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We Have Rules For A Reason [Chapter 2]

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Chapter 2 of We Have Rules For A Reason

Read Chapter 1 Here

Overview: Mark has slipped into your office and things get steamy

Genre: AU/Smut

Warnings: Adult Content, Mature Language

Admin Note: Since I have decided to update this series twice a week, the chapters may be a little bit shorter. Thanks in advance for your understanding :)

You cautiously stepped backward until you felt your thighs against your desk.

“I’m sure whatever is can wait until business hours tomorrow, Mr. Tuan. I have a lot to get done before we close.”

Mark inched towards you, removing his suit jacket and hanging it over the couch near the door. The air of confidence in which he moved intrigued you. Your eyes never left him as he drew closer and closer.

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╳ Bard had not meant to stray far away  from Dale– he was wise enough to know that a King’s bed being found cold in the morning would start a panic, especially with how fragile his reign still was–  but he hadn’t exactly planned on staying within the City’s walls either. 

He had a yearning to escape, if not just for a little while, into the open space around him. Bard was not a man who could simply be chained down to a chair, even if that chair was a throne. He needed fresh air, a cool breeze, a break. And though he knew it was not exactly the wisest move, it could even be described as childish, Bard decided to simply… leave. Only for an hour or two– or so was his initial plan. 

He waited until his children were safely asleep in their beds, until the guards were about to change (Guards. A small number of them, yes, but still, Bard could not wrap his head around needing guards.)  to slip out quietly into the night. With the hood of his cloak up and good timing he managed to make it out of the City with no fuss. The fresh air on his face felt heavenly as he rode his steed fast through the night, a hearty laugh falling from his aching lungs. Valar, did it feel good to be free.

That is, until Bard lost his way.  Horribly

Something he didn’t think was possible, given the amount of times he had traveled through here as a boy. But as the sun came up, as the birds started chirping, Bard knew he was–for lack of a better term– screwed. He had barely touched the forest of Mirkwood, hadn’t he? He could not have gone that far. Certainly he wasn’t that foolish.

But as hours passed and he still could not find his way, Bard realized he must be much more stupid than he had ever given himself credit for. Everything looked the same. Perhaps he should stay in one spot? Surely someone would come looking for him shortly. 

It seemed like a decent plan as Bard dismounted his horse by the side of a small creek, careful not to let him or the animal drink any of the water that ran from it. He had enough sense for that.

Hours passed, the temperature dropped quickly, and without water or food, Bard knew he wouldn’t last very long.  Certainly someone would find him by morning. Sitting down at the base of old tree, his legs giving out from under him, Bard closed his eyes. His head ached, his mouth was extremely dry, and he couldn’t remember why he shouldn’t just crawl into a ball and sleep. Shaking from the cold, his body lost as the blackness quickly pulled him under. ╳ 

  • Professor: Why weren't you in class today?
  • Me: I overslept
  • Professor: Why?
  • Me: Well, you see, last night's Supernatural episode, Don't Call Me Shurley, aired in the US at 9/8 central, therefore 2am here in England. Now, I know what you're going to say, and you're right, I could have waited until morning to see it, but you see, I knew that Chuck would be in it, and that's a big deal to me. I had fully intended to go to sleep straight after the episode, however, Robbie Thompson decided to write one of the best episodes of Supernatural in all eleven seasons, and succeeded in breaking me into a numb mess. You see, Professor, one cannot simply go to sleep after an ending like that. I was hit by The Feels™ and consequently didn't sleep until 5:30am. This is why I overslept your lecture, however I think this offence can be forgiven, judging by the extent of The Feels™ I was suffering from. I worried for my life, because The Feels™ were too strong. Robbie Thompson is a god among men and he deserves so much respect, and waiting until today to watch that episode would have been a crime against God.
  • Hook: Dark One I summon thee!
  • *crickets*
  • Hook: Why isn't it working? It should summon her from any corner of this world.
  • Regina: She's not in this world moron.
  • Belle: Rumple!

“DUCK” (Draco Malfoy Imagine)
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It was the first day of December and the snow was at least a foot deep. You and your best friend Pansy and a few of the other Slytherins were outside of the castle. The cold air was pinching your nose as you waited for the rest of your year to arrive so you could all go to Hogsmeade.

You were getting impatient when you decided to have some fun. You picked up a clump of snow and sloppily made it into a round shape. You noticed that pansy had her back to you as she was talking with Millicent. With one swing of your arm, you launched the snowball at her head, resulting in her screaming which you found hysterical. You were leaned over laughing, at least until a snowball hit you directly in the gut. You looked up to see Pansy laughing at you now.

