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i – “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” (32)

So there were these drabbles I reblogged here and people send me requests for 3, 14 and 27 separately, so I was going to write them. But then someone send me a request for these same 3 as well as 32 and 38, so for some reason I decided to make all 5 in the same story, like as five chapters of a fic. Anyway, I’ll post the chapters separately/in answer to the asks and then all together, so read them separately or altogether, whatever you want. Anyway, here is chapter one. I’ll try to post chapter two on maybe wednesday? I’ve written the first three, anyway.

“Move over, huckleberry.” Maya grumbled, shoving an elbow into his side.

He frowned. “I’m already on the end of the couch.”

“Fine.” She rolled her eyes, twisting her body around so that she was lying with her back against his knee.

“Ever heard of personal space?” He glared.

She opened her mouth to retort, but before she could he moved his knee down suddenly, so her head fell back into his lap.

“Hey!” She cried. She tried to get up, but his hands were trapping her wrists by her head, and his own head leaned down closer to hers.

“There’s plenty of room on this couch for both of us.” He told her, head inches above hers. For once, she was speechless, her eyes wide and mouth slightly open. Her heart beat increased, to the point where she wasn’t sure if she liked it or not.

His hand traced a pattern on hers absent mindedly, leaving tingles behind it.

Oh yeah. She definitely liked it.

“Um… guys?” Riley asked tentatively

The two of them jumped when they realised they weren’t alone, and Lucas released Maya. She sat up, this time in her own section of the couch. Zay was smirking at the two of them while Farkle rolling his eyes (this happened almost every day). Riley just looked confused.

“Maya, can I talk to you for a second?” She asked with a slight frown. Not the annoyed kind, but the kind she wore when she was trying to figure out a particularly difficult problem.

“Sure,” Maya shrugged, getting up and ignoring everyone’s glance at her. She walked past Lucas, nudging his legs to move them off the table (thankfully he didn’t protest) and following Riley out of the door to the entrance to Topanga’s.

“What was that?” Riley asked.

“What?” She feigned confusion.

“You know what, Maya.”

“It’s how we communicate, you know that, Riles.” Maya told her friend with an eye roll.

“That’s the problem. You always act like that, and it’s always been… odd. But today, there was something else going on.”

“Like what?”

“You could cut the tension with a knife. Sexual tension, I should say.” Riley answered. Maya’s eyes widened.


“But that’s not all it is.” Riley continued as if she hadn’t heard her friend. “It’s not just lust, it’s…” She trailed off.

“What, love?” Maya snorted, expecting Riley to add in her giggle.


“Love?!” Maya yelled.

Riley shrugged, not even phased. “Maybe.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Maya snapped.

Truth was, she wasn’t angry at Riley for figuring it out. She was angry at herself for loving Lucas.

“So you don’t love him?”

“I-“ Maya hesitated. “I would have to be crushing on him to do that.”

“You hesitated.” Riley noted. “And you did have a crush on him, remember?”

“What, so you reckon that developed into love over time?” Maya rolled her eyes.

“Yes, exactly.”

“I don’t!” Maya screeched.

“Don’t get angry, Maya. Just deny it.” Riley answered calmly.

“You- you- no!” Maya growled. She couldn’t deny it, and Riley knew it. “What do I do?”

“Tell him.” Waas Riley’s simple answer.

“How? He doesn’t feel the same way!” Maya snapped, frustrated.

“You don’t know that. Besides, you weren’t the only contributor to that tension in there.” Riley smirked.

“What, so he only wants me sexually?”

“I told you, peaches. That wasn’t the only tension in there. There were so many feelings floating around that I needed some fresh air – and some confirmation from you. Which I got.”

“Smug doesn’t look good on you, Riley.” Maya muttered darkly.

“What was that, Maya?” Riley beamed.

“I can’t tell him.”

“You’re scared.” Riley deduced.

“What?! No-“ Maya glared.

Riley gave her a Look, and Maya relented. “Fine, I’m scared.”

“Of what, Lucas? He’s basically a kitten.” Riley laughed.

“I guess so, but…” Maya trailed off.

“Face your fears, Maya. Even if your fears include a six foot cowboy that’s scared of sheep.”

