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You seem to think that all these guys are under some kind of crazy spell or something and that i’m one of them? But i’m not! This is real okay. And i ran all the way up 5th Avenue in a lightning storm because i wanted to tell you that… Look the only spell that i’m under is yours.” 

Hello everyone! I know you’re all waiting for Fleshchild and TLG’s updates (I’ve made a lot of awesome progress on TLG’s remake specifically, I assure you!), but I decided I’d share a little bit of my college life with you.

Specifically, this is going to be my final project for my Japanese in Translation class. Our choices were to either translate a poem to English, or adapt one of the Edo/Tokugawa-era stories we read to a different medium. I decided I would make a videogame adaptation!

The story I’m adapting is “The Serpent’s Lust/Jasei no In”, a supernatural story included in a collection called Ugetsu Monogatari, which was written and published by Ueda Akinari in 1776. The story itself was an adaptation of Chinese author Feng Menglong’s story “Madam White” (which he took from Chinese oral tradition). Ugetsu Monogatari is a very popular collection in Japan and has gone through numerous adaptations all the way to modern day, with various films, novels, and plays to choose from.

The game will be very short but playable, and when It’s finished I’ll release it for public download. :]