This eventually turned into to a full blown snowball fight among everyone who was there. Soon, even some of the other houses joined in, not hitting any of the Slytherins though. You and everyone else were sore from laughing so much, not even noticing that you could go into Hogsmeade now.

You threw another snowball quite aimlessly, thinking it had hit Pansy, however, everyone immediately stopped laughing. You didn’t know why, until you looked up to see a rather pissed off Draco Malfoy wiping snow from his face. You tried to repress a smirk, but it soon came through. This seemed to agitate Draco further. Everyone was staring at you now, waiting for someone to grab their wand. Instead however, you made yet another snowball and threw it forcefully towards his face. Everyone watching gasped, but Draco ducked just in time and the snowball hit Goyle instead, much to your dismay.

Draco’s scowl turned into a smirk, then, he picked up a rather large amount of snow, hastily made it into a ball and threw it directly at you. You saw this coming of course and jumped out of the way, the snow hitting Pansy. You and Draco both laughed at this as Pansy stormed off towards Hogsmede. You and Draco continued to do this for some time before everyone else started again.

Somehow you and Draco had gotten closer dodging all the snowballs that aimed your way. You seen one coming for you but you were too late to move and it forcefully hit you in the stomach. You wobbled slightly for a few moments before falling backward. Thankfully, Draco caught you before you hit the ground and pulled you back up by the hand. Even when you were standing firmly, he still held your hand. You looked down at your interlocked hands, then back up at Draco
“Oh sorry” he blushed quickly removing his hand from yours. You smiled slightly at him and how awkward he was being. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spotted a snowball heading straight for the two of you
“DUCK” you shouted, then pulled Draco down to the floor. The snowball whizzed passed you two and hit Crabbe in the groin. You both were almost in tears from laughing at him.

You both recovered from your laughing fit and you signalled to Draco to follow you. He did so willingly and soon you were away from the excitement.
“Thanks for catching me” you said. Colour was rising in the cheeks of the usually pale boy making you smirk.
“No problem” he said after regaining his cocky smile. “Hey, do you want to come down to Hogsmeade with me” he said clearly expecting a yes.
“Buy me a butterbeer?” You asked still smirking at him. He seemed to be taken back by your immediate answer not being yes.
“Fine” he sighed dramatically.
“Of course i’ll go with you then” you replied. Draco’s eyes sparked up and he quickly took you hand in his. You both walked down to Hogsmede together and he bought you a butterbeer, just as he had promised. You were both smiling and laughing the entire time.

When you got back to the castle, you learned that rumours had spread of you and Draco apparently dating. These rumours weren’t exactly untrue, as when you were in ‘The Three Broomsticks’ Draco had asked if you’d like to continue to accompany each other to Hogsmeade. This time your immediate answer was yes.

Recycled Air

Happy Spideynova week! This is probably the longest any of my contributions are going to get because oops I waited until the very last minute to start writing. I decided to kick things off with an au where Spidey never joined SHIELD and kept up the vigilante thing, but also got busy in other ways oops. 

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Back in 2013, I was seriously suicidal. But I was also newly and completely obssesed with Doctor Who. I decided that I’d wait until I could get my hands on series 7 before I’d kill myself. Then I found out about the 50th anniversary special, so I reluctantly pushed back my death date until after the special. By the time it aired in late November 2013, I was no longer suicidal. The only thing that stood between me and my death was Doctor Who. My geekiness saved my life.

31 days until Swan Queen is coming

So I thought that it would be nice to do something for Swan Queen until the Hiatus is over and I decided to do a little countdown until the first episode of Once Upon a Time will air on 27th of September again.

I will load up every day a new Swan Queen manip to make the wait a bit more pleasant and write down how many days are still left until the season premiere. (Well I think you all know how a countdown works :D)

If you have any manip requests or ideas or wishes for specific Swan Queen interactions or scenes you can always ask me about it and I will see what I can do :)

This whole project will be found on my tumblr and twitter and I will update this post with the new links for each day. I will also save it on the ‘my work’  page of my blog here and always sign it with the hashtag #SwanQueenIsComing

I hope you will enjoy my little idea and join me in fangirling over the Swan Queen awesomeness and beauty!