Maya didn’t reply, instead stomping back inside. Riley followed her with a bounce in her step, now that her problem had been solved.

“Huckleberry, I need to talk to you.” Maya didn’t look at Riley, instead standing in front of the cowboy.


Maya nodded.

“Do I have-“ Before he could finish, Maya had yanked him up by the shirt and dragged him outside. “To.” He finished.


“It isn’t working.” Maya told him calmly.

“What isn’t?” He asked in confusion.

“Us. Pretending to be friends. It’s not working. Riley noticed something.”

“You think we should break up?” Lucas frowned.

“I think we should tell them.” Maya looked up, seeing his eyes widen.

“You think they’ll be okay with it?” He looked hesitant; they’d gotten so used to hiding it that revealing it to the world sounded terrifying at best.

Maya laughed. “Given that Riley was the one who told me to come out here and tell you I love you, I’d say she’s okay with it.”

Lucas didn’t answer, and Maya frowned. “Lucas?”

“Love?” He asked.

“What?” She looked up again, catching his gaze in hers.

“You love me?”

“What? No-“ She tried to find the words, but they caught in her throat.

“Maya?” Him just saying her name made her knees tremble and her heart beat faster.

“I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.” She admitted, looking down at his feet to avoid eye contact.

She felt his hand on her chin, dragging it upwards to stare back into his eyes. “Then I guess we’re both terrified.”

Their lips met in a kiss, one of passion and love and lust and all the emotions they were feeling.

“Finally!” Riley squealed inside Topanga’s, where she was peeking out of the window with Zay and Farkle.

When they finally had to break apart for breath, Lucas traced patterns on Maya’s hands absent mindedly – something he tended to do a lot, unbeknownst to him.

“Wow, Maya Hart is afraid of something,” he mused.

“Shut up.” Her words were muffled by his chest as she leaned against him.

“Make me.” He smirked.

“Happily.” She stood on tiptoe, bringing her lips up close to his and-

“Hey!” Lucas yelled, as he felt the small hands of one Maya Hart tickling him, right where she knew was his most ticklish spot. “Stop!” He tried to contain his laughs, but couldn’t stop them.

“What’s the magic word?” She teased.

“I love you?” He looked at her with puppy dog eyes, and she grinned back at him, stopping.

“And I love you too.”

Christopher “Chowder” Chow Headcanons

My installment for omgcpoc week for my dear West Coast Shark boy

Y’all don’t even know I stayed up til 4 am just looking stuff up for this boy. Mostly researching the national parks and forests on the East vs West coast and figuring out the relative location of where Samwell University would exist irl. (I decided on Canton MA because it’s really about 40 minutes from Providence. Google maps says 37 minutes, but traffic is defs a thing, but yeah) Also Oregon beaches. Because road trips. Also there isn’t enough family head canons so I’m just shoving EVERYTHING together. (the family stuff is somewhat based off my own family and personal experiences, I’m a 2nd gen Korean American who is a SLUT appreciates Asian American characters from immigrant families) Have fun~

  • Chowder really REALLY misses the West coast. Like, wow, Samwell is really nice (He’s on the campus where he was a we baby! Parents grad school!! Wow!!!) It’s cool to tell his friends that he’s living in the East coast and the dudes here are ‘swawesome. But there’s nothing like skate boarding down the streets of San Francisco, bonfires down by Baker Beach. Loose bricks + skate boarding leads to too many wipeouts (Keep in mind I am not a native Californian, I am in fact a humble Washingtonian, and don’t really know if that’s really allowed but damnit I am going to make WC head canons for my beautiful son)
  • Senior year instead of going down to Venice beach to celebrate Spring Break (like the rest of California) he and a couple of his high school friends road tripped up to Oregon and just had a really awesome relaxing time up in Portland just driving through all the TREES. And just getting to Rockaway Beach was so perfectly picturesque the time spent there is one of his favorite high school memories
  • West Coast beach sunsets have nothing on East Coast sunrises (he’s argued this against Dex because, “um, sorry Chowder, but have you ever witnessed how fucking beautiful those sunrises are?” “Have you seen West coast sunsets, bonfires are BETTER with the sun setting around you. You need to come over sometime. I HAVE to show you around, you don’t know stuff, Dex.”)
  •  Also NATIONAL FORESTS, MOUNTAINS, TREES, WILDLIFE EVERYWHERE (once you get out of the city and stuff) Like, East coast just has a bunch of boring historical sites (sorry, Jack) and not a lot of trees??? Also the ocean is so far away that’s so weird??? Where ARE THE SEAGULLS!!???!?! NO THIS IS IMPORTANT ARE YOU TELLING ME I CAN GO AROUND CAMPUS AND NOT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR MY FRIES HOLY SHIT!!!! (too bad the fries are shit, oops)
  • He also misses good Asian food spots. Not enough K-BBQ restaurants and boba places and aunties bakeries. 

