally about while getting to express my love of Magic!

hey guys, here’s some updates!

Sorry for the inactivity lately. I’m actually still on vacation! I won’t be home until Monday so I won’t be on regularly again until then. In the meantime I’ll queue up some pixiv art with permission (as I usually do). 

When I get back I’m going to change how my hetalia spams go. Based on the 200+ people who graciously completed my survey, I’ve decided to queue most of the posts that I originally would reblog in a row. There will be some experimenting with how much and how often I will have the queue post things, so please bare with me when that time comes! I will have the tag #queuerosie at the end of my queue posts so you know if I’m online or not. Thanks for sharing your opinions and helping create a better blog ^^

See ya on Monday!


lmao tagged in the 6 selfies thing again by etherealbat , but this time i decided to change it up and post 6 selfies i never thought i would post, and boy oh boy let me tell u these are not thing i planned on letting the world see(and this isn’t even the worst of it omg)

im tagging sagittarioh, hipster-noya, agendertsukishima, shavntal, trashuyasha, arianasgrandefrappuccino, thepuddinghead, oikawaaa, honngyu annnnnnd praisearmin
u guys can either do the original or this one, or not do it at all rlly it’s up to u <3 

I expect I’ll have a lot of time on my hands until I go on holiday from work in about three weeks. Almost everyone in the office are off for their vacations etc. and since a receptionist’s work is mostly reliant on what goes on in the building, I have nothing to do.

Therefore I’ve decided to work on a rewrite of a very old Stargate fic of mine (originally posted on dA, but it has since been removed). I still really like the general story, but there are a lot of things that need fixing -grammar, clichéd dialogue (that’s fine for the Goa’uld, but not for the rest), etc. I’m also planning on completely changing the story’s bad guy… Hmm. We’ll see.

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I don't think rih cares about some instagram mess for the blogs that doesn't involve her because she was still at that club hangout AFTER he posted that on instagram and he was still seen talking to her bodyguard. She still went to the BET awards slaying from her seat( that was originally meant for CB). If robyn and chris are friends than obviously that other stuff doesn't make or break it and our judgement of them means nothing at all and wont change whatever they decide to do with their lives.

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  1. Why did you choose your URL? Xoblivium well  was a last resort, I really wanted o “Oblivium” or “Oblivion”. But the name definition does not change Oblivion just means “to be forgotten” and Oblivium is just the latin version of it but since Etro script is based of lation it made sense.The name originated from a post by the precious cinnamon kairoscuro  when she made Caius post with “Bastilles - Oblivion but I believe Walk to Oblivion is more so Caius . So I adopted it and decided to give it a deeper symbolism, at the beginning of the song imagine all those questions and the songs reflection be surrounded Yeul and Caius at the time.  “Are you going to age with grace? Are you going age without mistakes. Are you going to age without grace? Are you going to leave a path to trace?” Another thing to note is his famous line with Lightning “Oblivion is the fate of all things” .
  2. What is your middle name?  Hahaha, where you expecting me to tell you that? However I will give you this, Its  derived from Irish Gaelic Tir Eoghain meaning “land of EOGHAN”  and som cases means “Noble One”
  3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? Dragon
  4. Favourite colour(s)?  Blue, Turqiouse, Black, Purple, Sienna, Dark Greens. 
  5. Favourite song?    Too many to name but my blog song kinda says the obvious
  6. What are your top five fandoms? Dragon Age, Witcher, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear series
  7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? Met a lot of people actually some good , some bad and some I consider them very pleasant company. Another is the quality of interesting stories people tell on here and supporting them as well. 
  8. Tag 9 of your Tumblr crushes: neoicebreaker , omnesindicium  , fearsiphon , kairoscuro , avaliantqueen , crimsonbokometeor , scindeva , summoners-pathfujxn  , equitasx ,  viigere , fearsiphon ,  kairoscuro , blessedbycrystal ,neuroticbanana   ,  sungoddessre  ,  tireurae , ask-xion-the-memoria
Ryulong loses admin rights, RW editors realize he's toxic to their site

Rights log (JJJS originally stripped Ryulong of powers, restored them until the site decided what to do with him, and Ryulong took them away himself):

What broke the camel’s back about his abuse of powers, is that someone went around and changed Ryulong’s name on his posts, and he went overboard with protections and blocks:

Drama galore on the Chicken Coop, when users get banned, and content gets black holed, regarding GamerGate:

One editor rightly points out that trying to hide information about Zoe Quinn’s legal issues, when those use her real name rather than her pseudonym, is hypocritical since RW fully used Conservapedia’s admin’s real names on their RW pages.

