decided to start posting some of the sets today

Today, I fucked up by accidentally selling my students thongs.

Okay obligatory this didn’t happen today. It happened during my first year of teaching. I’m a little nervous about posting it as it’s rather identifying, buuuuuut oh well. I actually kind of forgot it happened until I mentioned it to some co workers today and they thought it was hilarious…

So, my first year of teaching. I graduate school in December and start teaching in January. Around Valentine’s, a measly six weeks in, I decide to set up a classroom store where the kids can buy innocent little things with points for good behavior.

I go to the dollar store and collect a bunch of cheapo gifts. One of the things I find is some little lace roses, wrapped in plastic like a real single rose would be. No markings or tags on it at all, I swear. I think it’ll be cute since it’s around Valentine’s. I figure maybe some of the boys will want to purchase them for gifts and the girls will purchase because it’s cute. Whatever.

I buy about 25 and sell them all. The kids love the classroom store. At the very end of the day, a student walks in bawling her freaking eyes out. She says her mom told her she couldn’t keep the rose. Huh??? She says her mom got the same gift from her boyfriend and so she knows what it is and made her take it back. I’m not understanding AT ALL, until finally the girl pulls out the once-rose and presents a red lacy thong. I’m dumbstruck. I think, “oh SHIT.”

I swear to you the roses had no markings or labels. I take it to my co workers. They laugh their asses off and say I need to go to the principal. Principal isn’t mad but asks who I sold to. I say, I don’t remember them all… Some boys bought to give as gifts from other girls. She says I have to call to let the parents know. She also suggests I no longer do a classroom store.

That’s how I end up calling about 80 parents six weeks into teaching to let them know I accidentally sold their child thong underwear.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


i decided to do a set of oldest (left) to newest (right) cosplay pics with each of my homestuck cosplays for reference (and because i wanted to kill time). theyre in order of when i started them, and between those jake photos i think there’s at least a year of time :0

i can’t wait to complete my set - just 3 kids left to go and i get to call homestuck kid bingo!!