Family Head canons are under the cut

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Eisuke One-shot

Eisuke’s POV:

Shit, I knew I shouldn’t have yelled at her. But seriously she is making such a big deal out of nothing, now I gotta go find this annoying woman who decided to go run off in tears. It all started earlier today when I was working in my office, and one of my ex girlfriends showed up (she was more like a sex friend). She said that she missed the old days between us and wanted to get back together, of course I said no since I was with ___, but man was she persistent. She shoved me onto the couch and tried to force herself on me, I heard a thud at the doorway and it was ___ with a shocked expression. When I tried to explain myself she was out the door in a flash, I managed to get my ex off of me and told her to get out before I really lose it. Finally I decided to go look for ___, when I did she was in the living room penthouse sulking. I sit beside her, but when I tried to explain the what had happen ____ just told me she was tired of me playing with her feelings, she said if I couldn’t even handle a relationship, then we shouldn’t even have one and she got up and walked away. After hearing her say that something inside me just snapped, I got up and grabbed her arm and ended up shouting at her. “Are you stupid or something, after all I do you still think I’m playing with you!” I knew I shouldn’t have shouted, but I couldn’t control myself. “You know what, JUST GO. Like hell I’m going to deal with a IDIOTIC girl who can’t even see that I care for her.” With that ___ left in tears, and stormed back to my office and tried to bury myself in work.

It’s midnight now, and ___ is still not back. I try really hard to forget about her, but all I can think about is ___. Finally I decide to go look for her, which now brings us to right now. I first check her apartment, then her friends house, then I start checking all the bars that are open 24/7. Finally I found ___ sitting alone in a bar, when I approach her I notice that she was a bit…tipsy. “____? Are you ok” I said.

“E-Eisuke whaddya doin here?” ____ said

“Common ____ lets go home.” I then picked her up and walked back out to the car and put her in the passenger seat and drove home.

A Few Hours Later~

I sat in my office doing some work on my laptop, when I hear something at the doorway. When I looked up and I see ____ standing by the doorway with teary eyes. “Are you sober?” I asked

“Yes…” ___ said with a pout. I sighed and motioned her to sit next to me.

“Listen ___, I’m sorry for… um everything, but I do love you.” I said as I held her hand.

“I know Eisuke, I’m sorry too. It’s just that there are so many beautiful women in your life that I really wonder why you chose me.” ___ said sadly. Is she serious? Oh ____, I wonder when you will see that I love you. I wrap my arms around her and I kissed her head.

“___, believe me I love only you”

anonymous asked:

What would Kise + Aomine + Takao + Kasamatsu + Kiyoshi do on New Years Eve with their s/o? Some fluff please X3

uh so im guessing these are kind of headcanons?

AOMINE: If he wasn’t feeling too lazy, he might plan a small get together with few close friends. Everyone would drink and bring food to share. It would be hella fun until Aomine decides that he’s had enough of everyone, shove everyone out of the apartment, and take you to his bedroom for a cuddly and sexy night in. Once the countdown starts, he’ll be counting down orgasms for you.

KASAMATSU: Meeting the in-laws. Since New Year’s isn’t all that far from Christmas, Kasamatsu would arrange something more intimate like spending time with his family or yours. He’d be really awkward, trying to impress your parents and attempting to be polite while you, on the other hand, would probably try to break his resolve to stay innocent in your parents’ place.