Block changes:

To summarize, Ryulong is toxic to any Wiki he’s on, by his inability to realize that it’s not his space. RationalWiki is hypocritical about what’s wrong and right on their site. No one can ever insert anything positive about Gamergate on RationalWiki because it’s seen as editing in bad faith. The RW GG page continues being very wrong because of issues with Ryulong and a lack of critical thought.

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Hi there! So I'm fairly new to your blog (as several other anons who have written in today seem to be as well lol), so I apologize if you've already posted about this at some point. I was just wondering what the deal was with the whole conspiracy about the creators of the show South Park (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) being the perpetrators of the Columbine shooting? I've been hearing about it for years but don't know much about the origins or anything like that. Much appreciated!

Hi and welcome! I have actually never posted about this before. Basically what happened, is some dumbasses got together and decided that the Columbine Shooting was a hoax, and that Eric and Dylan never died. They were claiming that Eric and Dylan had changed their identities and became Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They said that you can spell Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold by taking the letters from Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and Kyle Broflovski

Eric Harris = Trey Parker and Dylan Klebold = Matt Stone

It actually doesn’t even spell their names. Some letters end up missing. Trey Parker is actually from Colorado but Matt Stone is from Texas and he went to college in Colorado.

Long story short…People are stupid and there is absolutely NO truth to this whatsoever.

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do you ever wish you hadn't put certain tags on a post because people add them later and then don't really pay attention to the original post, only your addition?

No, I don’t. I write my thoughts out in tags, any thought, really. If they’re complex and poetic, or if they’re just “oh fuck” repeated again and again. And let it be known, that I have never asked for someone to add my tags. Am I ecstatic when they’re added? Of course I am. Someone, somewhere, decided that my words were worthy. Thet they would be an extension of the original. I’ve never looked at a post with added tags and been distracted by them and forget the original. 

When someone adds tags to my poetry, or post or even edits, I am moved. Because someone saw my work and become inspired by it. It’s an honour, to me. 

I also tend not to regret things, we are the universe for but a moment, and life is so very short. I’m not going to spend however long I have, in regret of something I cannot change. For I refuse to change myself. 

hooook so here’s the scoop. This piece is obviously reeaaaalllyyy messy and the anatomy is whack in a lot of places. Truth is, it’s actually from January last year, and I’ve improved a lot in that time. But I always loved the concept for this piece and really wanted to come back to it, and seeing Sora’s new KH3 palette inspired me to finish it. 

Because truthfully? It was ALWAYS supposed to be a palette comparison piece. And with Sora’s KH3 palette even more beautifully conforming to Vanitas’s, I couldn’t just let it be.

There was a lot of fucking around involved in this, though. 

Hrere’s where I left the original. So, not a huge change, but enough that I needed to do quite a bit of editting (and the original is full of editing too– I should post the actual sketch sometime) 

I decided to focus on the colours, though, so Vanitas’s lineart is p.much unchanged, and I didn’t touch Sora’s until the last phase.

There’s no colour between these two that isn’t shared aside from their hair and eyes. Lots of people tend to write and draw Vanitas as paler than Sora but I double checked his textures and there’s actually no difference. 

So, yeah. Last thing: I did Sora’s keychain last and it was the easiest part, funnily enough. I just discovered SAI’s increment selection function and I just drew the colour> selected it > incremented > coloured dark underneath > locked the opacity on the original layer > added shadows/ highlights.

Fun stuff.

The actual title of this piece is ‘My Enemy, My Friend’.
Change Chapter 5: Writing The Letter

PLOT: (Post 2x22) After being cursed for six months, Hayley returns to the compound. Caring for her brother’s future alongside the mother of his child, Freya proposes eight steps of receiving forgiveness, to her brother, Klaus, which she hopes, will guide him towards redemption. As Elijah struggles with the loss of Gia, Klaus is forced to renounce his pride, in order to win Hayley back.