30 Days until Swan Queen is coming

29 Days until Swan Queen is coming

28 Days until Swan Queen kiss is coming

27 Days until Dark Swan Queen is coming

26 Days until Swan Queen is coming 

25 Days until Swan Queen is coming

24 Days until Swan Queen is coming

23 Days until Swan Queen is coming

22 Days until Swan Queen is coming

21 Days until Swan Queen is coming

20 Days until Swan Queen is coming

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17 Days until Swan Queen is coming

16 Days until Swan Queen is coming

15 Days until Swan Queen is coming

14 Days until Swan Queen is coming

13 Days until Swan Queen is coming

12 Days until Swan Queen is coming

11 Days until Swan Queen is coming

10 Days until Swan Queen is coming

9 Days until Swan Queen is coming

8 Days until Swan Queen is coming

7 Days until Swan Queen is coming

6 Days until Swan Queen is coming 

5 Days until Swan Queen is coming 

4 Days until Swan Queen is coming

3 Days until Swan Queen is coming

2 Days until Swan Queen is coming

1 Day until Swan Queen is coming

Swan Queen is here

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I am scarred. They are taking Supernatural off Netflix on July 1st! Let's all get to binge watching it.

It’s true, at the beginning of the year, there was discussion about CW pulling their shows off of Netflix to host the series on their own streaming site/app.


Just within the last week, there were news releases giving us more information. What’s being cancelled is CW’s contract with Hulu. Hulu was providing a next-day availability service plus 5 rolling episodes. It was decided this no longer benefited either party financially.

On the other hand, Netflix and CW are renewing their contract (for $1Bil, holy cow Batman!), and it’s a deal that’s ultimately gonna benefit the fans even more than their current one. Remember how with previous seasons, they wouldn’t find their way onto Netflix until barely a week before the next season started? Well, under the new contract, the plan is to condense that wait time so that new seasons are added just a couple weeks after they finish airing!

Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? And with a new contract, they could add even more CW series to the roster if we’re lucky.

So unless something goes south unexpectedly, plan to kick back and relax with a Supernatural binge at your leisure!

When I was 5, I went shopping with my mother. At some point I wandered off and before long I had tears streaming down my face as I tried to find her. A teenage boy saw how upset I was and decided to stay with me until my Mom and I were finally reunited. He walked away before he could be thanked.

When I was 13, I spent 8 long months in several different hospitals and my parents never left my side. Each night my brother and sister would come home from school to find food waiting at the door. No one ever signed their name to a card.

When I was 17, I was rear-ended and pushed underneath the car in front of me. The air bag exploded and a powdery substance filled the car - stealing the air from my lungs. A man wearing a black jacket pulled me from the car. By the time the paramedics let me out of the ambulance he had left the scene and driven off.

When I was 20, I pulled into a gas station with a nearly empty tank only to realize that I had forgotten my wallet at home. Another person must have noticed my frantic search for change under the seats of my car, because when I walked in to put $2.63 worth of gas in my vehicle - the clerk told me that someone had put $20 on the pump I was parked next to.

When I was 23, I sat down at a local restaurant for lunch and an elderly woman walked over to me. She asked if she could join me - and mentioned the recent passing of her husband. We carried on conversation for over an hour before she told me she needed to go. I asked her name and she told me her name wasn’t important and that I could simply call her ‘a friend’. I finished drinking my water and asked the waitress for the check. She explained that the woman I was sitting with had paid my tab and handed me a note that read, “You are a sweetheart. Thank you for keeping me company and making me smile for the first time in weeks. With love, A Friend.”

—  Let this be the thank you I was never able to give in return for your kindness. Let this be the recognition you so humbly declined.

Request- Can you do an imagine where you are Peter’s and he’s super possessive and jealous and adorable -ANON

A/N- Guess what I finally got to it!! Two more to got then I’m all done and you can bombard me with requests again. Pls Don’t. I’m just kidding I really don’t mind. Hope you like this ANON!! I had no ideas but I tried….

I walked out of the camp to get a little fresh air. Boys can really be obnoxious and annoying, but they were fun at times. Unless his name was Peter Pan. Then you feel nervous and tingly sometimes. Well, that’s until he decides he can control everything. Wait, that’s all the time.

“Where do you think you’re going Y/N?” I turned around. Speaking of the Devil, there he is. “Out?” I replied, pretending it was so obvious. “Why?” Peter raised an eyebrow, inching closer to me. Oh boy. “Oh! Yeah there’s this guy I met so… I kinda have to go.”

His face turned red as he clenched his fists. “You’re not going anywhere.” He towered above me, “You’re mine.” I smiled up at him, rolling my eyes at his obliviousness. “Relax eyebrows, I know.” He stood aback, “Eyebrows?” I giggled, grabbing his arm as I walked further from the camp.