KISE: A romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant is his way of impressing you. He’d book one of the best places to have dinner and probably the best place to watch fireworks. Money wouldn’t be an issue since he’d make sure he saved up enough to pamper you for one whole night. Of course, he would start the new year with a sweet kiss on your lips and maybe a little booty touch here and there.

KIYOSHI: Kiyoshi would opt for something more intimate like a homemade meal at your place or his. He’d prepare your favorite meals and, if he can’t cook them, he’d order take out from your favorite restaurants. Introducing you to his grandparents are also a must for him. That is, after he surprises you with a gift for the new year. A kiss and cuddle would be the perfect way to start a brand new year.

TAKAO: He, being the life of the party, might suggest to go out to a club or a crowded restaurant so the two of you could be surrounded by people who are all celebrating the coming of a new year. He’d be touchy all night and he’d make sure to give you a nice kiss on the lips at midnight. However, if you wanted something quieter, he wouldn’t mind spending the night eating with you and lighting up your own fireworks.

for @preciousghoul

Pairing: Kuroo/Tsukishima
Theme: domestic!au: moving out

“…Are you breaking up with me?”

Kuroo had half his taiyaki shoved in his mouth when he froze, and had it not been for the subject at hand, Tsukishima would’ve gotten annoyed at the crumbs and red bean filling spilling from his mouth.


When they’d moved in together, the first thing Tsukishima noticed, aside from Kuroo being everywhere all the time, was his stuff being everywhere all the time. He’d ignored it while they were in the process of moving in, deciding it was just Kuroo not having had a chance to organize everything yet. But when a month passed and it was still like that, he decided he needed to say something.

“I’m not messy.”

“Pretty sure I saw something move under your clothes.”

He’d wondered if it was too soon; moving in had been Kuroo’s idea, but Tsukishima was the one who asked because Kuroo seemed physically incapable of asking the words, always sputtering and eventually changing the subject at the last moment. They had been dating for a bit over a year and Tsukishima didn’t have any other serious relationship to complain the timeline to, but he found himself googling “when do you know to move in with your boyfriend” more often than what he thought was normal.

But he decided risks had to be taken in every relationship and he did want to live with Kuroo.

For some reason.

Tsukishima had brought with him his stuffed dinosaur toys, readied himself for ridicule. But when Kuroo walked in to see them lined up on the couch, he’d palmed the back of his neck and looked away, mumbling something under his breath.

“What?” Tsukishima had asked.

“Nothing. Just… you’re pretty cute.”

“What makes you think that?” Kuroo asked finally after swallowing and Tsukishima had the awful feeling that Kuroo had been too nice to say it to his face. Provoker he was, but ultimately Kuroo Tetsurou was a nice person. Deep down. In a way.

“Your stuff,” Tsukishima mumbled, gesturing to the impeccably clean living room that lacked Kuroo’s things strewn about, “it’s gone. So…”

“:..You thought I moved out?”


Kuroo seemed to understand and he gave a small, good natured laugh that left Tsukishima breathless. “Oh. Okay, I get it. So first of all, I’d tell you if I was going to move out. And secondly…”

Regarding him a bit warily as he approached him, Tsukishima remained where he was as Kuroo leaned in, arms crossed over his chest and looking strangely happy. “I’m not moving out.”

“Because you haven’t told me.”

“Among other things. And as to why my stuff is gone…”

Kuroo’s grin widened.

“I cleaned.”

Blinking in surprise; Tsukishima hesitated before looking around slowly. He turned back to the still victoriously grinning Kuroo and frowned.

“…You cleaned,” Tsukishima repeated.

“That’s right.”

Tsukishima felt an immense relief that he didn’t show on his face, scoffed and looked away to hide a threatening blush.

“…I had no idea you were even capable of that.”

“…How cold…”

rules + wonwoo

sometimes you have to step back and watch it for yourself

Originally posted by wonyeols

Wonwoo was the best friend you could ask for, you would be always together and when you were little kids people would tease you saying you guys would end up marrying each other, but you used to laugh it off all the time.

Until you guys decided maybe moving on together would be a good idea. Without rules, after all you guys never got into fights and agreed in everything. At least it was like that before three months living in the same space.

‘’I just asked you to wash the dishes, only three forks!’’ you whispered, looking at the mess Wonwoo made in the kitchen.