Chapter 5, Writing The Letter: Taking Marcel’s advice, Hayley decides to return to the compound to see her daughter, trying to avoid Klaus in the meantime. Klaus and Elijah have a discussion at the lunch Klaus had prepared for his brother, in order to talk about their issues. Later, Hayley joins them, leading to flames and anger once more, as she talks about the possibility of renewing her marriage vows with Jackson. Marcel calms the spirits at the appropriate time. Freya gives Klaus the fifth step to forgiveness with Hayley, as he finds it extremely difficult. Hayley receives a gift at her door which touches her heart, and at long last, Davina succeeds one of her goals.

Ordinary Heroes and Unfinished Fairy Tale Character Tags Now In Use

After some consideration and consultation, I’ve decided to start using tags for the original characters from Ordinary Heroes and Unfinished Fairy Tale. Due to the huge amount of posts I’d have to go back an alter, I will not be changing old posts to reflect this. Instead, all posts from now on will be using these tags. Here are the tags you can expect to see:

From Ordinary Heroes:

  • Diana Yun-Farron
  • Averia Yun-Farron
  • Claire Villiers
  • Ice Villiers
  • Alyssa Villiers
  • Raine Dia-Estheim
  • Nathaniel Dia-Estheim
  • Peter Dia-Estheim
  • Fraise Dia-Estheim
  • Chirpy
  • Mr Cuddles
  • Taren

You might be wondering about the last two, but both Chirpy and Mr Cuddles appear frequently enough to justify their inclusion. Chirpy, in particular, appears fairly often. These tags should make it easier for you to find snippets and posts related to particular character (e.g., if you want to find more of Diana’s craziness or Averia’s attempts to keep things under control). Taren gets a tag too, even if I still haven’t decided whether or not he exists in the main timeline.

From Unfinished Fairy Tale:

  • Luna
  • Alison
  • Li
  • Jason
  • Xanthea
  • Chomp
  • Fluffy

At this stage, I don’t think I’ll be using the surnames of the children. There is a simple reason for this: I haven’t decided yet what their surnames will be. This is especially pertinent in the case of Blake/Yang and Ruby/Weiss in which the tradition of using the husband’s surname does not apply. Chomp and Fluffy get their own tags because they appear reasonably frequently (especially Chomp). I expect to add more tags for this as the children of the other characters appear. I can confirm, for example, that Ren and Nora have children and that Velvet has at least one child (who I am leaning toward naming Silk because it makes me laugh).

If you can think of anyone I’ve missed who you think deserves a tag, let me know. Keep in mind that canon Final Fantasy and RWBY characters (e.g., Fujin and Ozpin) will, naturally, have their own tags. This post is about original characters.

I feel sort of important now..

- Makes post on tumblr

-Get anonymous response missing the entire point of post.

- Gets another response that wants to correct me on what I said on original post.  Makes a good point BUT doesn’t want see if I’ve changed my mind since they replied anonymously.

- Another anonymous person responds telling me that my enjoyment of a character is stupid.

3 people decided to take time out of their days to anonymously send me messages! 

Q&A Tumblr Post

1. Why did you choose your URL?
🌙 My original URL was melodicxparadise, but I decided to change it because I thought castawayflight better represented who I am — someone who could never fit into the crowd and always longed to travel/visit new places. Plus it sounded cooler haha 😝

2. What’s your middle name?
🌙 Kim… Probably/most likely the most commonly used middle name for any asian EVER, but I still like it

3. If I could own a fairytale fictional pet what would it be?
🌙 Definitely a phoenix! They can cyclically regenerate and be reborn from ashes, so basically… THEY’RE IMMORTAL 🔥

4. What’s your favorite color?
🌙 BLUE 💙 You could definitely tell if you saw at least half the stuff I own haha!

5. What’s your favorite song right now?
🌙 Ugh I hate choosing favorites, but at the moment, Bad Blood by Taylor Swift and Proof by Paramore are stuck in my head 🎧

6. What are your top 3 fandoms?
🌙 WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? Sigh… currently it’s 5SOS, TMI, and THG (I re-read some of the books and instantly fell in love with them again… with 5SOS, they’ve been up there for quite some time now)

7. Why do you like Tumblr?
🌙 I love meeting and interacting with people who have similar interests as me! Also, I can get a hold of lots of pictures/videos/info/etc…

I’m tagging: calhooked, calumermaids, cuddlingwithcalumhood, illvminescent, officialmichaels