“Where you really going to see someone?” I glanced at him, worry filling his eyes. “Maybe…” I smirked, his face turning blank. “W-what!?” he jumped to his feet,” Bu-but, I’m hotter!” I stared at him as he rambled. “I’m lovable and and-“ Why are you so adorkable sometimes?? “What?” Peter asked, his head tilted slightly to the left. “What?” “You asked me why I’m… adorkable?” I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. Great . That wasn’t supposed to actually come out! I mentally face palmed myself.

“Nevermind.” I giggled, pushing him further into the tree filled woods. “But really, were you because if you were, I would probably be… a bit angry.” Peter smirked, taking my hand in his. “You mean jealous?” I poked fun at him. “J-jealous? No! Angry! They don’t even sound the same!” I snickered at him, “You’re getting jealous at the thought of it!”

After minutes of bickering, he won. More like I let him. “Y/N. Whether you like it or not, you are MINE and only mine.” I smiled, “Possessive are we?” He frowned, glaring at me. “We are not doing this again.” I smiled deviously. “Yes we are.”


Another city every day for the next few months, surrounded by people but still feeling incredibly lonely. She miles away, maybe in London, New York. I was in Paris, far away from her. We fell in love in the cruelest way, I remembered the night like it was just yesterday. Sitting on top of the roof at 2 am, talking about life and how we believed the world was created and the creatures in it. How the rain soaked our clothes and cigarettes and yet we laid there, waiting for the rain to stop, crawled up with each other in the hot summer air. Kissing each other till the sun illuminated over the roofs and burned into our skins. We knew hunters were waiting for us foxes to come out and make a wrong move so they could shoot us down. So we managed to keep our love quiet, decided to keep it that way until we felt it was right to do. But I couldn’t wait to come home to her, to stay up till the late night hours writing songs and fooling around.

It was her birthday today and we were miles apart. I didn’t let anything hear from myself since yesterday. But I had something much greater planned for her. So when she was at soundcheck, I stood at the side, watching her with a proud and adoring smile. How everyone had managed to keep it quiet. “I think we have a visitor!” Her drummer said and peeked to the side, a bright smile curled up my lips as I wiggled my eyebrows and walked up towards her, only to lift her up and twirl her around. “Happy Birthday babes.”

Friends of Tomorrow (Closed with sharknotaselkie)

Russell had decided to go back once more. He really had to see Veser again. Training could wait until tomorrow. It wouldn’t kill him. 

Now he had the rock that Veser had given him in his pocket, carefully tucked in. He thought about what he had done to get to him last time, and he concentrated on that feeling.

He then closed his eyes, and ran forward, sprinting as fast as his legs could go. 

It wasn’t long before the cold winter air was replaced with the mild warmth of a March day. He felt tarmac beneath his feet, as opposed to snow, and he opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by buildings.

He was here. It had worked. Brilliant!

With that thought now in his mind, he dashed again, knowing he had to get to that sushi restaurant where he usually met his friend.

Recap update

When I realized I would have a six-week span when Outlander and Arrow would air the same week, I immediately thought I should give up one of the shows so I could keep up with the other, but I do love them both so much. I don’t get shows in advance, so I wait until they air and then set up a schedule that has me writing pretty much all week except for Wednesday nights, and kept me on schedule putting every recap out before the next show aired…

Except it didn’t take into account work, or my family, or my bum arm, or my health, so now that I’m getting sick and my wrist is killing me, I’ve decided it’s time to pull back a bit.

I will finish both shows this season, but I can’t promise that it will be on any kind of regular timetable. I’ll likely end up at least a week behind. I’m sorry to disappoint, but the good news is there will be something to read over summer hiatus.

Now I’m gonna take some ibuprofen and go to bed early. Much love.

The Ice Cream Truck (a poem)

The Ice Cream Truck

For a shitty speaker system
from the 1960’s
it still managed to make the jingle
pass through wood and brick walls
even submerged in the backyard pool
its chimes carried underwater
as the truck made a slow pass
through the neighborhood
and we charged screen doors
like the gates of a castle
yelling upstairs for money please
please he’s leaving hurry hurry
the song the driver has on repeat
fading softly in the evening air
faster or we’ll miss him
as wallets and purses were ransacked
for a growing crowd hoping to be seen
racing to catch up in time
the driver pulling to the curb
and we lined up at the little sliding window
eyeing the selections printed on the side
changing our minds with each step
until finally it was your turn
and he was asking what would you like
and you’d breathlessly look again
at the colorful pops and cones
trying to decide until someone
elbowed you in the back
to come on
we’re all waiting
we’re all screaming
we’re all screaming.