Walking at heavy steps to his room, you instantly opened the door.

‘’I told you to wash the dishes, didn’t i?’’

Wonwoo shoved the girl aside, focusing on you.

‘’Excuse me?’’

‘’You know how important tonight is for me and you decide to mess everything up I just asked you to wash three forks, Wonwoo, three damned forks!’’ you teared the sheets out of his bed.

‘’I’ll call you later, okay?’’ he patted the girls head as she quickly stood up for her clothes.

‘’You know how important is this night for me, Wonwoo, I’ve been telling you about this since we moved in and since then you decided playing around was fun’’

‘’He’s coming over, is that a big deal for me?’’

‘’Yes it is because we share the same space and it wouldn’t be nice to have the disgusting smell of sex all over my house!’’

‘’It’s my house too!’’ he yelled louder, standing in front of you.

‘’Then start to act like an adult and grow up!’’

He shoved you aside, enough for you to crash against the door of the bathroom.

‘’Enough, okay, I don’t know what is wrong with you but from now on there’ll be rules,’’ you tried to stay calm, even though you wanted to leave the room as soon as possible. ‘’Forget one day you one day me, you clean what you use, I am not staying in the same place as you, so start respecting the places, you make your own dinner, launch breakfast, if someone is coming home you tell me beforehand’’

‘’Don’t get-‘’

‘’Save it, okay? I don’t want you bugging my date tonight’’

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Introducing The Pink and Yellow Tradition ficathon!

The lovely kathillards and I were so utterly disappointed in Dino Charge’s lack of a pink and yellow duo that we decided that drowning ourselves in fanfiction about pinks and yellows being great together was the only way to tide us over until Sentai decides to step up its game. And what better way to drown in fanfiction than to have a ficathon!

This ficathon is focusing on relationships between pink and yellow rangers–romantic, platonic, or anything in between. We just want to celebrate the great dynamics between these two colors.

Signups close September 19th at 8 p.m. EST.  Assignments will go out shortly after that and are due November 28th at 8 p.m. EST. Check out the page linked above for more details. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot either me or kathillards an ask!

“Acephobia doesn’t exist, quit whining!”

So far in the past week I’ve seen:

  • Asexuals lumped together with pedophiles and zoophiles because we’re all “gross misinformed and/or predatory people trying to shove themselves into the LGBT community”
  • in the same vein as above, acephobes saying “asexuals are just hypersexualizing everyone!” – as they proceed to compare us to people with illegal/immoral kinks.
  • Asexuals called “inherently homophobic” because apparently “allosexual” is now a homophobic slur.
  • Agender and NB people shoved to the side and completely dismissed by acephobes.
  • Aromantic people who have sex drives/sexual attraction called misogynistic or predatory.
  • cis and/or het ace/aro people demonized because they’re “the oppressors of LGBT people trying to invade our spaces”
  • acephobes complaining that we are stealing LGBT resources… as they (ironically) swarm into the asexual tags (that used to be our safe spaces) and flood them with acephobic stuff.
  • acephobes reblogging from TERFS, and vice versa.
  • the “classic” acephobia, such as saying we “just need to get laid” or “you’re just trying to be a special snowflake” etc etc (basically the stuff we’ve all seen before)
  • I wish I was joking, but actual threats of violence and/or rape
  • acephobes trying to prove acephobia doesn’t exist… and they end up proving it anyways through whatever underhanded tactics they use
  • acephobes attacking ace/aro people and when ace/aro people defend themselves, the acephobes say things like “look! Look at all these aggressive asexuals!”
  • complete denial of LGBT history, or warping history to fit their narrative
  • acephobes saying “A is for ALLY!” (and more often than not, turning right around and saying “gross, look at all these nasty straight people trying to be allies”)
  • as with the above, the history of ace/aro people being used as “tokens” against straight people in the “A is for Asexual” discussion a few years back, but then recently a sudden reversal has happened and A is for Ally now because its the ace/aro people that are straight now? I guess?
  • Asexuals being called racist for… I don’t even know anymore. Some of the reaches for that one are worse than the “asexuals are homophobic” one.
  • “An asexual once raised their voice at me ten years ago so literally all of them are hellspawn” (and other really ridiculous reasons to hate us)
  • The whole “SGA” and “SAM” debacle (not even gonna touch that one)
  • acephobes using non-sequitur logic or completely and utterly different issues to bolster their cause (such as the “asexuals in LGBT spaces is like white allies in BLM protests”)
  • acephobes saying we have to “earn our oppression”
  • the acephobes then proceeding to say we should be put in concentration camps, executed, or beaten before we can complain about acephobia.
  • acephobes saying we can’t use the term “corrective rape” because it’s apparently only for lesbians
  • acephobes then proceeding to call us lesbophobic
  • asexuals also being called lesbophobic because when the lesbian tag was taken down (because tumblr staff apparently can’t handle their own website) we ace/aro people were still complaining about our tags being ruined, so acephobes attacked us, saying “the lesbians have it worse, shut up!”
  • acephobes saying we’re “not gay enough” to be in LGBT spaces. (The question is – how gay is gay enough?)
  • acephobes completely misunderstanding or mangling the term “straight”
  • NB/Trans/Bi/Pan/Agender people being hit by all the acephobe flak (I genuinely apologize for that, nobody deserves this treatment)
  • “Straight until deemed otherwise” mentality of acephobes
  • ace/aro folk telling their firsthand stories of being oppressed and acephobes brushing it aside as “you’re just one person”, but one acephobe/TERF says how an ace/aro person said something bad or mean and suddenly its all over the news or something
  • the “One-Upping” mentality of oppression (basically the whole, “you think you had a bad day? Well listen to mine and shut up” way of discrediting someone)
  • acephobes laughing and saying that “calling ace/aro people ‘plants’ isn’t acephobic lol” even though it literally dehumanizes us.
  • acephobes saying ace/aro people can’t “come out” as ace/aro because we’re not LGBT.
  • “Ace/Aro is a MODIFIER, not a SEXUALITY!” (so what do you call agender aroaces then? Nothing? Ok, moving on…)
  • Acephobes defending TERFS because some TERFS are LGB and “we can’t just … not let them in the community” (which is, I dunno, exactly what you’re doing to ace/aro folk)
  • “Tags aren’t a safe space”
  • nice positive posts for ace/aro folk being derailed by acephobes
  • acephobes erasing sexuality/gender, and when they get called out for it, they just brush it aside like “annnnyways, lol, ace/aro people suck”
  • acephobes completely and utterly not knowing what asexuality and aromanticism is (as in stuff like “ugh, I don’t see why asexuality is a thing. Not wanting to kiss someone/get married doesn’t require an entire SEXUALITY” – like… you’re pretty off on the definition there buddy)
  • acephobes saying they can’t be oppressors/abusers of ace/aro folk because they themselves are oppressed/abused
  • acephobes seeing an ace say “dude” or “bro” (which a lot of folks use as a gender neutral-ish term, just like how “guys” is used) and going “lol wow transphobe assuming gender” – as they reblog from TERFs
  • “LGBT positive!” groups being suspiciously silent on ace/aro folks
  • acephobes attacking LGBT suicide hotlines for being ace/aro inclusive (nice message you’re sending to suicidal people)

And this is from the past week. And I’m not even past the tip of the iceberg.

(I’m not aro so most of this has to do with ace people, but I’m 100% certain an aro person can come up with a list that’s just as bad as this one)


anything goes 10k

Harry probably shouldn’t be amused that Louis has a death grip on his hand and is dragging away from an event that, you know, they should be at. And he still probably shouldn’t have that god awful smirk plastered to his face when Louis shoves him into the bathroom and steps in before locking the door.

all that matters 11k

Harry comes to NY with a bag of clothes, and lots of dreams. Tired of sleeping in Nialls spare bedroom, Harry decides to get a job. When Harry applies for Louis’ bartender position he gets a lot more than what he bargained for.

are you gonna be my girl? 7k

“You…” Harry touches his own mouth, teasing. “You ate her pussy?”

“Yeah.” Louis stops playing with Harry’s cock and gropes his arse again, pulling his cheeks apart and pushing them back together over the thong. “Want me to eat yours?”

Louis reenacts his first time, and Harry wants to be his good girl.

as golden as the coast 12k

Elementary School Teachers AU in which Harry always seems to have paint chips in his hair, Zayn is scary, Liam is secretly optimistic, Niall owns a not-RV, and Louis is new in town.

no one like you 51k

“What about the piano?” Niall asks. “You can go classical or modern, and you’ve definitely got the hands for it with those bear paws, mate. Doesn’t Robin have a keyboard or something, anyway?”“That’s perfect, Nialler, you’re a genius,” Harry beams, high-fiving Niall.Or, Louis teaches Harry how to play the piano.

orange canvas 25k

Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.

or A spring break (kind of) fake relationship AU

painting the hills blue and red 12k

It’s not that he’s obsessed with his own body—although he does know that it’s a nice one—but Harry is obsessed with his body, and Harry likes leaving reminders all over to make sure that Louis remembers. To make sure that everyone else knows.(Louis is still human, Harry is his vampiric one true, and things are looking a lot more permanent than they were two years ago.)

wanna taste your heart, don’t interfere 16k

harry presents as an omega, louis is his alpha best friend, and there are hidden feelings that just get harder to control.

unbelievers 136k

It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

askthecousinslavellan  asked:

1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.” and/or 10. “Will you stay with me anyway? for our kids >:3 ♥

1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.”

Celeste had always been quite knowledgeable when it came to her brother. They were, after all, born together - it only made sense that she’d be able to tell if something was up with him.

And as she watched him staring after Adhlea with a puppy dog-like expression after they had finished a job one day, she definitely knew something was up. 

Later that evening when they retired to the inn they were staying at, Celeste decided to confront him about the matter - making sure Addy was out of sight before she shoved her brother into their room and closed the door.

“Alright. Talk.” she demanded, crossing her arms. Adam, understandably confused, just looked up at her with a cocked brow.

“What are you going on about, Celeste?” he deadpanned, his eyes drooping from exhaustion. “Whatever it is, can we just discuss it tomorrow?”

Celeste stubbornly shook her head. “No, we can’t. I saw the way you were looking at Adhlea earlier today - it almost cost you your neck at one point during the scuffle. Whatever’s going on in your mind, I want to know about it. Especially if it’s going to affect our work.”

Adam sighed, rubbing at the back of his neck. “Look, it’s… It’s no big deal.”

“Adam,” Celeste warned, her foot tapping in impatience. Surely her brother knew by now not to test her patience.

Again, Adam sighed, before he turned away from her, looking toward one of the mattresses in the room. 

“I… erm,” he cleared his throat, then went to sit on the edge of the bed that held his attention. “Look, don’t… Don’t say anything to her yet, alright?”

Celeste rolled her eyes at his cryptic dialect. “Spit it out, Adam. Adhlea is likely to be back any moment.”

Adam nodded, then took a breath. “Look, I… I may have… feelings… for Addy.” he confessed, then dropped his head in what looked like shame.

Celeste was silent as she processed this. And then she groaned loudly.

“Oh my gods. That’s what it is. You’re in love with her.” she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Adam immediately shot his head up, sputtering in defiance.

“I’m not in love with her!” he barked in defense. “I just…” and then he rubbed at his neck again as his eyes lowered to the ground.

“Oh, our mother is going to love this,” Celeste scoffed, shaking her head. “Of all the people, Adam…”

“You think I haven’t thought about that?” he growled, standing to his feet. “I can’t help it, Celeste! It’s not like I asked for this!”

Celeste didn’t waver at his intimidating stance, however. Instead, she just leveled his gaze with her own icy stare. 

“And do you want this with her, whatever it is?” she asked.

Adam contemplated the question for a moment, and then he exhaled slowly. “If… Yes. Yes, I would. If she wanted it, as well.” he said, his expression solemn.

Celeste felt a twinge of empathy for him, knowing the two of them being together was something ill-advised on all accounts. But, he was her brother, and she wanted him happy, despite it all.

Sighing, she reached out to him, placing her hand on his arm.

“You should talk to her about it.” she told him, and Adam stared at her in surprise. Before he could speak again, she held up her hand, saying, “It’s better that you get it out in the open now before you hurt yourself later.” And with that, she went to her respective bed and began taking off her boots - acting like the conversation had never happened.